The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

I’d like to announce the formation of the Christian Brotherhood.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is the complete destruction of all things not Christian. Our goal is to die in the pursuit of Divine Holiness and meet our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We will not compromise and we will succeed in our revolution for Christ.

Everyone on the face of this earth will live under Christian laws. There will be no other religion. Any person practicing another religion will be put to death. There will be no homosexuality, any person who lays with same sex shall be put to death. Females will be subservient to their men. Any female who disobeys her husband shall be beaten. If the female leaves her husband she shall be put to death. Divorce is not acceptable in this new Christian world. We will lay out the laws of our Christian Power and only pastors and preachers shall have the power to change these laws. They will be written in stone and all punishments will be carried out in public.

I hope you will join our Christian Brotherhood of your own free will, for soon you will have no choice. There are no innocents in our war against the non-believers. We will sacrifice our lives in order to meet our savior and take many non-believers to hell.

This is a fictional organization and mission statement but could you imagine the outrage in our society if such a group was formed?

Although the KKK exists, they wield no more power than Phred Phelps or any other nut bag group. There are legit organizations that fall under the “Christian Brotherhood” banner but I’ve yet to hear of ANY OF THEM, becoming terrorists, calling for death to an entire nation, or any of the Muslim general mantra’s.

The organizations of  “The Muslim Brotherhood” and “Al Qaeda” and “Hamas” and “Hezbollah” among others, are the epitome of death cults. While I understand the urge to be “Understanding” of others religion, I will not be silent when one particular religion is murdering, raping, destroying civilization in order to rebuild it under their type of religious decree.

In America we placate the Islamic Faith, we appease them, we cater to them and we allow them to fester like a puss ridden infection. When will  we wake? When will we see the danger and react accordingly? There is a way to act, prior to bloodshed on our shores. It’s called “Assimilation”

Assimilation requires people that come here to become AMERICAN first. It requires a consumption of the American culture and an allegiance to our nation above others. IF Assimilation was required, meaning no more “Accommodating” other cultures above our own, it would have an effect on the Islamic population. The ideals of America are NOT compatible with Islam. Freedom itself is counter to Islam.

We are about 20 years late to war with Islamic fundamentals, and for 20 years we have given them more tools to destroy us. We continue to put arrows in their quiver when we should be putting arrows through their heart.

When will we wake up?

Liberalism is the key to our demise IMO. Liberalism by it’s ideology is not confrontational unless it feels threatened by conformity. Islam doesn’t threaten them because Islam has not yet gained a hold on our legislative or judicial system. I ask liberals one question: What if it did? Is it easier to fight the system before it’s a system or after? I also ask you “What if those of us who see the potential for trouble are RIGHT?

Liberalism, Progressives and to some degree Libertarianism (Large L) are aiding and abetting the infestation of Islam and allowing it to become too powerful. The common sense aspect alone should give pause to reasoned Americans. A “religion of Peace” who uses terrorism as it’s communication method should cause people to question. But I guess that’s too much to ask for the intellectual elites.

I wonder if this is how France’s population was split prior to Germans standing under the Eiffel Tower.

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2 Replies to “The NEW Christian Brotherhood…”

  1. As a Libertarian i take offense to being referred to as a liberal. I despise Democrats to my core. They are called Liberals, but they are not really liberal. The reference is Social Liberal, as conservative is a shortening of Social Conservative. The Left (Liberals/Democrats) claim to believe in social liberalism, and regulated business. Basically don’t regulate the home, regulate big business. The Right (Conservatives/Republicans) claim to believe in Social Conservatism, and Liberal Business. Basically regulate the home, don’t regulate big business. Libertarians believe in Social freedom, and business freedom. Government should regulate as little as possible. That everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they want, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of another person. Basically one should be able to do drugs in their home, drink in their home, burn their house down, let their land go baron never growing anything, or not allowing anyone else to grow on it either. Just like it was when the United States of America was originally formed. No nanny state, no big brother, no social security, only you and the deals you make with others.

  2. Mayor, I don’t know what you are offended about, I made no inference to libertarians being liberal. You obviously are a Libertarian (Capitol L) and to some degree are part of the problem. Sorry but it’s true. I have a libertarian streak in my but it’s a small “L”

    I do believe that there is too much regulation over personal choice. Drugs is where I part ways with the capitol L’s. As a Libertarian you would allow anyone on our land to do as they please as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. I agree with part of that philosophy. I’d love to see it work out totally. BUT until you are willing to be draconian in your punishment of those that DO HURT others with their choice, Regulation of the choice (Speaking of Drugs and Islam) must be done at the Government level.

    Libertarianism is in large part an American ideology, and I’m all for most of it. However; we have missed the boat when it comes to consequences for poor choices. IF a person decides to do drugs and robs someone to get more, we have made drugs the problem not the individual. It’s a disease now remember and victims get the shaft.

    This may require a post to address this.

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