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Syria and Iraq oh my…

Syria and Iraq oh my…


My problem with the current “Strategy” that Barack Obama seems to have come up with after he had “No Strategy” is this:

When George Bush was at the helm after 9/11/2001 He made the statement that this war against terror would be a long road and there would be many challenges. He also said the United States would eliminate places for these terrorists to launch attacks from, no safe havens. And America was united in that effort for about a year…

Then George Bush after 12yrs of no fly zones, UN sanctions, Nuclear inspectors reports, denials of inspections and all the other crap decided that Iraq needed a regime change in this new world after 9.11.2001. And America was still united.. UNTIL there was a chance to use the Iraq war for political gain. Until the media and pundits decided to put more emphasis on the way our soldiers were acting than the mission they were dealing with.. Debate the Iraq war all you want, To this day I know something had to be done, my problem was more with execution than the action.

That aside, the nation then needed change, it elected a democrat congress, a democrat president that walked on water and he was given a nobel peace prize for his speeches and because he wasn’t George Bush. Obama then went on an apology tour, the oceans subsided and the heavens opened, peace was at hand and all the world had to do was bow to Obama.. Well, that didn’t last long, we got Ft Hood which wasn’t designated a terrorist attack, it was workplace violence. We got Boston Bombers, We got terrorism uptick all over the world. We got the “I ended the war in Iraq” we got the Berghdal trade, we got the snubs to our allies, we got bombing Libya which led to Benghazi, we got arab spring which led to Egypt in chaos. We got Obama pissing on Israel for defending itself. We got lies upon lies.

Obama has done everything possible not to be like George Bush, the more he tries, the more he has to spin the facts in a way the world says “huh?” he has to come up with such stretches of truth and outright lies to keep his sheep in line its become comical.

My problem with this entire thing is the hypocrisy of it.

Liberals say: We don’t know Iraq was going to do something before GWB invaded with full congressional approval. But Obama can Bomb Syria and Iraq because we think ISIS and this new (OLD) Al Qaeda group was going to do something so its okay now?

Liberals say blood for oil, haliburton no more bombs, peace not war.. Until Dear leader launches bombs at buildings in Syria and Iraq. Then there’s an eerie silence.

Obama says no boots on ground. Well, thats a good damn thing, Not too many enlisted folks that I know have any desire to fight anyone with this liar leading them. Who can blame them? Obama has really showed his appreciation for the military hasn’t he? I mean, closing down the memorials, the VA, the salutes or lack there of, the outing of the seal team that killed UBL, the telegraphing his plans once he comes up with one.. If I was a soldier right now I’d be hoping for Obama’s impeachment or resignation. At least with Joe Biden, the enemy would be spending most of its time laughing…

Obama has no plans to destroy the enemy, look at the “Coalition” All muslim nations. Once the images start of “Innocent Muslims” killed by American bombs, those muslim nations will cease in support. Why none of our normal allies with us? Because remember, Ukraine, Remember Putin? Remember the public dissing of Britain, France, Australia, etc. They know Obama is purely a political empty suit. He does what’s best for him at the time and everyone else must be okay with it or they’re racist.

Just wait, within 3 months the “Broad Coalition” will cease, Israel will be under fire again, the entire mideast will be on fire and Iran will become the head of the snake.. Its coming.

Oh, and evidently the evil terrorists who we’re not at war with anymore have developed a new weapon. Its called the silencer, it evidently keeps the anti-war hollywood elites quiet when the nobel peace prize winner is bombing brown people… Just sayin


Democrat Scandals

Democrat Scandals

Leland Yee, a CALIFORNIA Senator who was a very public figure in the gun control legislation process was arrested/charged with GUN RUNNING.

This particular democrat scandal should convince every NORMAL THINKING voter of the danger of voting based on feelings. Lee, was extremely anti-2nd amendment. He pushed anti-gun laws from Sacramento which have impacted California’s RIGHTS. But what he actually did was to create a business opportunity and then exploited that opportunity for monetary gain. As I said, the law makers with their tax everything mentality are creating black markets in CA. From Cigarettes to Firearms, from Transfatty foods to 32oz soda’s.. Black Market opportunities arise from the pen.

Obamacare is another example of democrat do as I say. How many in congress who voted for this disaster are enrolled in it? Yeah thought so.

There’s the mayor of Charlotte who was indicted recently, Mayor Nagin who was convicted.. You remember him right? The Mayor of NOLA who blamed George Bush for everything.. Oh dang, the truth is out now, like we said it was back then.

Basically, we’ve been right about democrats since day damn one. And only the most staunch Democrat operatives can’t see it, or wont see it. Most likely the reason is they’re getting something back.

Just remember in 2014. When the democrats strategy is as it always is: Blame Racism, Blame Income equality, Blame War on Women, say things like “Extremists” and “Teabaggers” and use buzz words like “For the children”

You will notice the Democrat platform will not be “Results” from their policies, because for democrats to do that, they would have to show jail cells and unemployment lines.


Why So Quiet Liberals???

Why So Quiet Liberals???

George Bush signed the Patriot act and the left went NUTS, Now Obama signs the “indefinite detention” bill and the crickets are chirping. Ron Paul and his supporters at the very least have been consistent in their outrage over this and the P.A.

While I am NOT very concerned over the “Patriot Act” per se. I have my reasons that are all laid out on previous posts. And the Indefinite Detention bill has it’s merits but it’s also a step closer to that “Tyrant” line. The real answer to both of these acts seems to be evading the powers in charge. Basically it boils down to recognizing the enemy and destroying it. The fact that after 9-11-2001 we still have yet to recognize or destroy is a failure that will be written about by our great grand children.

There was a time when America went after those who threatened her. Sorry to see that time passed. But in 2012 I’m sure we’ll get a chance to defend her from the same enemy we refuse to recognize.

What I’d really like to see is some consistency in liberal media. If a REPUBLICAN would have done half the crap the POS in the WH has done there would be calls for impeachment and resignations… But since DUH WON is in charge it’s all okay… sad isn’t it?


Democrats: “Don’t repeal Obamacare, Create jobs.”

Democrats: “Don’t repeal Obamacare, Create jobs.”

WOW, I heard that on the news today and couldn’t contain the laughter. Harry Reid actually said it…. Umm, lets see:
Democrats have had majorities in the House, Senate and they own the big chair in DC… Unemployment was at 9% (Roughly) before the Obamacare debates took place. They spent over a year on this backroom crafted, job killing, bribery laden debacle and NOW they want to create jobs? Unemployment has been growing, it’s now at 9.4 (Adjusted) the actual percentage is closer to 15% But NOW they want to work on jobs? :rotfl: Even Tingles is going to have tough time with this one…

Repeal this bill and start over. Just the mere mention of this bill being dropped is going to have a big impact on the unemployment number. The bill gets tossed, and the unemployment rate may actually get to that 8.6% we were promised…

Typical Democrats, have the power to do something DON’T, then point the finger of blame…. How come people don’t see the adults in the room are NOT the Democrats?

Double Standard or Hypocrisy?

Double Standard or Hypocrisy?

I’d sure like to know how liberals feel about these little examples:

When GWB was in office, the patriot act was “The most intrusive anti constitutional invasion of privacy ever” and George Bush was becoming Hilter, he was running us into a fascist state. He was authorizing wire taps of Americans and it was deplorable.

We Americans didn’t like it, but we understood some of the things that were going on defended it. I say we as Conservatives. We had issues with wiretapping but it was pretty much believed that a certain amount of profiling was being used.

Now Obama has been in Office for 2 years and he’s continued the Patriot act, and he’s authorized our military to KILL AMERICAN citizens. WITHOUT a TRIAL.  Silence from the left…WHY?

When GWB was in office, removing our shoes at the airport was UNACCEPTABLE to liberals because it was an invasion of privacy. It created long lines and it was unnecessary because only one terrorist tried and failed because we Americans are smarter now…

NOW, Obama is office for two years and we are being strip searched before boarding a plane and it’s “Okay because it keeps us safe” WHY?

When GWB was in office Gitmo was a terrorist torture facility and the inmates should be tried in American courts, and the prison should be shut down.

NOW, Obama has been in office for 2 years and Gitmo is still open, there has been one trial in American courts and the murdering muslim got off on all counts except one due to the reluctance of evidence sharing by the prosecution. Safety concerns trumped justice and that’s okay now….WHY?

When GWB was in office we were inundated with casualty figures from every military operation from Iraq to Afghanistan. Front Page stories of the men killed in battle and never ending opinion about how the war was going bad and our brave men and women were fighting a useless war.

NOW Obama’s been in office for 2 years and casualties from Afghanistan and Iraq are on the back pages of newspapers, the main stream media mentions it only if it’s been put out by Fox News. Any story about the war itself is followed with positive attributes. WHY?

I know you think you are supporting your boy but if you can’t admit this is seriously WRONG you are lost and should be shot for ignorance unbecoming an American.

I understand your reluctance to join the “Right” but at least admit your failure in remaining impartial. Any liberal that doesn’t see what’s happening to our once great nation is an accomplice and as such should be tried for treason, should the day come when arms are needed to repair their damage.

The American media needs to quilt sheltering and coddling Obama, he needs to answer for his actions and if he’s truly trying to “Chavez” our nation, he’s going to find out WE Americans don’t take kindly to that type of governance. The warning shot was Nov 2nd. The cannonball on his lap will be Nov of 2012….Bye Bye…

Keith Olberman FIRED?

Keith Olberman FIRED?

Okay this is the best week ever! Keith Olberman is one of those guys you’d just like to punch in the mouth to see him bleed. He’s like the little kid in elementary school that would go up and hit someone, then run to the teacher. I don’t feel sorry for this assclown at all. Matter of fact I hope he learns a lesson from this and grows up.

After the ass whooping the Obama-bots took on Tuesday, to end the week with Olberdouche being suspended is just too much GOOD stuff…. :rotfl:

Lets look at WHY Olberdouche was punished by the lefty’s media wing. It’s not because he donated to Democrats. It’s because HE GOT CAUGHT DONATING TO DEMOCRATS. The real issue is hypocrisy. Olberdouche gave proof that MSNBC was a liberal leaning network. 😯

MSNBC constantly bashes Fox News for their “Right leaning” programs. And I’m absolutely sure that Beck, O’Riley and a few others donate or support candidates. SO?

Olberdouche signed a contract that explained the rules..He broke the rules. It happens to all of us in our work. Oh well. I’ll take the fact he’s been punished as a good sign. But I doubt they fire him for the offense. IF he was to be fired, they would lose 15 viewers and that’s not helpful in this business environment.

So back to Fox News…

Yeah Sometimes I watch Fox news with the sound off… But FOX at the very least offers the opposing view a forum. Olberman, Madcow and the progressive socialists of MSNBC don’t generally allow INTELLIGENT Right leaning panel guests.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Funny thing about the left, they see this as standing for what’s right. Most Americans see this as hypocrisy and B.S.

I don’t really like Juan Williams, he’s a libber and he’s the Obama voice on Fox news. Which by itself is grounds for his firing by NPR. Juan is a regular on Fox, and that it shows the world that Fox is less biased than their competition. Personally I think Juan does a pretty good job of stating the lefts positions. That’s probably why I don’t like him.

So NPR fires Juan for stating the obvious, the view ladies storm out on their own show because Bill O’Riley stated the obvious. All this says is the left surely has their head in the sand.

Juan, we told you the left were hypocrites, we told you the liberal/progressives have no class, we told you the minute you stepped out of the party line you would be in trouble….Hate to say we told you so.. BUT…

Hopefully this little event will open your eyes to what most Americans have been seeing for a long time. Come on over Juan, we would welcome your change in positions. Come on to the right side Juan. We are not racists over here, obviously NPR is racist because they fired you… See how easy that was? Give it a shot.