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Syria and Iraq oh my…

Let me preface this post with the obligatory I SUPPORT KILLING ANY MUSLIM EXTREMIST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD BY ANY MEANS AVAILABLE!… My problem with the current “Strategy” that Barack Obama seems to have come up with after he had … Continue reading

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Democrat Scandals

Leland Yee, a CALIFORNIA Senator who was a very public figure in the gun control legislation process was arrested/charged with GUN RUNNING. This particular democrat scandal should convince every NORMAL THINKING voter of the danger of voting based on feelings. … Continue reading

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Why So Quiet Liberals???

George Bush signed the Patriot act and the left went NUTS, Now Obama signs the “indefinite detention” bill and the crickets are chirping. Ron Paul and his supporters at the very least have been consistent in their outrage over this … Continue reading

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Democrats: “Don’t repeal Obamacare, Create jobs.”

WOW, I heard that on the news today and couldn’t contain the laughter. Harry Reid actually said it…. Umm, lets see: Democrats have had majorities in the House, Senate and they own the big chair in DC… Unemployment was at … Continue reading

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Double Standard or Hypocrisy?

I’d sure like to know how liberals feel about these little examples: When GWB was in office, the patriot act was “The most intrusive anti constitutional invasion of privacy ever” and George Bush was becoming Hilter, he was running us … Continue reading

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Keith Olberman FIRED?

Okay this is the best week ever! Keith Olberman is one of those guys you’d just like to punch in the mouth to see him bleed. He’s like the little kid in elementary school that would go up and hit … Continue reading

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Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Funny thing about the left, they see this as standing for what’s right. Most Americans see this as hypocrisy and B.S. I don’t really like Juan Williams, he’s a libber and he’s the Obama voice on Fox news. Which by … Continue reading

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