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Redneck Standing!

Finally, some redneck is standing up for his right to be a “REDNECK”… Bus driver suing in firing over Confederate flag MEDFORD, Ore. –  Ken Webber still proudly flies his Confederate battle flag with the word “Redneck” emblazed across it … Continue reading

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Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

WOW… Yeah this is a book I want my kids to read in School. [youtube][/youtube] Hear the school board member say: “I’m gonna ask that the language be not mentioned during public meetings. There are young people in this room. … Continue reading

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Tea Party Hypocrisy?

If this is true I have a real problem with it… Poll: Tea Party Not on Board Medicare/Medicaid Cuts The tea party is apparently not on the Medicare-Medicaid-cutting bandwagon, so reports The Atlantic Wire. In a recent McClatchy-Marist poll, 70 … Continue reading

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Kudos to Japan (So far)

I may be a little premature on this but I think something needs to be noticed and spoke about in complimentary fashion. Japan is going through something that most of the world has never experienced. They were hit with a … Continue reading

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What will America learn From Egypt?

As of right now the “Youth” in our nation are somewhat appeased. Gays in the military, Spending more money on welfare programs, illegals not being rounded up and deported, college tuition’s still being covered, they can stay on their parents … Continue reading

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Class War part 2

To go along with my previous post I thought I’d bring in the big guns: From today on Neil Cavuto: How ya like me now? Well said Mr Ramsey.

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Class Warfare in full effect.

The more I listen to the democrats and their progressive allies the more I am disgusted. It’s not the political ideology of the Democrats that bugs me, it’s the envy and jealously. There was time when Americans were driven to … Continue reading

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Welfare Made Easy and Popular…

One of the many problems I have with America’s new socialist lifestyle (Since the 90’s) is the Welfare system. I fully support helping people when they need it. I fully support the government giving assistance to those in need. I … Continue reading

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