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Redneck Standing!

Redneck Standing!

Finally, some redneck is standing up for his right to be a “REDNECK”…

Bus driver suing in firing over Confederate flag

MEDFORD, Ore. –  Ken Webber still proudly flies his Confederate battle flag with the word “Redneck” emblazed across it from the CB antenna on his pickup truck. He hopes that his lawsuit in federal court will get his job back driving a school bus.

“What Mr. Webber is encapsulating is a Jeffersonian agrarianism, where you stand up for your rights,” attorney Thomas Boardman argued Thursday in U.S. District Court. “If we are going to say someone cannot identify as a redneck, what else can we not identify ourselves as?”

Now I have no illusion that this will end well for the “Redneck” He’s the wrong persuasion, he’s got ZERO dollars in activist funds behind him, politicians have to disavow his very existence and the media will make him the most racist, vile human being since Mao, Hitler or Stalin (All of whom are media’s hero’s in some strange, freakish, ideological conundrum) Now, if he were say, Black and Gay or transgendered or maybe an illegal immigrant then he’d be fine… But he’s a white guy so there’s NO CHANCE at all he’ll be successful in his attempt to get his job back.

I wish the man luck…


Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

WOW… Yeah this is a book I want my kids to read in School.


Hear the school board member say: “I’m gonna ask that the language be not mentioned during public meetings. There are young people in this room. It’s inappropriate.”

Hello IDIOT, they are teaching that in CLASS…. Talk about clueless.

Homeschooling never looked so good. I used to think folks that home schooled their kids were over protective nanny’s. No longer do I feel that way. I think every American Parent should make other arrangements for their kids education. Especially in cities of the south west.


Tea Party Hypocrisy?

Tea Party Hypocrisy?

If this is true I have a real problem with it…

Poll: Tea Party Not on Board Medicare/Medicaid Cuts

The tea party is apparently not on the Medicare-Medicaid-cutting bandwagon, so reports The Atlantic Wire.

In a recent McClatchy-Marist poll, 70 percent of ‘tea party supporters’ strongly opposed cutting the healthcare plan for the elderly and indigent, compared to about 80 percent of registered voters.

This despite Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget which passed the House last week and phases out Medicare for those under 55.

A series of pundits have called Ryan’s budget a plus for Democrats, particularly if the party keeps slamming the cuts as worse than they are.

Now, I do believe in the power of the question. Here’s the way some of these pollsters conduct their study.

Poll Question: “Do you think cutting medicare and medicaid is a good idea?” Now nobody is suggesting cutting medicare or medicaid. But the question is vague.

How about this question: “Do you think medicare and medicaid programs should be part of the cost cutting efforts to balance our budget?” You may get far less than 70% against.

Then you might try this “Do you think starting those cuts to the programs at the age of 55 and under would be a good idea?”

The other thing that must be entered into the equation is:

Medicare is the national health plan that most people upon turning 65 years old, will qualify for it. It consists of parts A, B, C, and D. You will have worked 40 quarters in your lifetime in order to obtain it. Others below age 65 will qualify due to a Federal definition of disabled and then after 24 months after the declaration.

Meaning YOU HAVE EARNED your medicare benefits because YOU WORKED and PAID INTO IT. This is a HUGE difference from Medicaid.

Medicaid is simply welfare for poor folks who fall below a certain income level. It is administered by the state in which you live and the minimum income requirements vary by such. It pays the balance of what Medicare doesn’t.

Wait what? If you don’t work 40 quarters in your life and pay into medicare you get medicare, if you don’t, medicaid is there for you? See that’s the problem right there.

Here’s where the cuts must start. Anyone 30 or younger must understand that there is no “Welfare” for you if you are able and don’t work. You will be homeless and depending on churches for your existence. Those who have taken advantage of the system and DIDN’T pay INTO the system got lucky. We need to stop this shit right now.

Do not touch Medicare for anyone that WORKED and put into the system PERIOD. You want to cut, cut the leeches first, then ask for donations. Remove the FRAUD in the system and save a ton of cash. Liberals created this problem, we played by the RULES.

Kudos to Japan (So far)

Kudos to Japan (So far)

I may be a little premature on this but I think something needs to be noticed and spoke about in complimentary fashion.

Japan is going through something that most of the world has never experienced. They were hit with a 9.0 earthquake, followed by a major tsunami and now a potential nuclear disaster rivaling Chernobyl. And through it all the people of Japan have maintained their sense of self. They have maintained their cool, the composure and their patience.

You contrast that with far lesser disasters from Haiti, to NOLA and you see how remarkable the Japanese have been.

This is a disaster on a biblical scale. And so far the Japanese have behaved above reproach. I know some folks don’t feel any sympathy for the Japs (After all they did bomb Pearl Harbor) and I have never been a fan of the Japanese because of that fact. I do recognize civility, and honor and as of now the Japanese are teaching the world a thing or two about how a nation should handle hardship.

Two days after Katrina hit NOLA, we were swamped with “help me” and “It’s Bush’s fault” and all kinds of racist B.S from the idiots in that area. We were shown images of looting, murder, rape and other wonderful examples of our nations population. Japan is going through something 50 times worse and they are handling it remarkably well.


What will America learn From Egypt?

What will America learn From Egypt?

As of right now the “Youth” in our nation are somewhat appeased. Gays in the military, Spending more money on welfare programs, illegals not being rounded up and deported, college tuition’s still being covered, they can stay on their parents healthcare plans while they “Find themselves”… All because of Obama and his minions… But when his time passes (Hopefully in 2012) All bets are off.

Egypt’s uprising was led by the youth movement as well as several offshoot groups of religious sentiment. Also the extreme socialists and communists of the world helped them fill the square…. In America it wouldn’t be much different.

Ever since the 60’s students and socialists occupied the same turf for protests, Communism was very underground but present in many protests over the years. During the Bush years some of those protests were very large, mostly because of the addition of “la Raza” and “ANSWER” organizing….Not to mention the MSM as their message carrier.

Let me give you a scenario that may not be far off:

2012, a CONSERVATIVE POTUS, and a Republican controlled Congress gets elected… It spends the first month in office UNSCREWING America and the students/Communists/Socialists/Labor Unions/ANSWER/La Raza/Code Pink/George Sorros et al, don’t like it. The MSM as usual carries the Democrats water and gets ALL the lefty loony organizations in a flutter… They put 2 million demonstrators on the national mall protesting and calling for the POTUS to step down….It’s broadcast all over the world as “America in revolution” Students, labor unions go on a national strike…

What do those of us on the Right do?

In Egypt, a country of 82 Million, less than one million dictated their future. The Squeaky wheel gets the grease….

I suggest EVERYONE on the right side of the aisle politically, keep enough cash on hand to allow you to travel to DC to have YOUR voice heard if the above scenario happens.

We will need to stand together against these progressive idiots or we risk following in France’s footsteps. France, by the way is seeing the error of their ways but it’s far too late to change back…We do not want that future, but that’s the one we are going to get.

So what have we learned from Egypt?

Class War part 2

Class War part 2

To go along with my previous post I thought I’d bring in the big guns:

From today on Neil Cavuto:

How ya like me now? Well said Mr Ramsey.

Class Warfare in full effect.

Class Warfare in full effect.

The more I listen to the democrats and their progressive allies the more I am disgusted. It’s not the political ideology of the Democrats that bugs me, it’s the envy and jealously.

There was time when Americans were driven to greatness by their own sweat. There was a time when Americans were expected to dream big and work to achieve that dream. What happened to that America?

I am not rich, I make less than 80k a year NOW. I didn’t come straight out of school making that salary. I had to work hard to get where I am.  I would sure as hell like to make a lot more. I worked for as little as 15K a year when my first kid was born, I struggled, I caught fish out of ponds to feed us, I did odd jobs, I hung steel in February at 10 below zero temps, I dug ditches, I WORKED to climb the ladder although I didn’t get much passed the third step, I don’t want to pull the top rung down to make more.

I couldn’t give a rats ass if someone makes a trillion dollars a year as long as they are doing it legally,  and I don’t give a damn if they don’t give to charity, or church or even spend it on their family. It’s their business.

I hold the rich American in high regard, I figure the vast majority of today’s wealthy Americans earned it by working hard and making the right decisions. I also know there are several Black, Latino and Asian wealthy, which means it’s possible for everyone.

I am in my late 40’s now and unless something miraculous happens I don’t plan on having an estate worth taxing after my death. I don’t expect to pay 70% of my income in federal taxes to pay for touchy feely programs our elected officials dream up. So the dog in this fight is not mine.

I would love to ask the Democrats who exactly are they fighting for?

They say the middle class, well I’m about as middle class (lower middle) as you get and I’m not a liberal. Most middle class folks are not Liberal Democrats despite what the media tells you. The poor are overwhelmingly Democrat. That alone should be a red flag to most.

I would also ask the Democrats to look at who is supporting them. IF that’s the America you want then you need to come out of your closet and announce your Communist party. I don’t think most Democrats think like Maxine Waters, Allan Grayson or Bernie Sanders.

Democrats, I ask you to look at the damage you are doing to this nation. You are setting battle lines based on income. You have demonized the wealthy to make your case for socialism, you have exploited the poor to continue to put federal dollars in your pockets. You are not helping the poor become middle class Americans, you are making the middle class poor and the upper class middle.

IF everyone moves down one notch, where do the poor go?

Middle class America considers themselves AMERICANS. They raise families, they fight our wars, they work for companies who pay a decent wage for a decent days work. They believe in working hard to achieve the American dream, not taking it from someone who has achieved it.

If you are part of the middle class that has been brainwashed by the media and the elitist left, I ask you too look hard at your life. Look at what you’ve accomplished to get to where you are and then look at the decisions you made that could have made your life better. IF you did all you could and the best you could do is middle class then I submit you did well in this life. Do you really want someone who did better because of their actions to pay more so you can have an additional buck or two in your pocket? Is that the American way?

I don’t want anything from anyone except a chance. When I’m unemployed I’d like for someone to see the value of my skills and experience and pay me for what I can offer. All I want from the Government is to enforce the laws of the land, protect my country and to make it possible to achieve riches within legal means. The Government doesn’t need to take from someone else on my behalf,  I’ll be okay.

So when you Democrats say you are fighting for the middle class, know that you are lying. You are not fighting for the middle class, it just sounds better than the truth. The truth is you are fighting to keep the poor, poor and use the rich to subsidize your voting pool. But fighting for the middle class sounds better.

You want to fight for the middle class? Try this:

Make this nation a business friendly country, tax imports more than you subsidize exports. Make it cheaper to make products here than to ship them in. Bring manufacturing jobs back by taxing overseas companies for their imports. Secure our borders so labor will not be cheap and tax hikes will not be necessary every year to subsidize anchor babies education and health care. Give tax breaks to companies that hire people at a living wage and small businesses that do the same.

That would be a start.

Welfare Made Easy and Popular…

Welfare Made Easy and Popular…

One of the many problems I have with America’s new socialist lifestyle (Since the 90’s) is the Welfare system. I fully support helping people when they need it. I fully support the government giving assistance to those in need. I fully support the “Hand up” programs that have worked since the 30’s. What I don’t support is the version of welfare we are seeing in our nation.

Let me explain:

Back in my youth I had experience with people on welfare, or state aid. I actually helped some attain that benefit by being there. The people that were granted that aid did everything they could to keep it quiet. They didn’t go to the grocery store when it was crowded, they used the food stamps during odd hours to avoid the “stares” of their neighbors and they did everything they could to get off the state aid. Including working two jobs. We all pitched in when we were able and only used the food stamps when it was necessary. After about a year the family I lived with got off Government aid programs all together. And they were BETTER for it.

NOW we have made it easy for people to spend that aid. We put the aid on EBT cards (Electronic Benefit Transfer) and it is more of a badge of honor to have an EBT card than a scourge. The stigma of “Government assistance” on the person has been removed. The feeling of shame has been removed. Now it’s more “This is better than working” than “I want off this by whatever means necessary” This in my opinion is a large part of the reason so many people are on state aid. Which also explains the inner city Democrat vote. Odd huh?

On a daily basis I run into people in stores who do not speak English, their cart full of everything from toys to beer standing near a checkout line. They will have a kid with them that speaks English, who will ask if you would mind switching your FOOD (Whatever it is) with their Beer or toys and they will pay for it using an EBT card. There are always people standing outside 7-11’s trying to get you to let them buy what you want with their EBT card and you give them cash so they can buy smokes or liquor. No shame in their game at all.

Now I know some idiot will troll by and say I want people to feel bad for taking state aid. YES I DO. I want it to be painful, I want it to be embarrassing, and I want it to be monitored like good parent monitors their 13 year old kid. WHY? because if it’s treated like that it will spur people to grow, it will spur people to get off of the aid, it will motivate people to get a job and be better than that. It will cause people to get into the asset column of Americans and out of the deduction column. We need assets and we need them badly.

What we have done in our country is make State aid an easy alternative to becoming successful. Not intentionally I’m sure. But because of our “Feel Good” policies that is what has happened.  I am not saying the program should be scrapped. I am saying it needs to be reformed in a way that makes it more difficult, and it needs to be temporary. It also needs to be monitored in a tough love type way.

We also need to drug test those on the aid. Odds are if you have a job you had to get drug tested. You have to be clean to work to put money into the state coffers, why should you not be tested to take it out? I find the lack of drug testing Welfare recipients a slap in the face to those of us that work and have to undergo that either random or yearly. The benefit of regularly drug testing the welfare recipients is if they are looking for a job, drugs shouldn’t be the reason they don’t get the job. NOW what we have is Welfare is conditional upon looking for a job, if they don’t get the job because of a failed drug test, state aid doesn’t stop and they have met their condition of receiving the aid.

Dumbassery in effect across the entire system.