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GOP Record time for Betrayal

GOP Record time for Betrayal

The world record for betraying your party faithful has been set. Gold medal awarded to the GOP… Take a bow John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.


For the uninformed voter here’s a quick fact list.

The DHS funding bill that stripped Obama’s ILLEGAL Amnesty for five Million Illegals, was passed by the GOP led House of Representatives. This house is also known as the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, this is where WE the PEOPLE are supposed to have representation in federal government. The PASSED BIILL was sent to the Senate which is supposed to also give the people a voice, but its more of the STATES voice which depends on which party owns the state. The senate is also held by the GOP and it failed to pass the bill that the HOUSE passed. The DHS funding bill went back to the house to take the Obama amnesty defunding part out of it. Which the house (GOP MAJORITY) did exactly that…. So for that action, which is one of the reasons the GOP had such a great election in 2014, it was the greatest betrayal, in the shortest amount of time EVER in either party… Well DONE GUYS!!!


What other things were in the news during this time? Net Neutrality DONE, an ammo ban, in progress, a unilateral threat to raise taxes from white house in progress, Netanyahu speaking at the house BOYCOTT by 50+democrats, Iranian nuke deal, ISIS running amok, Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, IRS investigations….Glad we can expect courage in the face of the evil being forced upon the American people.

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Did Speaker Boehner get something for such a betrayal? I hear he may get a chance to play golf with Obama again now. Hope he has a nice game.


I apologize for ever defending the GOP against the “Big Money” claims democrats make. While the democrats are not short on “Big Money” themselves, I didn’t think the GOP was this indebted to them. Big corporations want Amnesty for Cheap labor, they think we’ll continue to defend the “Minimum wage” fight? Right now the best way to show how pissed off we are at the GOP for their betrayal is to join the raise the wage fight!… And I’m about to that point.


In my current state of mental awareness and anger toward the sell outs in the GOP, come 2016, I’ll be voting for anyone BUT GOP!. (Unless Ted Cruz, Ted Nugent or Allen West is the nominee)…

Good thing we worked so hard to give congress to the GOP in 2014, I feel so much better now.. sigh.

Another Ft Hood Shooting

Another Ft Hood Shooting

Here we go again… First off: My sincere sympathy for the families of the fallen and hearty get well soon to those injured. This post might be a bit controversial…

What the F**K is going on in America when a military base can be victimized by an armed shooter twice in a short period of time? Seriously…

First, last week we hear “Jihad alert” for a “Ft Hood style shooting” But the first Ft Hood Shooting was “Workplace Violence” And now, we have a “Ft Hood Style Shooting” 14 injured, 3 dead.  (I don’t count the coward shooter)

So what do we say the reason for this Ft Hood shooting is? Will it be a “Youtube video” Will it be “Teabaggers?” will it be “Racists”? Well, those never pan out, so lets go with “Soldier on Soldier violence” REALLY? 14 injured, 3 DEAD is because soldiers had a beef?

Do you really think our leaders are in touch with reality? NO. They are clueless. This proves it. Why are our soldiers still unarmed on Bases after the first Ft Hood shooting? Because it was “Work Place Violence” if they actually called it what it was, a TERRORIST act, then Bill Clinton’s law of no firearms on bases might have been up for a review. But a workplace violence incident? Nope, Democrats couldn’t be seen reviewing the gun policy on Bases could they? Think about that for a minute…

If the Democrats were seen supporting a bill to remove the rule their POTUS put in place for guns on bases, what would that tell the nation? It would say “We want our soldiers to be able to protect themselves in their home turf as well as abroad” That wouldn’t sit well with the Democrat ideal that guns in the hands of good people won’t stop mass shootings. However DEMOCRATS HAD NO ISSUE REMOVING Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.. funny how that works huh?

So here we are AGAIN. for POLITICAL GAIN we have our soldiers injured and dead at HOME.

But don’t worry folks, President Obama is on the job. He said today “He’ll get to the bottom of what happened” then he headed out to a DNC fundraiser. If you read between the lines “I’ll find out what happened as long as it helps my party or my legacy, if not I’ll be spinning like I always do and these folks here with camera’s will help me”

We’ve had at least 3 Terrorist attacks on our soil since Obama took office. 2 of them occurred at the same location. That alone would sink any Republican POTUS. Not to mention the other lies he’s been found guilty of.. But hey, look over here…

Watch the other hand folks, the in play issue is going to be gun control. Ohio campus had a shooting today too. “Islamic Radicals” see the gun control issue as one they need to help Democrats win. Armed Americans aren’t good for America side Jihadi’s.. Just sayin.


GOP Establishment Declares War on Tea Party

GOP Establishment Declares War on Tea Party

Well, it didn’t take long to see the effects of RINOism. The disease is rather contagious I guess.

Speaker Rebukes Tea Party:

Read the full story if you need to, click the above link. One of the quotes that stuck in my head was this little gem:

“They’re misleading their followers,” Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters at the Capitol. “I just think that they’ve lost all credibility.”

“Misleading” Their followers? So, Congressmen and Women who were elected in 2010 based tea party principles, that swung the balance of power so that Mr Boehner could take the gavel from Nancy (Hag in the house) Pelosi are now misleading? The very people who gave you the power to RESTRAIN Obama’s Government are now not credible?

If it is a war we must have, then let it be in my time so that my kids do not have to fight.

This is the bottom line for me. You can stand with me, or you can continue down the status quo path. The path that we are STILL on is unsustainable and WE ALL KNOW IT. We demand a change of direction and we will not allow Democrat or Republicans to continue this dive into the abyss.

In 2014, I support every primary challenger to every Republican RINO who voted for this new “Deal” Everyone of the RINO’s who failed to stand with Senator Ted Cruz during the Government shut down battle. You remember Senator Ted Cruz right? The one who wanted to negotiate with Obama about Obamacare, who refused to vote to fund it when he was elected to fight it. You know that guy right? The one that was VINDICATED every day since October 1st. He was RIGHT and every RINO in DC knows it. They didn’t support him and now they fear they are out of their jobs in 2014. THEY ARE!

IF the RINO’s survive the Primary, then I will be abstaining from voting for the first time in my life. The reason is simple. IF the same RINO is sent back to congress to do the work of Democrats, might as well be a Democrat in the seat. I just can’t vote Democrat so, I’ll take myself out of the action.

I hope the message is sent in the primaries. If its not clear enough, then say hello to Madam President Hillary Clinton in 2016. Scary huh? Yep.

RINO’s Did it Again…

RINO’s Did it Again…

Okay it’s official: The Republican party was on life support, it has been since November. Today, the GOP pulled the plug on itself. RIP.

As of right now. There are only Democrats running this nation. The FEW “Conservative” senators/House Reps will still have my utmost respect. But they have lost the battle and the war. The war to save America from itself is lost. IF the 2nd amendement wasn’t the tie that bound even the most moderate “Republicans” then it truly is over.

We know that they sold us out. What we didn’t know was at what cost. Now we know. It was one dinner with the king and a Yacht trip with booze on Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) yacht. So they aren’t low price whores, they’re high priced hookers.

My pledge and I hope to have MANY REPUBLICANS FOLLOW THIS LEAD is, I will support every challenger of all 16 Republicans in the primaries, who voted to stab us in the back today. IF the traitors win anyway, I will urge ALL REPUBS IN THEIR DISTRICT TO STAY HOME ON GENERAL ELECTION DAY!


You may say: Well, you’ll just ensure that the democrats get a majority. To that I say, they have it now. It doesn’t matter the letter after the name it’s the actions they take. It’s time to give it up and arm up. Wait until SHTF and then maybe we can get our nation back. If not, it’s going to get real rough.

Your choice. Make them pay for their actions, or let the nation die slowly. ME, I like to pull the bandaid off fast.

You may also say, why are you not as upset with the democrats? Well, I EXPECT them to try and destroy our nation. They do it right in front of you. Republicans now are cowards they talk about conservatism during election time then pull this shit. Traitors are worse than the enemy.

Saved by Boehner

Saved by Boehner

Evidently I missed something in school. I was misled I guess.

In today’s America ONE DOLLAR of tax revenue for every 41 dollars of spending is a balanced way to reduce the debt. I know what you’re thinking, that math doesn’t work. Let me tell you that YES IT DOES. In today’s world, that 1 dollar of tax revenue will magically increase in value the minute it gets to Washington, it will turn into super dollar and multiply within itself to tackle the debt, I hear congress will give that dollar an Obama phone too!  But wait there’s more.

According to Obama “Increasing taxes in a down economy is bad” “The Bush Tax cuts need to expire” “Taxing only the rich like me, will help us solve our debt problem” “Millionaires and Billionaires need to pay their fair share” And this is what he’s done… Well, except the millionaires are now just 400k’rs and taxes go up for everyone who pays taxes…ooops.

Now lets look at the bill OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS voted for. 77% of Americans will see over a 2% increase in their taxes. I am wondering is that 77% of the 47% who actually PAY TAXES? What exactly is the fair share of those who don’t pay taxes? Mmm. But that ONE DOLLAR WILL SAVE THE DAY!

Okay, seriously we have ONE positive that came of all of this: Here it is:

Obama has masterfully pulled the curtain back on the Republicans. He gave them a test of their convictions. THEY FAILED THAT TEST. At least we do know exactly WHO FAILED and we can remove them. NO REPUBLICAN WHO VOTED FOR THIS “DEAL” SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED. Which is precisely what Obama wants.. Or thinks he does.

I’ve stated before that the nation is being governed exactly like the state of CA is. And for the last 30 years CA has been in decline. There’s NO UPSIDE in CA. There’s no “Light at the end of the tunnel” here. But the democrats don’t see it.. Their Agenda is like a blinder.

What is needed now is a PURGE. What should have been done on this so-called “Deal” is rather than vote for it, Republicans should have abstained from the vote all together. They should have allowed the passage of the bill totally on the democrat side. That would make them own it. Instead, now we have a dual partnership in the collapse. In CA democrats can’t govern without an enemy. The excuse is “IF the republicans would get out of the way, we could fix it” We know it’s bullshit. But we keep fighting. It’s over. Let them have it. Let them “Govern” without blame. Let them OWN this debacle. But we didn’t.

What we need to do know is simple. The American Conservative needs to BE ABSENT in 2014. Stay home. Let the RINO’s/Libercrats have the entire thing. This will hasten the collapse and we’ll stop the bleeding when the patient is empty. I’m done with the GOP.

For the Record Ken Calvert (R-Riverside) Voted FOR this shit sandwich and I will not be voting for him again. I will actively push others in my circle to vote against him.

Democrat Voter Ploys..

Democrat Voter Ploys..

IF we were voting for POTUS two days ago, how do you think women would have voted?

The Democrat spin machine had worked a “War on Women” strategy on the Republicans.  They had their cronies in the media carrying that message on the airwaves. They were talking about polls, policy and values that in their eyes means “Republicans hate women”

Then a lesbian Obama activist unmasked herself and Mrs Romney responded

IF we voted yesterday morning, Obama would have gotten a huge percentage of the vote because of that strategy. The Republicans countered in the afternoon and the TRUTH appears to be winning over the lies. Polls are indicating that women are rallying behind Mrs Romney and calling the Democrats the ones who are declaring war on women.

Isn’t that funny?

So what if we did vote yesterday morning? Same thing that happens a lot. The first reports are spin or outright lies and our “SHEEP” believe it. They go to the polls and elect the liars/spinners and once that vote is cast, realize that they were lied to. Then what? Well, they don’t want to admit they were wrong (human nature) so they continue fighting. They LOSE in debate, but we have lost as a nation because of their actions.

How do you stop this? You can’t unless you take the gloves off and go toe to toe with them with facts. You can’t if you’re so worried about offending someone. You can’t unless you are willing to do the same thing they do. IF you are fighting a more vicious enemy than yourself, you better be smarter or learn to be as vicious.

Just remember folks, your vote is what they want. They will do and say anything to get it. Both sides will do it to some degree. The Democrats are standing an a mountain of LIES while the republicans stand on a hill. When you hear something verify it using the tools and common sense. If it doesn’t pass the smell test it probably isn’t truth.

Wake up America your life is literally on the line here.

Debate Recap…

Debate Recap…

I got home from work last night and nothing else was on TV. I wanted to enjoy an adult beverage and watch something that took my mind off the troubles of the day.. I flipped channels and ended up on the ABC GOP debate… sigh.

Well, it took my mind off MY problems, these idiots got problems…

My opinion on the entire debate can be summed up in a few words: Typical instigation, sound bite fodder and media intrusion.

First off, the questions asked were intended to knock down the frontrunner not build up the bottom dwellers. That’s typical. Eat the rich democrat principles. Bad, evil, successful frontrunner.

Secondly, The Ron Paul answer to Newt about him taking “Our tax payer money” from Fanny and Freddie… Um, WHO GAVE IT TO HIM? If you offer a service for a price and you get what you paid for who’s fault is it? IF I could get 7 figures to offer “Advice” to someone I sure as hell would do it. Tax payer money is the charge of the government. Blaming a PRIVATE entity for providing a service that the GOVERNMENT is willing to pay for is NOT the PRIVATE entity’s fault. ITS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT FOR BEING DUMB ENOUGH TO PAY FOR IT.

I’d ask Ron Paul how many clits he looked at when he was a gynodoctor that were paid for by a government program? Like medicaid/medicare/welfare etc….Should he give that back too? Tax payers paid for some of them to have their coochy inspected….just sayin.

Perry did pretty good this round. He’s still very shaky on stage, stutters a lot, gets lost often. He’s still better than most of them.

Bachmann hammered the leaders. She bashed Romney/Newt relentlessly and for that she’s off my wish list. She didn’t need to go as far as she did to promote herself. She’s pretty much cemented herself as the crazy lady even though I do like her, I think bashing your fellow competitors in that manner turns folks off when we need a LEADER who will stand. You need to show YOU are the one because YOU are the best, not because THEY are not the best.

Newt handled the onslaught of media led attacks better than any of them would have. I can’t wait until Bachmann, and Paul get their chance to be in the middle. (IF they did) Paul would get so flustered his eyebrows would straighten out. Bachmann would pull out the sexist card… Bet on it.

Santorum may have done the best of the night. He is likeable but I’m not sure how he’d be received in the general election. IT all depends on where we are in June or so of 2012. IF we’re no better then than we are now, Charles Manson will beat Obama. IF we’re better off, then it’s going to be a tough road for ANY GOP Candidate.

Republican Debate recap.

Republican Debate recap.

I watched the CNN Debate from start to finish. The debate was on foreign policy. There’s two most important issues to me when it comes to whom I support. The economy and foreign policy. This is the main reason I’m supporting ANYONE who is NOT Obama.

The debate started with Wolf Blitzer doing what CNN/MSNBC and the left leaning networks want. Get them fighting amongst themselves. Wolf Succeeded in his quest in some measure.

The question was the “Would you continue the patriot act”

Newt did a bit of lecturing on the difference between criminal law and the rules of war. A point I can agree with.

Then it went to Ron Paul. Paul basically said the patriot act takes away from our liberty. (I’m still waiting for the example of a person who’s rights were stomped on under the act)He said if we give up liberty for security we’ll have neither. Good point in context of a different world without a ruthless enemy who has no state. Ron Paul brought up Tim McVeigh as an example (he did it twice) and said we handled that right… What???

Newt answered it well. He said Tim McVeigh succeeded in his quest to KILL AMERICANS. And he mentioned that he’d rather have the tools in place to stop the murder than to only have tools to catch the murderer… I am on Newt’s page here. We can refine the act if needed, but one of the reasons 9/11 was successful is there was no tools available to stop it. FACT.

The rest of the debate was pretty uneventful as far as I’m concerned. Newt kind of surprised me with a candid answer about illegal immigrants who’ve been here for 25 years. And he made an argument for it that is hard to disagree with. In principle I’d love to see them all deported RIGHT NOW, but in practice I think it would be near impossible to do.

Ron Paul had some moments on stage that he just rambled and peppered his comments as he does all the time with it’s our fault and unnecessary wars, and legalize drugs to stop the killings… This is where I think I’ve nailed my problem with Ron Paul.

Ron has great hindsight. He knows exactly what should have been done on everything instead of what was done. I wonder though if he’d be as quick to bring our troops home if images of dead, butchered kids/women started showing up on TV here. I also wonder if we need someone who would veto everything that was not “Within the constitution” as he sees it. Any budget that included taxes, medicare, medicaid, welfare, and whatever would get squashed under a Paul POTUS. He’d wield a veto pen like nobody’s business which may not be bad in principle but bad in practice.

We’re seeing a POTUS who has shut down congress now, why would a Paul POTUS be a better move?

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