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The Religion of Peace is at it again…

The Religion of Peace is at it again…

It’s been 5 days since our guys at some FOB took out the trash as prescribed by the Standard operating procedures they abide by during their time in a foreign land. Here’s one story from the enemy here at home:

By staff and news services
KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban urged Afghans Thursday to target foreign military bases and kill Westerners in retaliation for burnings of copies of the Quran at NATO’s main base in the country as a third day of violent protests began.
Thousands of demonstrators gathered across the country, some chanting “Death to America!”, Reuters witnesses and officials said. In eastern Kabul, hundreds of youths threw rocks at police, who fired shots into the air to try disperse the crowds.
“Our brave people must target the military bases of invader forces, their military convoys and their invader bases,” read an emailed Taliban statement released by the insurgency’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. “They have to kill them (Westerners), beat them and capture them to give them a lesson to never dare desecrate the holy Quran again.”

Now I could go on a rant that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush right now, BUT there’s a Major out there who has done it much better than I could. Presented in its entirety without edits,  Listen up:

Afghanistan goes full retard

I think I’ve become way to jaded to meet the Army’s intent of providing hugs and kisses and pats on the head to people who are trying to kill us.

Way back in Ought 5, I deployed to Iraq actually hopeful that I was going to help build a safe, secure, and strong, free Iraq. I was repaid for my efforts with an all-expenses paid, extended vacation to Washington D.C. where I received some of the choicest accomodations available in our nation’s capital (Many Presidents and Generals have stayed there) and even had my wife and Mom accompany me for the many months I would reside in the lap of luxury. The only caveat was that I would also spend the rest of my life with a daily reminder of all the effort I wasted, and exactly what islam was all about.

A few days ago, some soldiers were disposing of Korans at Bagram Air Base. These Korans were being used by prisoners, who would write in them, and use them to pass messages. That act, in and of itself, is defacing a Koran.

So defaced Korans are no longer seen as the word of god, because god is pnly pure and clean.

The soldiers did as they were told, and took boxes of religious materials to the incinerator. Those boxes contained defaced Korans. Once the soldiers saw what was in the fire, they reached in to save the Korans–burning themselves in the process.

Local National workers saw this, went apeshit, and went around screaming about destroying Korans–Korans you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, bought and paid for, to provide for prisoners, who then defaced them.

Here’s where it gets fun.

The Local Nationals (who, by the way are illiterate, and recognize *anything* written in Arabic as “Koran”) go full retard. They run home, get their other asshole buddies, and start a riot at the gates. (Note to Afghan Security Forces: See Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of, or Jordan, Kingdom of, or Syria, Kingdom of, for Pro Tips on how to effectively deal with rioting retards in your country.) That riot spreads word to other assholes, who then riot throughout the country. They set fires, they attack coalition forces, they attack afghan forces, and the jihadis have a fucking field day.

Then one of the afghan security forces, our “Brothers in Arms” decides to turn around in a guard tower and shoot into a US compound, killing two soldiers.

You assholes write in Korans–which we failed to mention in the early press releases–so we destroy those korans in the same manner that you do.
You assholes riot, destroy equipment, and generally go full retard–we show restraint.
You assholes turn the guns and training we gave you on us–and again, we show restraint.

You assholes seeing a pattern here?

So I am still the ugly American. I still look over my shoulder, I still have a plan to kill every afghan I see–especially the ones in uniform. This isn’t the first time one of our “partners” has turned his weapon against US troops–either distraught over Koran Burning, or Marines pissing on a dead body, or GITMO, or whatever their excuse du jour is. And what do we do? We turn them over to the Afghans for “justice,” which usually comes in the form of a long prison sentence (5-10 years) or, more often, nothing.

What we should do, in a just world, is round up this retard, his imam, his villiage elders, and every male adult in his immediate family, and shoot them in front of him, one by one. He’s already a terrorist, we shouldn’t show him any mercy. Then we should castrate him, and every male in his extended family. Kill the weed at the root, as it were. There are multiple ways to attack an insurgency, this one is particularly difficult, as it is driven by a perviersion of religion, coupled with poverty and no real national identity, extreme illiteracy, and no real internal solution for any of those problems. We can build all the schools, hospitals, roads, mosques, airports, playgrounds, and civic centers that every town can hold, and we won’t win them over. We can train out afghan partners about civil rights, human rights, keeping peace, working for the people, but it won’t erase genetically ingranied hatred between pashtun and tajik. We can follow every tenet of the counterinsurgency stratetgy to the letter, and you’ll still have hundreds and thousands of people willing to riot at the drop of a hat, individuals willing to turn their weapins on their partners, and a government rivaled only by Chicago for corruption and graft.

There’s only one way to be sure to fix the afghan problem: Nuke it from space.


Leadership from a position of weakness is an exercise in futility.

Synagogue Blast Suspect found in Cleveland

Synagogue Blast Suspect found in Cleveland

First it was a pipe bomb, then it was a natural gas explosion… Now the truth comes out.

Suspect Charged in Explosion Outside California Synagogue

CLEVELAND — A suspect in an explosion at a California synagogue has been charged in federal court with fleeing to avoid prosecution.

An affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles charges 60-year-old Ron Hirsch with flight to avoid prosecution for damaging or destroying a building. The affidavit says Hirsch, also known as Israel Fisher, violated federal law when he traveled from California to Ohio sometime between April 7 and Monday, when he was arrested in suburban Cleveland Heights.

The fact that some idiot tried to blow up a Jewish place of worship is really not the story here. What is the story is the lack of media attention paid to this act. Lets just change the name from “Synagogue” to “Mosque” and watch the fireworks.

We’ve seen this before haven’t we? Some idiot blasts a Muslim store owner “It’s ISLAMAPHOBIC” it’s a “HATE CRIME” caused by FOX NEWS, and the “RIGHT WING”….Some Mosque gets a piece of bacon thrown on the lawn and the alphabet networks go NUTS…. There are no less than 30 headlines and every station will have a CAIR representative proclaiming their peaceful nature. Oh and don’t forget the marches and protests that will eventually take place…But if it’s a “synagogue” move along, nothing to see here.

While the story was front page in this instance, it was quickly silenced by the “jump to conclusion” of the “Natural cause.” In any incident involving ISLAM the opposite is true. The first conclusion is always anti-Islam extremists. Why is that?

The highest rate of HATE CRIMES occurs against JEWS in our nation. Not GAYS, Not MUSLIMS, NOT BLACKS, NOT HISPANICS.. The Jews. Get it through your liberpuke heads. IF you are seriously about “equality” and “Diversity” how can you not back the one group that is being attacked more than any other? I guess it’s selective outrage. But I also figure it makes a lot of sense. Liberals believe Obama is “The ONE” just like NAZI’s believed Hitler was “the ONE”. When Obama tramples on our constitution, Liberals are okay with it. WHEN GWB did, it was unheard of, it was the rallying cry of liberpukes everywhere. Obama gets a pass…Yep very hitleresque.

The Power of the Koran!

The Power of the Koran!

The great and powerful koran has again been called to action! The book has been angered by the actions of a Florida pastor! All Hail the Koran!’

Protesters kill 12 after Florida pastor burns Quran

KABUL, Afghanistan — Thousands of protesters angry over the burning of a Quran by a Florida pastor stormed a U.N. compound Friday in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 12 people, including eight foreigners. The desecration of the Muslim holy book fueled resentment against the West at a critical moment in the Afghan war.

May I suggest the Anti-Gun crowd use the same methodology with Islam as they use for our 2nd amendment rights? Lets look back 60 years. How many deaths can be directly attributed to Muslim outrage? How many more people must die?… Or should we ban Pastors? Yep I’m stirring the pot again…

My opinion on this is very simple and not hard to guess. It’s not the religion of Islam I hate,  it’s the religion of Islam’s followers that I have a problem with. A book, a manual for idiots is the Koran and it’s on display across the globe. We keep kidding ourselves about “Good ones” and that “All Muslims are not like those across the pond” There is merit in that logic. What is troubling is the “Good ones” silence.

We’ve had riots and murders over cartoons, threats over Muhammad (Peace of shit be upon him and his followers) being shown in a cartoon. We’ve had riots over the mere mention of women not being covered from head to toe in some lands…All because of a book. A book that was written MANY years after the bible I might add.

It is with a heavy heart that I must support the Pastor in Florida. I hope he burns the Koran every day from here on out. As a matter of fact if he’ll burn them, I’ll donate a few to him if he runs short of fire material. Why? Why would I support burning books? Someone who believes so much in freedom, someone who hates communism and socialism would succumb to book burning as righteous. Nope that’s not my reason. I support the pastors right to burn whatever he wants. But especially when it drives muslims crazy…Makes my day.

Lets say a cleric or Imam decided to burn a bible.. Christians would pray for him. The Westboro Baptist church, the worst of the worst as far Christians are concerned would probably not even bat an eye at the Muslim stunt. But burn a Koran? Oh yeah people are going to die… Why do you think that is?

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The face of Islam…

The face of Islam…

Jewish Couple and 3 children SLAUGHTERED in West Bank.

A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home.

Pay real close attention folks, this is what we are dealing with. This is what is NEVER MENTIONED by our current leaders. This is what Islam is. This is how they roll:

I make NO apologies for showing these pictures. I make NO apologies for not warning you first. I want people to SEE this. (HT Theo Spark)

This was not done by your average run of the mill serial killer going nuts, this was not done by some estranged family member over a debt or relationship problems. This was done in the name of RELIGION. This was done in accordance with the Koran and it was done by the followers of the death cult of ISLAM.

I know you guys are saying “You are way off base, Islam is the Religion of Peace and you are just Islamaphobic” Well then see who took responsibility for it:

Al-Aqsa Brigades claims responsibility for West Bank killing

Nablus, West Bank – The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Fatah movement, claimed responsibility on Saturday for killing five Israeli settlers near the West Bank city of Nablus.

A member of the al-Aqsa Brigades attacked a house in the Itamar settlement, south of Nablus, the group claimed in a statement sent to reporters.’The mujahid killed all who were in the house at around 1:15 am local time (2315 GMT) at predawn on Saturday’, the leaflet said adding that the attack was carried out successfully thanks to Allah.

‘This heroic operation is part of the natural response to the massacres of the fascist occupation against our people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,’ said the leaflet. ‘We tell the criminals of the (Israeli) occupation that their crimes won’t pass without punishment.’

Thanks to Allah? Um, I wonder exactly how long it would take for the media to go nuckin futs if ANYONE, ANY GROUP wasted ANY FAMILY ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD and Claimed responsibility for it saying THANK GOD WE WERE SUCCESSFUL in murdering 3 kids. They held BIBLES when talking and used terms like “Jesus Christ is our savior he will be pleased we slaughtered these Muslims”…. Yeah wouldn’t be much more than a blurb I’m sure. Sarcasm OFF.



Israel being drawn into conflict…

Israel being drawn into conflict…

Damn, I should probably think real hard about lottery numbers, maybe “I is psychic!!”

Israeli Tanks Strike Gaza Strip After Mortar Attack

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli tank fire wounded 11 people, including at least six militants, in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday following an attack on an Israeli patrol, the military and Palestinian officials said. One of the wounded later died in a hospital.

The Israeli military said its tanks opened fire after the militants detonated a bomb targeting the Israeli patrol near the border and then fired mortars at the soldiers.

Gaza health officials said one of the wounded militants died and another was in serious condition. Both Islamic Jihad and Hamas militants said they fired mortars at the troops. No Israeli soldiers were hurt.

Israel and Hamas have largely observed an unofficial cease-fire since an Israeli military offensive in Gaza two years ago. But clashes sporadically flare up along the volatile border as Gaza militants fire rockets and mortars into Israel, drawing military reprisals.

As I stated ( A couple of posts down) this is just the beginning. The Iranian ships that went through the Suez canal are suspected of carrying “Rockets and munitions”…Mmm, Isn’t Iran building nuclear reactors? Doesn’t nuclear reactors leave waste? Isn’t nuclear waste on of the main ingredients in a dirty bomb? Of course not… Don’t be silly…. 🙄

Bad part about this entire debacle is America’s complete and total lack of concern for what is about to happen. A dirty bomb in America would be deadly but not devastating. We would still exist and given a strong leader would retaliate with mind numbing violence that the world has never seen. BUT since we have Obama, we’d just take it and ask for another one…because of course it’s our fault.. However; ISRAEL could be “Wiped off the face of the earth” with a dirty bomb or two..

As I said.. Pray for Israel, she is truly alone now.



The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

I’d like to announce the formation of the Christian Brotherhood.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is the complete destruction of all things not Christian. Our goal is to die in the pursuit of Divine Holiness and meet our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We will not compromise and we will succeed in our revolution for Christ.

Everyone on the face of this earth will live under Christian laws. There will be no other religion. Any person practicing another religion will be put to death. There will be no homosexuality, any person who lays with same sex shall be put to death. Females will be subservient to their men. Any female who disobeys her husband shall be beaten. If the female leaves her husband she shall be put to death. Divorce is not acceptable in this new Christian world. We will lay out the laws of our Christian Power and only pastors and preachers shall have the power to change these laws. They will be written in stone and all punishments will be carried out in public.

I hope you will join our Christian Brotherhood of your own free will, for soon you will have no choice. There are no innocents in our war against the non-believers. We will sacrifice our lives in order to meet our savior and take many non-believers to hell.

This is a fictional organization and mission statement but could you imagine the outrage in our society if such a group was formed?

Although the KKK exists, they wield no more power than Phred Phelps or any other nut bag group. There are legit organizations that fall under the “Christian Brotherhood” banner but I’ve yet to hear of ANY OF THEM, becoming terrorists, calling for death to an entire nation, or any of the Muslim general mantra’s.

The organizations of  “The Muslim Brotherhood” and “Al Qaeda” and “Hamas” and “Hezbollah” among others, are the epitome of death cults. While I understand the urge to be “Understanding” of others religion, I will not be silent when one particular religion is murdering, raping, destroying civilization in order to rebuild it under their type of religious decree.

In America we placate the Islamic Faith, we appease them, we cater to them and we allow them to fester like a puss ridden infection. When will  we wake? When will we see the danger and react accordingly? There is a way to act, prior to bloodshed on our shores. It’s called “Assimilation”

Assimilation requires people that come here to become AMERICAN first. It requires a consumption of the American culture and an allegiance to our nation above others. IF Assimilation was required, meaning no more “Accommodating” other cultures above our own, it would have an effect on the Islamic population. The ideals of America are NOT compatible with Islam. Freedom itself is counter to Islam.

We are about 20 years late to war with Islamic fundamentals, and for 20 years we have given them more tools to destroy us. We continue to put arrows in their quiver when we should be putting arrows through their heart.

When will we wake up?

Liberalism is the key to our demise IMO. Liberalism by it’s ideology is not confrontational unless it feels threatened by conformity. Islam doesn’t threaten them because Islam has not yet gained a hold on our legislative or judicial system. I ask liberals one question: What if it did? Is it easier to fight the system before it’s a system or after? I also ask you “What if those of us who see the potential for trouble are RIGHT?

Liberalism, Progressives and to some degree Libertarianism (Large L) are aiding and abetting the infestation of Islam and allowing it to become too powerful. The common sense aspect alone should give pause to reasoned Americans. A “religion of Peace” who uses terrorism as it’s communication method should cause people to question. But I guess that’s too much to ask for the intellectual elites.

I wonder if this is how France’s population was split prior to Germans standing under the Eiffel Tower.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Here is a dead man. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I think the religion of peace is not going to take kindly to being “Outed”:

I gotta say if more came out against Hamas and the rest of the “Extremists” perhaps there would be a possible peace. But since it won’t happen, it’s good to hear the truth from Muslims once in a while…

Obama is the Answer…

Obama is the Answer…

To the question “Does GOD have a sense of humor”

As much as I didn’t like George Bush’s policies (Some) And as much as the nation was fed up with the policies he pushed. A lot of those policies and actions are turning out to be not so bad. I believe GOD is an American. I believe this nation is his favorite or at least it was.

I don’t think there is another land on the face of the earth (Other than Israel) that was founded on his behalf and invited the population to worship in whatever way they wished… While some may say violence and slavery made this nation, I invite you to look at biblical times, violence and slavery was evident in all nations.

We put GOD on our money, we USE TO to invoke him and his sons name at the drop of a hat. So when I say GOD has a sense of humor, I mean that he has throughout history made it tough on those that deny him. Plagues, famine, floods are all attributed to GODS revenge on man throughout the early ages.

I’ve always believed that GOD uses tools like a craftsman. I believe he has used Obama to show his beloved nation the opposite of his favor. I believe Obama was placed in this position to show the nation that our whining has consequences and he is the result of a bit of “Is this what you really want?” from our creator.

I know this is a bit “Religious” of me, but that’s the only explanation to the ignorance that is forced upon us. I can only explain the Democrat party’s views as an anomaly because of divine intervention. Nobody can be this stupid right out of the box.