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The Religion of Peace is at it again…

It’s been 5 days since our guys at some FOB took out the trash as prescribed by the Standard operating procedures they abide by during their time in a foreign land. Here’s one story from the enemy here at home: … Continue reading

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Synagogue Blast Suspect found in Cleveland

First it was a pipe bomb, then it was a natural gas explosion… Now the truth comes out. Suspect Charged in Explosion Outside California Synagogue CLEVELAND — A suspect in an explosion at a California synagogue has been charged in … Continue reading

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The Power of the Koran!

The great and powerful koran has again been called to action! The book has been angered by the actions of a Florida pastor! All Hail the Koran!’ Protesters kill 12 after Florida pastor burns Quran KABUL, Afghanistan — Thousands of … Continue reading

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The face of Islam…

Jewish Couple and 3 children SLAUGHTERED in West Bank. A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or … Continue reading

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Israel being drawn into conflict…

Damn, I should probably think real hard about lottery numbers, maybe “I is psychic!!” Israeli Tanks Strike Gaza Strip After Mortar Attack GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli tank fire wounded 11 people, including at least six militants, in the … Continue reading

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The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

I’d like to announce the formation of the Christian Brotherhood. Mission Statement: Our mission is the complete destruction of all things not Christian. Our goal is to die in the pursuit of Divine Holiness and meet our lord and savior … Continue reading

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Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Here is a dead man. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I think the religion of peace is not going to take kindly to being “Outed”: I gotta say if more came out against Hamas and … Continue reading

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Obama is the Answer…

To the question “Does GOD have a sense of humor” As much as I didn’t like George Bush’s policies (Some) And as much as the nation was fed up with the policies he pushed. A lot of those policies and … Continue reading

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