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A California adventure…

A California adventure…

Well, we made it back in one piece. We had an awesome time traveling the coast of California. We started our adventure from the town of Seaside. We spent a couple days exploring the Monterey area, then traveled from there down PCH in a very slow pace. We stopped in several places before we arrived at Big Sur. Then to Carmel, then to Cambria, then we headed south toward Solvang… Just an awesome mini-vacation.

What I noticed this week was shocking, it was shocking because it shows the status of the United States.

While in Monterey, we saw affluent homes, manicured lawns, shops and business’s boarded up and more homeless people asking for help/money/food than sea gulls. Along the pier, cannery row and pretty much everywhere we went we were greeted by people holding signs… On the other hand, there were many tourists. Mostly it seemed, Germans. There were the usual Asian’s.. Chinese not Japanese, that seemed odd from my history of touring America.

All along PCH the way south was peppered with business’s out of business or big signs saying they were. Every exit/entrance to PCH had at least one homeless/traveler hitchhiking or asking for a hand out.

So to recap, the world is coming here to view our country, enjoy our hospitality and purchase our wears. The world is seeing our citizens as uncleaned, unshaven, hungry and lazy.

Sad state of affairs…

But the beauty of this state is worth the effort to see it. If you’ve never had a chance to see it, put it on your bucket list. Its unbelievably scenic.

California Good, Bad and Ugly.

California Good, Bad and Ugly.

First the Good news from the left coast.. 10 day waiting period ruled unconstitutional. GOOD. (The ruling is good considering it was made by a Clinton appointee, but we got a very long fight to get our rights back out here)



The Bad news: Gov Moonbeam made it official and rolled out the welcome matt for ILLEGALS.. Let that sink in. Business’s are fleeing, taxes are being raised, gun laws are being signed at record pace, prisons are having their doors flung open for lack of funding, traffic has become worse since ILLEGALS have been allowed Drivers licenses, schools are the worst in the nation…. And Hey, all of you Illegals are welcome to get some more free stuff here in CA… wow..



The Ugly: The drought here in CA is about to be a real problem for all of us. If this winter (Actually, its more like a spring for most of America) we don’t get rain/snow in the mountains of biblical proportions, this state is going to be seeing rationing in a really evident way. But that’s okay, pass a law that says don’t water your grass. Then what? See the BAD NEWS. No water for grass, no need for a gardner right? No building new “Water users” homes… Do you see where this heads?


With all this wonderful news out of CA, I support Jan Brewer’s response to Jerry Brown.. All of America’s ILLEGAL’s PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY WEST. Get here any way possible. Once here head North. Look in the area of San Fran and Sacramento for possible residence. But anywhere in CA is fine. Good luck.

We’re not going to break CA into 6 states, we’re going to just call it the Northern Most Mexican State.



The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a NO DOUBTER win.

After the game, the biggest discussion was around the COKE commercial:

Did you find it offensive? It was designed to help the democrat party in their push to label everyone who doesn’t toe the line as racists and extremists. It worked to some degree.

Multiculturalism is the underlying issue. IF you don’t approve of other cultures you’re racist. This is a fallacy argument.

There’s another part to the Immigration/Multiculturalism debate. Its ASSIMILATION. That has been missing in America for many many years and the results are evident.

Let me give you my view and you can agree or disagree if you wish… Here goes:

Multiculturalism can be GREAT for countries OR it can be the catalyst for a country’s demise. When a country allows immigration of all cultures, without assimilation the power of the country’s policy makers is swayed by the largest numbers of the same immigrants. Think about this: IF the majority of immigrants to America were Japanese, instead of from South America, our politicians would be falling all over themselves to appease Japanese folks rather than Hispanics. The greatest number equals the greatest power.

IF assimilation was truly required and only one language was acceptable/used in public etc, then every immigrant would have to learn English. What we have done is made it possible and acceptable to speak your native language with out hardship. (Spanish for the most part because as I said, the greatest number) Then we allow them to fly their flag, demand we change our culture around theirs etc…

Multiculturalism is now ingrained in America, now its a fight to see which culture wins. If you watch the Coke ad, it shows plenty of cultures and most of them are compatible with American culture. American culture is a mesh of several cultures anyway, BUT… What we did was quit taking the BEST of other cultures and melting them in with ours, now we are taking the WORST of other cultures as well because if you object then you’re RACIST.

The multiculturalism experiment has been going on in Europe for a while now. The English are finding out, France is finding out and America will find out that unfettered immigration without assimilation is a disaster.

Assimilation is the answer to the multiculturalism. IF it were required that you learn english within 2 years of immigration, if we expected and received Americans, our nation would be united, we’d be moving mountains together instead of having a nation divided by the amount of immigrants who hold on to their own nationality above America.

Where we are headed is: America is being pushed into the nation that the greatest number of Immigrants left. We are losing our sovereignty because of political correctness and feel good policies. Our education system is a prime example of where we are headed. Look at California for the greatest example of where multiculturalism without assimilation takes us.

Its much too late to fix it now, it would take real leadership to right the ship. It would take Americans to wake up. It would take the IMMIGRANTS to wake up and say “hey, we left our nation to come to a better place, this place now looks like what we left” It will take Americans to quit being worried about being called Racist for wanting America to be the best nation on earth again.

I’m not optimistic.


Gun Control vs Voter ID…

Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example:

My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it up, we have to show ID and it’s tracked how many times we’ve purchased this medication. IF we’ve bought too much in a 30 day period, they will deny us the medication. And they know within minutes if we’ve hit our limit.

When I go buy a gun in California, I have to go through a background check that costs 30+ dollars. This is added to the price of the firearm. IF I fail the check, I don’t get the money back nor do I get the firearm. I also must wait 10 days, sign more paperwork than if I were buying a car before I can take possession of the firearm.

To vote for politicians and measures/propositions I must simply show up point out a name on a sheet say it’s me, or tell them a name and address. I don’t need to show them ID, fill out any paperwork, prove I know what or who I’m voting for…

So lets look at a potential way to get the Anti-Gun Democrats their dream of universal background checks (NOT REGISTRATION)

In my opinion: VOTING is more dangerous than the prior two. I contend that if they can tell me within minutes that I have purchased too many sinus medications, they can tell me if I’m a felon or illegal to posses a gun in the same time frame. I am in NO WAY in favor of background checks to get a firearm. I don’t like it at all. As an American I’m guarantee’d certain rights. MY RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS NOT UP FOR NEGOTIATION! That being said, we’re in a different world…

We live in a world that is very gray now. It’s not as simple as it used to be and people are far more stupid than they’ve ever been. We can thank our education system and the political class for dumbing down our nation. BUT perhaps common ground is achievable if we did some basic things.

I would give in on the background checks IF:

Universal Background checks done within 30 minutes and with an APPEAL PROCESS headed up by an entity of ELECTED not APPOINTED judges to oversee complaints by COUNTY not STATE with the power to over ride the Denial of rights in a SPEEDY fashion. From denial to Appeal to Judgement within 30 days. And once you have passed the background check, you are then able to get a concealed carry permit, IF you can pass the TEXAS style CCW tests. This has to be done at federal level so CA and NY can’t deny Americans their rights any more.

Democrats give on the VOTER ID:

2. VOTER ID. Must provide a VALID ID before voting. PERIOD. IF you aren’t smart enough to get an ID, you can’t be trusted to vote for someone who has the power to reduce or infringe on my rights.

The Democrat party loves to talk compromise, this is a compromise. It’s also one that would never fly with the Al Sharpton/MSNBC fans. And I don’t think the NRA would be happy with the Background checks.

Look, I’d rather be able to walk into a gun store and buy an AR like I buy a box of sinus medication. Matter of fact I’d like to be able to walk into a gun store and buy a gun like I buy a pepsi, but that’s not realistic these days.

Ive floated this idea before and many pro-gunners felt it was giving too much. I agree. But I also know that a background check is quick and easy. I offer NO Compromise on the registration of firearms, No limits on magazine sizes nor caliber. If you pass a background check, you should be afforded the right to own a defensive weapon of your choice (ICBM’s and F-22 raptors not included)

Voter ID needs to be implemented ASAP and if there’s a way we can get it with compromising universal background checks I say LETS DO IT ON OUR TERMS.


Just some late night thinking agree, disagree I don’t care. I just know that our nation has gone off the rails and someone needs to put it back on the track. Some variation of common sense needs to take hold.

California Puts Nail in Coffin

California Puts Nail in Coffin

California is run by Cal State Berkley radical liberals. They are creating a liberal utopia here. It’s been done several time throughout history and NOT ONCE did it end well. BUT here’s the catch: The other nations that fell into chaos,war,genocide didn’t have a mother nation. California has YOU, you being the rest of the nation as it’s fallback. YOU will be responsible for saving California when it fails, YOU will be responsible for the refugees who storm the borders of AZ and NV. Sorry folks, I did my best….

California lawmakers approve measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

In the waning hours of the 2013 legislative session, the Assembly on Thursday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill allowing undocumented immigrants to receive driver’s licenses.

The surprise 55-19 vote moved California a signature away from putting into law a measure that immigrant advocates have sought fruitlessly for years, with past attempts thwarted by legislative vote and gubernatorial veto.

That’s not all folks, California is also raising the minimum wage to 10 bucks, they are banning semi-automatic weapons and increasing taxes on business’s again.. All through a MAJORITY DEMOCRAT state assembly. With Moonbeam Brown at the helm… Whoo Hoo Bankruptcy and anarchy here we come.. Oh wait, there’s more.. We are also letting “Non-Violent” criminals out of prison because we can’t afford to house them. Non-violent being a very subjective term… A couple rapists have been and/or are scheduled to be released very soon. Doesn’t that make you happy? It does me…

I’m happy to vote yes for EVERY liberal pushed bill or proposition now. I want the demise to hasten. I want this state to collapse as soon as possible. I want it to look like Detroit within the next 2 to 3 years. Sometimes you must show and tell IDIOTS the truth. The liberal cockroaches who infest this state have accomplished greatness. Huge debt’s, Corruption, Crime rates, Moral collapse, Economic disaster to name a few… Now, we will add illegal immigrants who can’t speak or read english to the roads, give them ID’s so they may travel freely to do their hard work..

I see in increase in child/women sex trafficking, drugs, gangs, cartel growth here and all legal now… Whoo Hoo… Lets go anarchy! Get er done!

Due Process? Not in CA…

Due Process? Not in CA…

You say “Government will never come and get your guns?” You say “We will fight them” Um, Where are you? Well, I seriously can’t blame anyone for not standing up for these guys, I mean they are mentally ill or have domestic abuse issues or a restraining order… huh?

California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms

Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.

hey knocked on the door and asked to come in. About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms.

This is freedom? This is due process? Armed agents CONFISCATING your firearms based on what a judge in CA decides? No peer review, no jury.. Just a feel good political class who’ve decided THEY can see into the future and take your guns.

This particular case isn’t too troubling because the media says the guy was mentally unstable.. The same media we bash all the time for their biased reporting, but we truth them this time? Odd.

In CA its the beginning. We the firearm owners in this state are fighting a losing battle alone. IF the nation stood with us here and we were able to insert a bit of common sense to the issue and WIN the day HERE, the nation would be safe from this type of tyranny. But alas, we’ll just write CA off and say it won’t happen in my state… Um, when it goes FEDERAL it happens in ALL OF OUR STATES!.

CA is a target rich environment for tyrants. look at Sacramento, look at the standard of living here, the taxes, the unemployment, the crime rate, the gangs the entire state is headed into the shitter at warp speed. And the wonderful political elite are taking your right to protect yourself…

Come on San Andreas, shake the stupid out of this state!

Celebrity Opinions…

Celebrity Opinions…

You know, I’ve about had it with the idiots in hollywood using their status as “Celebrity’s” to opine about politics.. Take Ashley Judd for instance..Please take her and dump her skanky ass in a vat of boiling water…

Then there’s Chris Rock and the entire “Black” liberal crowd.. Not a worthwhile self thinking man or woman among them. But there are PLENTY OF RACISTS AMONG THEM!

Fact is, IF Obama were outwardly WHITE rather than Outwardly BLACK, over HALF of these so called “Tolerant” black folks in Hollywood wouldn’t care less about Obama. They wouldn’t have made half the effort in getting his worthless ass re-elected as they did for their “Brother.” Call it racist of me to point that out? I’m sure you will, but its a damn fact.

Then the other side of the coin is those Hollywood elite’s who opine that I agree with. Take Bruce Willis. While I agree with him, I’m consistent. I don’t like it.

Rob Lowe said it best. Look it up. I’m not linking to anything today.

As far as I’m concerned, if you are getting your moral character and life lessons from celebrities you should be shot out of a cannon into a block wall. You’re too stupid to breed and far too stupid to be sucking up oxygen on this planet.

We’re at a cross roads here folks. Us people, who are old enough to remember the days when your word meant something and your actions backed them up are about outnumbered. We are being systematically replaced by liars, thieves and con-artists. We’re being told WE are the problem and celebrities are helping carry that message.

Be warned America, the path we are on only leads to destruction. There’s no utopia after the fall. There is no camp fire, there is no unicorns and there is no golden rainbow that will show up from policies Obama and his minions create. Only death and destruction of a once great nation come from this path.

History is a great teacher, perhaps you should shut up long enough to learn it.

Gun Shows PACKED!

Gun Shows PACKED!

The crossroads of the west gun show in Ontario CA yesterday was PACKED!  😀

Ontario gun show draws THOUSANDS

View more videos at:


With supply low and demand high, gun owners flocked to the Ontario Convention Center this weekend to stock up on ammunition at the state’s first gun show since a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school reignited the dormant gun control debate and increased sensitivity across the nation to firearms.

Some 6,000 people had filled the center by Saturday afternoon, and more than double that figure is expected to attend the event, which is open to the public and ends Sunday. The massive turnout is something even the Crossroads of the West Gun Show promoter didn’t expect.


California, the land of fruits and nuts according to most people in America. The state of California has that reputation and it has been earned through many ridiculous laws. The State of California has one of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and ranks near the top in gun related deaths. Not surprisingly it also ranks among the top in GANG VIOLENCE.

I didn’t notice anywhere in the story where the guns jumped up and killed a bunch of people. Nor did I see where a mentally ill murderer came in and opened fire.. I may have missed it though.. nope, didn’t happen. Why? Might be because that wouldn’t be too easy to pull off. Even a Gun Show in a state where YOU CAN’T CARRY YOUR LOADED FIREARM is safer than a school? Why? It really is simple.

If you leave five dollars on bench in the park and turn your back, it will be gone. If you put 5 dollars on a bench in a park and don’t turn your back it will be safe. Thieves don’t like challenges any more that murderers like to be murdered. If you are mentally ill and want to kill a lot of people, even though you’re mentally ill you may not be stupid. You’re not going to try and kill a lot of folks if you might get shot before you do it. I just don’t get the argument against that logic.

I’m absolutely happy as shit that many Californian’s are exercising their rights to bear arms. We may need that right before any others in the nation. Remember the “What happens in California happens to the nation” It’s not a joke, it’s not a lie either. MANY of the laws being put forth for the feds are already law here. FIGHT IT!