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The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a … Continue reading

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Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example: My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it … Continue reading

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California Puts Nail in Coffin

California is run by Cal State Berkley radical liberals. They are creating a liberal utopia here. It’s been done several time throughout history and NOT ONCE did it end well. BUT here’s the catch: The other nations that fell into … Continue reading

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Due Process? Not in CA…

You say “Government will never come and get your guns?” You say “We will fight them” Um, Where are you? Well, I seriously can’t blame anyone for not standing up for these guys, I mean they are mentally ill or … Continue reading

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Celebrity Opinions…

You know, I’ve about had it with the idiots in hollywood using their status as “Celebrity’s” to opine about politics.. Take Ashley Judd for instance..Please take her and dump her skanky ass in a vat of boiling water… Then there’s … Continue reading

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Gun Shows PACKED!

The crossroads of the west gun show in Ontario CA yesterday was PACKED!  Ontario gun show draws THOUSANDS View more videos at:   With supply low and demand high, gun owners flocked to the Ontario Convention Center this weekend … Continue reading

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Here Comes Feinstein’s Gun Control

Okay folks, we knew it was going to happen. Most of us KNEW the democrats would be coming after guns in Obama’s second term. You might say, “Hey, if it wasn’t for Newtown they wouldn’t be going after them” Really? … Continue reading

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California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

As free thinking people in this state thought would happen, it is happening. Prop 30 will force the golden goose’s ass to pucker up tight. New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus A vote last month … Continue reading

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