Wisconsin COWARD Shooter’s Girl arrested.

Wisconsin COWARD Shooter’s Girl arrested.

So the authorities have arrested the ex-girlfriend of the coward who shot up the Sikh’s.

Wis Sikh shooters Ex Girlfriend arrested

OAK CREEK, Wis., Aug. 8 (UPI) — The former girlfriend of Oak Creek, Wis., Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page was arrested on suspicion of being a felon possessing a firearm, police said.

Misty Cook, 31, of South Milwaukee, Wis., was arrested after police found a gun at her apartment, which she shared with Page until they broke up in June and he moved to nearby Cudahy, Wis., police said.

She cannot legally possess a gun because she has a previous felony conviction for fleeing and eluding police in Milwaukee County.

Now I really don’t give a crap about this story other than the firearm confiscation:

I don’t like guns being confiscated from legal gun owners. She’s a felon in possession of a firearm that’s a no no. IF she was found to be in possession at any other time, I’d be okay with it. But because of her PAST relationship to this coward they charge her with this crime?  Not that I pretend to know everything about this case, on its face I have an issue with it.

Think about it. Many of you have “Ex’s” Your “Ex” goes out and kills someone. They raid YOUR house and find something you shouldn’t have, maybe some “Illegal Wood” (Gibson) “A firearm that maybe isn’t registered” (MANY in CA I’d bet) Would you be okay with it?

Let me be clear here (In my best Obama impersonation) I am NOT Anti-COP and I am not saying cops did anything wrong. I’m saying the “Dept of Justice” have earned extreme scrutiny in cases of firearm confiscation. IF you don’t have the guts to ask, you may find yourself asking from the other side of the table.

From the story: “In fact it would be accurate to describe our relationship with her as openly hostile since 2008,” the group said in an e-mail. “She is not a Volksfront member, associate or supporter in any way.”

Now if this “Woman” was still involved with the shooter and his “Volksfront” cronies then perhaps confiscation is a good idea. She has an OPENLY HOSTILE RELATIONSHIP with Volksfront. She has a gun… Mmm, yeah perhaps a clear cut case of rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I don’t blame her a bit for having a gun. Volksfront isn’t your neighborhood huligan outfit. They don’t play nice. Just like MS13, Crips, Bloods, or any other two bit group of cowards. They need numbers, they need to attack the weak. It’s the way they operate and its obvious the cops can’t protect her. They didn’t protect the Sikh’s.

It’s been 4 years since she had a relationship with the coward. And YES she made the choices that led her to this problem. But I’d argue the Democrats are allowing felons to vote and IMO that is far more dangerous.

I hope this lady doesn’t turn up dead and we find out she would have had a chance had the gun not been confiscated. I would say she made the right choice LEAVING that life. I hope she gets through this okay if she had nothing to do with it.


That all being said, the Sikh’s didn’t deserve this anymore than the Theater shooting victims did. We have a lot of crazy going on in our nation these days and it starts from the top. Leadership of division and class war with a bit of “Victimhood” by every group or cause is becoming the way of life now. Of course our POTUS and his followers won’t take responsibility for any of it, they blame the gun and those who oppose their ideology.

Arm up, load up and prepare for the worst as we hope for the best.

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12 Replies to “Wisconsin COWARD Shooter’s Girl arrested.”

  1. You really went WAY OUT THERE on this one…

    The police found this woman to be in possession of a firearm while conducting a LEGAL investigation… She is a convicted felon… The cops did their job and I am glad they did…

    Sorry Rob, as far as I am concerned, you missed BIG on this one..

    1. I didn’t miss shit. I called into question a few things. I also stated “I don’t like guns being confiscated from legal gun owners. She’s a felon in possession of a firearm that’s a no no”

      The lady has an OPENLY HOSTILE relationship with a gang of thugs. Translation: Green light is probably very bright around her.

      Also stated that I didn’t know everything about the case but on it’s face it needs to be questioned. And I ASKED questions. I also stated I’m not anti cop or law. And had she been carrying or stopped ont he road with it. FINE. To raid her house, find it and charge her smacks of revenge. Since the shooter is dead we need something else. “OH MY GAWD the exGIRLFRIEND of the shooter had a gun” Read the story and it was a past 4 years ago relationship. Those questions haven’t been answered, instead “I missed it?” for asking…

      1. If this blog was a bow and this story was Porky… 😛

        Lighten up man, I was mainly messing with you… Mainly…

        I thought you were saying the COPS got it wrong… Maybe I missed, maybe not… If you weren’t blasting the cops, OK, you got a lot closer…

        No Porky in the freezer but you crippled the little bastard… LMAO 😛

        1. yeah mostly LOL.. And HOW DARE YOU BRING UP MY HUNTING PROWESS!!!! HA! ya bastid. I killed plenty of porky’s in my day.. Just these ones in CA are bit different. You gotta use Starbucks and tofu to bait these fuckers. Not the usual corn mash funky shit..

  2. I think you need to do your research a bit better Robert as this guy was not VF I have been reading news reports on this and they say he was also a hammerskin but Ill tell you now he was defiantly not Volksfront he probably wasn’t even a hammerskin , it was probably not even race related , maybe he just lost it and went on a rampage and the media are trying to make there own version , I’m just saying don’t go naming organizations when you don’t know what your talking about.

    1. Okay Tim, I’m resisting every urge in my body not to call you a dumbass. So realize I’m trying very hard. The STORY I GOT THIS FROM USES VOLKSFRONT a couple of times. Of all the research there’s no connection to hammerskins. His EX has an “Openly hostile relationship with Volksfront” It’s pretty damn easy to connect them dots. But if you have some counter proof I’ll be happy to listen.

      The opinion I posted isn’t really about volksfront. It’s about the confiscation of a firearm and the questions I had surrounding it. She was a felon so SHE BROKE THE LAW. IF volksfront was “Openly hostile” toward me I’d have a gun too, felon or not.

      Now, it seems you have a soft spot for the racist organizations. Be very careful Tim because volksfront/hammerskins/kkk/MS13/Crips/Black panthers I give less than a crap. Come near me with bad intentions you will leak profusely from several new holes in your person.

  3. Hold up there a bit bud I’m not flying half way around the world to find you with bad intentions , I’m just saying he has no ties to volksfront , and through my own research I have found out he was in a couple of bands and played a few gigs with some hammerskins he was no one big and abused alcohol , so he was not volksfront material anyway , and for new hole in my body ! Mate you would want to be a good fucking shot , I’ve never threatened any one with shooting them before , I live in the bush in Australia and pig hunting and shooting I do every night after work if anyone wants to have a crack down the pub it’s done with fists . OFOF

    1. The story Tim says she has a bad relationship with volksfront. That is where I base my opinion on the GUN confiscation issue. Volksfront is not a bunch of choir boys who package food for the poor and walk ol ladies across the street. Evidently you have a fondness for them. I do not. I don’t respect any member of any gang.

      Hammerskins, Volksfront, Stormfront, KKK, NBP’s, MS13, etc can all kiss my well armed DAMN GOOD SHOT ass.

      As far as pig hunting/shooting and what not. Good for you. But I thought guns were illegal in Oz? LOL And I didn’t threaten anyone. I made promise of solution to bad intentioned individuals.

  4. Nah guns are legal here we just can’t have autos and pump shot guns we have to limit ourselves to boltaction and lever actions it’s funny though we can have pump action riffles and lever action shot guns and semi auto pistols . But back to the subject volks front is not a gang maybe jump on the web site and have a look it’s true everything set out in the site is how it really is it has got a bit of a rough history but it has morals and yeah I help old ladies with there shopping I’m your normal working class ,no criminal record citizen , but when some scummy junkie wants change or smokes from me they get told to fuck off real quick and yes I’m slightly racist but that’s an opinion it’s not hurting anyone . But if a black man came up to me on the street and pulled a knife on me and I took it off him and put it through his neck it would be a hate crime ! True ???

    1. Volksfront is not a gang? It must be a group or maybe a coalition? C’mon man. You can’t be pissing on my leg and tell me it’s rain. I’ve been around far too long to to be bullshitted. Now, you realize this opinion I posted has little to do with volksfront don’t you? There’s a reason behind the GUN the lady had. Yes she was a felon. In our nation FELONS lose their rights to own guns. I’m FINE WITH THAT too. What I don’t like is a search warrant of a person because an EX of 4 years did something stupid. Had they found this lady in possession of a firearm during normal operations I wouldn’t even know much less care. This particular incident worries me because of the implications it sets for others.

      My example is valid and it could happen to any of us who may have an ex.

      Then to top it off its found out that there is a potential danger to her from a GANG of “choir boys” That’s my basis for concern over the gun issue. Other than volksfront being a catalyst for her defense. I don’t really give a damn who or what Volksfront is or does.

      In your example, if some black guy tried to stick you and you didn’t stick him first I’d say you suck at self defense. I’d also say the same if a white/asian/brown guy tried to stick you. To me, the intention is the problem not the color of the attacker.

      Another thing: Crime of passion or hate crime. “I was passionate with my hate for that race” is not a valid defense. Just sayin.

  5. If she was a felon and had an illegal firearm it could be for many reasons here in oz we used to have semi auto riffles and pump shotty’s but we had the port aurthor incident which fucked our gun laws . And I had an ex last year who turned to drugs and crime I left her and took our 1 yr old son because it was not safe for him to live there and three weeks later the cops were at my place to collect my fire arms saying that I bashed her and all her friends she had at her house one night . But luckily for me I went through 4 months of court and I now have my son full time she is not aloud to have him back for 2 years and I have all my guns back she has done a bitof time here and there since then for other related scallywag behavior and I still cop a bad name for it . But it was funny to see she had no witnesses and 1 of the people she said I bashed at her house went witness for me . I guess if you do things by the law you won’t losse your guns and there not something you have for protection but don’t get me wrong I guess if some tried to do a home invasion on me I would shoot them dead on the spot to protect my son , but the laws are different over here we have slot of lebonese and Sudanese gangs here all refugees who decide to sell crack and shoot eachother up in shopping center car parks , a bloke I knew was driving his semi through Sydney one night and coped a stray bullet which killed him , it came from 2 Lebo gangs having a shoot out 100 meters away in a car park and they beat murder charges because they wern’t shooting at him and got a lessor sentence because the were refugees , I say send the fuckers back with nothing.

    1. That’s kind of my point. You didn’t do anything someone else whom you had a relationship says or does something why should you be harassed? If there is no evidence you had anything to do with whatever. INVESTIGATE, Absolutely. But to charge this woman who they would NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT if her ex wasn’t a coward and shot up a temple is fucked up IMO.

      As far as your story of the truck driver, I don’t like the idea of sending them home after something like that. I also don’t like supporting their ass in prison with my tax dollars. I’d rather give them a trial if they are found guilty, give them to the family of the victim. Let them deal with it. They can release them, or shoot them in the head or anything in between. But I’m a neanderthal I guess.

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