Why is California so messed up?

Why is California so messed up?

This is hard to watch but it’s a fact. You could go into just about any high school in this state and get the same type answers.


Caution a few bad words are uttered during this debacle.

We spend more money than any other industrialized nation on education, why are our kids so stupid? Here’s a thought, the education system is run by elitist liberal DEMOCRATS, so how do you keep DEMOCRATS in power? You keep the voting public stupid.

Do you honestly believe a company can be successful with employees like these? We blame the politicians and companies for jobs going over seas, how would a company compete with these idiots on their payroll?

The fact is our youth are being fed B.S daily in our schools, and when they get out they are even more idiotic than they were when they went in. And LORD help them if they go to college…The “liberalism” is a disease that has affected this state. It’s too late for California but you of other states can save yourselves…Beware the liberal mental disorder…

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