Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

WOW… Yeah this is a book I want my kids to read in School.


Hear the school board member say: “I’m gonna ask that the language be not mentioned during public meetings. There are young people in this room. It’s inappropriate.”

Hello IDIOT, they are teaching that in CLASS…. Talk about clueless.

Homeschooling never looked so good. I used to think folks that home schooled their kids were over protective nanny’s. No longer do I feel that way. I think every American Parent should make other arrangements for their kids education. Especially in cities of the south west.


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4 Replies to “Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.”

  1. Robert I can tell that you mean well but you and your ilk are 75% of the problem in edu. today. I’m completely against homeschooling and most private schools. Why, because that’s the typical reaction of parents that want better for their children. Take them away from (runaway) from the (any) problem(s) White folks leave the cities when crime gets bad in the neighborhood instead of saying to fighting to rid the city of crime. Therefore crime explodes and slums expand then the white folk (temporarily safe in the burbs say) “look at all the crime in the cities how terrible. Now the reaction to bad schools or curriculum is to again retreat to private or home schooling. Running away from a problem only allows it to grow to a much larger problem. I figure at some point we will all be moving to Montana ( how far can we run away) then we’ll all say “whatever happened to the America I used to know? Americans must stop running away from it’s problems and face them head on, liberty is not easy, it must be worked at and guarded jealously. First and foremost the schools should teach good American (traditional) citizenship.

    1. Gary, While I understand your comment and trust me anytime there’s a fight to be had I’m in. BUT and this is a HUGE BUT.. The battle is lost, fighting it from under the thumb of the teachers unions as well as the LIBERAL CONTROLLED STATE HOUSES is the definition of insanity. The Japanese hari-kari bombers had a better chance…

      Now perhaps in states that are not as far gone as Kalifornia the fight is far from over and I wish them well. In Arizona there is a GREAT chance for success in the fight because of the LOSS of that fight in Cali. All anyone has to do is point to California’s education system to see the results of a runaway liberal management system. We are dead last in most major categories and first in spending. We are the epitome of failure here as far as public education.

      Homeschooling for us when my kids were in school was not an option. We did other things though. We stayed involved in our kids education, we also PICKED the school we wanted them to go to. We used whatever means at our disposal to do it. That meant LYING on forms, that meant putting our kids in programs that only the school we wanted them to go to offered. That meant sacrificing our time/money/resources to make it happen in addition to the MONEY we already pay in taxes for education.

      You want to talk about a fight? Try educating your kids in California through the public system. Try doing it with WHITE kids who will be going to gang infested English is a second language schools… Then tell me about fighting. All I can say is if you are in a state that is not yet to California’s standards, pray and fight to keep it that way.

      Good luck.

  2. California has completely changed. In the early 80’s the public schools were quite good and my first two daughters went to San Clemente High where drugs were unknown. Then my second two saw a worsening effect. My fifth daughter, I homeschool and do not want her near any public school and 99% of the private ones. I called Croatan HS here in NC and asked if they discriminated against Confederate items and when they admitted they were banned, needless to say, I thought no further of sending my daughter, Dixie there, even though the school is decent, but still full of Marxist PC. No PC which is why Dr. Robinson uses books primarily before 1950 and the results are extraordinary.

    “Responsible For The Education Of Our Children”

    And the country, for all practical purposes, is gone.

    Can This Nation Be Saved?

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