Tonight’s State of the Union…

Tonight’s State of the Union…

I’d rather be butt raped with a cactus than watch the boy king tell me how my country is doing. I don’t need some half ass’d marxist explain to me how we’re “Moving Forward” despite those awful tea party extremists… I don’t need to hear any more lies from the pretender in chief about his policies effectiveness… The proof is the results.

Gas prices setting records, Unemployment going up, Food stamp use is up, poverty is up, our moral fiber going down, our wages going down, our taxes going up, our hero’s being forgotten, our lives being threatened, our kids are in debt, our nation is dying… But this asshat will stand in front of an adoring crowd and speak about “Forward” and “Future”

Let me tell you the future: These sons of worthless bitches are going to make a federal law that bans or severely restrict our rights to bear arms. These bastards under the guise of “What the people want” are about to make MILLIONS of us FELONS with the stroke of a pen.

But don’t worry democrats, you’ll be in great shape when the rail cars fire up.. You’ll be the last ones on the cars.. Aint that great? MORONS!

And just for some really interesting art work.. Here’s the photo we were told not to mess with..

Obama as Chris Mathews sees him:

obamarock photo yN1j0XK_zps3dc795e8.gif

Obama shooting them skeets

obamashoot photo yWj2guz_zpsad32cfd6.gif

What is the most likely result of Obama having a gun

obamadoofus photo vYhspVC_zps70dca425.gif

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