The NSA Scandal

The NSA Scandal

So the latest scandal that Obama is dealing with is the #NSA. Some whistleblower finally came out and told the truth about what is going on. We the people have assumed for a while that the current Government was vindictive and agenda driven. We also knew they would use whatever tools they had to squash any opposition. Gibson Guitars=EPA, Tea Party=IRS, unflattering stories= DOJ etc..

The latest scandal is just another notch on their belt. But and this can’t be said loud enough, I REALLY DON’T CARE that the NSA is snooping. I do care about hypocrisy and double standards. I care about the “Its okay when our guy does it” philosophy. I care about the media covering for one party and using the same policy to destroy another. That is a real problem to me.

This is the reason I hate, seriously HATE the SCFOAMF in the white house and all of his supporting staff. They rode the “We are patriots and want Government out of our lives” tidal wave to success in 08 and have since put the patriot act on steroids and started spying on US rather than enemy.

You want my respect? Your character is the deciding factor. Obama has no character, no integrity, no morals and absolutely no class.

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4 Replies to “The NSA Scandal”

  1. The NSA has been collecting electronic data, of every type, for decades; this is nothing new. I am, however, getting sick of hearing how this scumbag Snowden is some kind of hero for “coming forward.” The douchebag disclosed classified information. He didn’t report wrongdoing through appropriate channels; he went to the damned media. He didn’t even have the balls to accept the consequences of his actions; he fled the country. He, and the media, should not be the ones to decide which of our national secrets to release to the public.
    As for the hypocrisy, that too is nothing new for the current crop of slimeballs in suits. I really enjoyed the video of Obama “debating” himself.

    1. Exactly JJ. And that’s why I’m really not getting into the Hero vs criminal debate. The hypocrisy and double standard is what pisses me off.

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