The American Tea Party… Kudos to ALL.

The American Tea Party… Kudos to ALL.

Have you noticed the switch in DC? Did you notice anything? Before the election in November of 2010. The conversation switched from “Bush did everything wrong, and us Democrats are going to fix it” to “We screwed up the economy and we want to continue spending to get out of this mess”… FAIL

We have a very large movement that’s growing bigger every day. We have the American tea party. The unorganized, leaderless and active AMERICANS that have changed the game in DC. Did you notice?

Obama put up a budget proposal that NOT ONE DEMOCRAT voted for in the senate. It would have continued the spending spree and actually destroyed our nations economy beyond repair. KUDOS to the Dems on avoiding that. Did ya notice that?

Now the TEA PARTY is the source of all anger when Democrats are talking about the house of reps. Did ya notice that?

The Tea party is the force for CHANGE. You don’t have to go to meetings, You don’t have to give money to any faction of the tea party. You don’t even have to associate with any leader of any faction of any state or city or towns tea party. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE A TEA PARTY SUPPORTER! That’s me.

There are some idiots in the tea party. There are some HERO’S in the tea party. The most part of the tea party are AMERICAN ACTIVISTS. And I support them FULLY.

The tea party has kicked DC in the nuts for ALL of us. Regardless if you have an issue with anyone in the tea party or any chapter. The TEA PARTY AS A WHOLE HAS DONE MORE IN 3 YEARS THAN ANY LEFTY GROUP EVER!

We the supporters of the American Tea Party, the active members, those who have ever carried a sign at a rally, those who put signs in their yard, those who VOTE with a tea party principles in mind, ARE WINNING THIS FIGHT! Do not give up, keep the pressure on.

Now the caveat.

The tea party has a lot of seniors in it. This is why the POTUS said S.S checks wouldn’t be going out if a deal was not made. He knows SENIORS are the majority of Tea Party’rs. How did you seniors like that?

The real issue is for the seniors. Will you accept something that hits your pocketbook as a compromise? Will you accept NOTHING if it hits you? The seniors must be willing to take a hit and stand with those they help elect. The fact is the budget mess is going to hit seniors a bit. It’s going to cause some pain to some. Are you a hypocrite or an American? Do you believe we need to do it now to help our grand kids, and kids? IF the new Republicans want to reform medicare and medicaid and it costs you 20 bucks more a month will you drop support for those supporting that bill?

I ask these questions because my hypocrisy meter is being pegged by some of the “Seniors” who are/were Tea party members. I also know that most say “Take the abuse and fraud out of welfare and medicaid first” which is a logical request. I just want to know exactly how much “pain” is acceptable to fix this nation? IF you are a senior and bitch about socialism, medicare is a socialist tenant. Fact. We also have paid into it, so it’s expected to be there for us when we need it. Fact. So let’s not throw out our reps if they are trying to fix the budget by including MINOR cuts to our benefits. We can set a very HIGH standard if WE are willing to “Deal with” some MINOR frustrations NOW rather than our kids being denied the same benefits when they need it.

I ask for understanding, I ask for cooperation with your NEWLY ELECTED House Reps. When they are called “Medicare Killers” even though it’s a damn lie. The assault is on and you are the target. Seniors are the targets of the Obama administration. They are trying to paint your reps as the ones that want to hurt you. They are actually trying to save the program. Please stand.

Stand tall and tell them We Support you. Stand tall and let them know we will remove them if they falter. Stand tall.

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