Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Evidently I am missing something. The Texas state legislature has voted to end abortion after 20 weeks. What is 20 weeks? 5 months. What is 5 months? Over HALF of the total pregnancy time. So Texas has said you must decide to kill your child before 20 weeks of your pregnancy and this is wrong?

I am PRO-LIFE the opposite of which is PRO-DEATH. I am anti abortion the opposite of that is PRO-ABORTION. This can be difficult to understand I guess. I believe women do have a right to choose what happens to their body. I believe if a women allows a man to do her, she made the first choice. If she chooses to allow that man to do it unprotected, she made another choice. If she chooses to not to take precautions on her own, she made that choice too.

A woman who becomes pregnant after the CHOICES she already made then she has another choice the very next morning. There’s evidently a pill for that… Good or bad, its not important for this exercise.  Then, if she chooses NOT to do the “Morning after pill” and waits a week or two, she has another choice- Abortion (Which I don’t agree with, but its currently an option) So up to week 19 in TEXAS women have a total of 6 CHOICES she could make. Actually SEVEN because if you choose to wait until 20 weeks you have made a CHOICE to do NOTHING! That is not the BABY’S FAULT!

Why is this even a topic? ANY NORMAL THINKING HUMAN BEING has got to be seeing this clearly. We have Wendy Davis (D-BabyKiller) and her minions rioting because they want another CHOICE? They want to kill a 21 week old child? They want the right to kill a child in the womb over HALF of its incubation time? WHY IS THIS EVEN A DISCUSSION?

I would say after 3 weeks, if you haven’t made up your mind, you should be locked up and cared for until baby is born, baby given up for adoption and you sent to an island in Siberia because YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO BREED!

The world we live in is upside down. We have a PRO-LIFE stance for everything from lizards to endangered plants. But PRO-DEATH of our kids is okay? WTF?

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