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My ticket for 2012

In any order. See the Red phone? That’s the “Shit’s about to break loose” phone.

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Ted Nugent: I Should Have Known Better

I’ve been reluctant to post anything about this incident, but since the anti-hunters, anti-Nugent forces are all aligning to pile on, I figured I should weigh in. Here’s the deal: Aug. 13–Rock star and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent was … Continue reading

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Recovering from the MAYHEM of the NUGE!

Well, the wife and I spent last evening in Anaheim. The night started at a place called Tortilla Jo’s for a tribute to fallen soldiers: Rick Centanni and Robert J. Cottle Rick was killed in action March 24, 2010 when … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Speaks the Truth

This my friends is TRUTH, it’s undeniably factual and it’s one of the reason I’m a big fan of this man. An avid hunter, activist and NRA board member among other things. Ted Nugent get’s under the liberpukes skin and … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent’s got it RIGHT again!

Tell me this isn’t plain enough for even the biggest libberpuke on the block! NUGENT: Build cages – the street rats will come Solutions for government-engineered recidivism My job for the past 45 summers has been to rock ‘n’ roll … Continue reading

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Profiling is GOOD! Common Sense

Common Sense! PROFILE OR DIE by Ted Nugent Word on the streets of our otherwise quiet little neighborhood is that random packs of Dalmatians have been attacking kids all over town. Numerous eye witness reports, video, citizens’ testimony and documentation … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Kill the Pigs

Yep, this is why I’m a fan of the “NUGE”. Unafraid, tell it like it is and let the sheep the deal with the aftermath! Kill the pigs in November at the balot box!

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A fairy Tale for you all

I’m a member of a forum hosted by Ted Nugent (Yes, the Patriotic, Rock and roller, NRA board member, 2nd ammendment activist, CONSERVATIONIST, with skills unrivaled in the area of Bow hunting, and die hard gun enthusiast. The guy is … Continue reading

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