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Scalia passes and GOD weeps.

Scalia passes and GOD weeps.

First, my sympathies for Justice Scalia’s family. They lost a loved one.

Second, My sympathies for America, We lost a great man.

Let me simplify things now:

Ruth Ginsberg (Leftwing hack activist) SCOTUS Judge will likely be the next to leave the bench. Either because mental capacity is so diminished she can’t wipe herself anymore or by coroner. (I will not celebrate her passing the way leftists do over Scalia’s) The next POTUS will be appointing someone to fill her seat. If Obama appoints the next one and the RINO R senate accepts it, like they have everything else Obama wants, court goes 5-4 LIBERAL until Ginsburg steps down, then POTUS appoints another one. If it’s an R court goes back to 5-4 in Americans favor. If Hillary it stays 5-4 Liberal activist.

The stakes are this simple:

Best case scenario: Republican senate blocks any appointment by Obama. Trump or Cruz win in 2016, appoint Scalia’s replacement, And they’re confirmed by Republican Senate. Then Ginsburg goes, and POTUS gets to appoint another one. The Sotomayer/Keagan appointments by Obama are rendered moot with the court split going from 5-4 favoring Constitution (MOST of the time) to 6-3 Just like that.

Worst case scenario: Obama gets another appointment through, Hillary or Sanders appoint one to fill Ginsburg and the court goes LONG TERM Leftwing ACTIVIST JUDGES by 5-4.

Anything in between is as just as bad as the worst case IMO.

Pray hard for the nation, pray hard for the senate to grow a pair and that American voters will wake up and see their votes have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES THIS YEAR LIKE NO OTHER!