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Sarah Palin..My Views

Ok, let me set the record straight on my Sarah Palin view. I personally like this lady. Perhaps it’s because liberals hate her, perhaps it’s because she is a hunter, an outdoorsWOMAN. Perhaps it’s because she actually seems very down … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin outfits vs Joe Biden’s experience?

I just got around to watching Sarah Palins interview with Sean Hannity.. YES I will admit it that it was a journalistic POWDER PUFF interview.. Continue reading

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Ted Nugent for Sarah Palin…And MORE! Go Ted

Ted Nugent in an interview with the some reporter and posted on the “Village Voice” “I can’t wait to hear how you translate this in the Village Voice, cause them motherfuckers need this.” VV: How do you think the presidential … Continue reading

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Too Angry for words.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am just a bit too angry to post… The reasons: The bailout AKA Socializing America, Barrack Hussein Obama making it even more likely that we will be a socialist country by the end … Continue reading

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Palin vs Biden, Close but Palin wins by MOST accounts.

This was the debate I really wanted to see. Sarah Palin looked good, confident and prepared. So did Joe Biden, but with Biden it was expected, 30 years of Congressional Experience gives you an edge in debates. The problem with … Continue reading

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