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Ted Cruz opens 2016!

Ted Cruz opens 2016!

There are NO PERFECT PEOPLE on this planet. The last perfect person to live here? it didn’t end well… That being said, the GOP field is full of NOPE’s.. Now there’s HOPE.


There will be the usual “Paulinistia’s” that will be descending upon websites that don’t worship the “Paul’s” so in my best Kanye voice.. “Imma let ya finish but I’m not hearing the paul shit this year” If you’re a “Paulie” you must be thrilled with Obama’s foreign policy… Nuff said.


But back to REALITY.. Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the only GOP candidates so far that I would consider casting a vote for. Right now, my preference is Ted Cruz. The reason is simple: Ted Cruz shut down the government (Mike Lee, Rand Paul helped) Ted Cruz took the brunt of the criticism, Ted Cruz didn’t deflect blame, Ted Cruz took it, Ted Cruz stood on principle and shit on the GOP elites while doing so. Ted Cruz told the media FU when they said it would crush the Republicans in 2014. How did that work out? 2014 LANDSLIDE VICTORY by Republicans. Just sayin.


Ted Cruz shut down the government, is the cry media/liberals and Democrats alike are screaming right now. Let that sink in. Ted Cruz saw the GOVERNMENT as enough of a problem for America that HE SHUT IT DOWN. for a brief time. Ted Cruz at least recognized that GOVERNMENT was the problem, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren all want MORE GOVERNMENT… How can you not back Ted Cruz if you’re over 30, work for a living and have an IQ over 30?


I will not be changing my mind over a vote or two Ted Cruz cast as senator. I will not be swayed by a misplaced word in some random speech.. Ted Cruz has earned my respect with his actions, his statements are aligned with most conservatives.

ted cruz


I do welcome any debate with liberals… Because “RACIST” if you don’t agree with me about Ted Cruz, you know he’s got a Cuban Father? =MINORITY! Protected class…. Maybe he’ll wright “Dreams of My Father” and get a nobel prize for his speeches too.. just sayin.


We have a choice America, we can let Media liberal elites, Big money Repubs and Dems pick the challenger to Obama’s 3rd term candidate or we can pick our own. Last 3 POTUS elections, Media/GOP picked and they didn’t work out too well.

Another Debate… Obama gains a point…

Another Debate… Obama gains a point…

Well since the GOP hopefuls can’t seem to understand WHO the real enemy is, tonight will be another victory for Obama. Yeah that’s some serious cynicism.

Romney the front runner who I will be FORCED to vote for in the general election, will be on the defensive. Newt, who I would feel a LITTLE bit better about having to vote for in the general election will be throwing some bombs at Mitt, Santorum and Paul. Paul, who I WILL NOT VOTE FOR if he is the the GOP nominee, will also be throwing bombs at Mitt, Newt and Santorum. We will hear all about how Newt, Mitt and Santorum are less than conservative and how ALL of them are not as conservative as Ron Paul.

Newt will take on Mitt’s record, Mitt will take on Newt’s record, Santorum will take on Newt and Mitt’s record and Paul will claim they are all just status quo..

Perry? Well, I think he could turn heads and come out real good tonight if he does what I’ve said they all should be doing. Comparing their record against Obama’s record. Highlighting the differences between them and Obama, Voicing their ALTERNATIVE plan for America rather than attacking each other.

The GOP faithful have a real problem in 2012. Once these clowns get done abusing themselves, there’s going to be a rude awakening for them. Abusing your competitor with cheap shots and untruths is not going to garner you the supporters of that candidate in the general election. Let me tell you this. I’ll vote 3rd party before I vote for Paul and that’s because of his supporters and his attack ads he’s ran against the others. And if Mitt Romney doesn’t stop lying in his attack ads I’ll change my mind on voting day.

I’m sick of the B.S. ALREADY. We’re going to hear enough LIES in the general election the REPUBLICAN primaries should be a much more civil affair. The lies and stretches of the truth to make a point tells me YOU WANT THE JOB too bad.

As I’ve said before. We the people have a chance to change the country back to the principles it was founded upon. We can’t afford Obama for another term. We the people DO NOT HAVE THE BEST MAN/WOMAN for the job running this year. The best we have in my opinion is Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry. Newt would do well to pick Rick Perry as VP or flip it. Perry could handle himself against Biden. Newt can handle himself against Insane Obama. Newt has done things that pisses conservatives off. But one thing nobody understands is HE GOT THINGS DONE. He’s also ran the most positive campaign of the bunch.

Santorum? Yeah his jobs record is abysmal and it makes Obama look like Reagan.

Paul? 14-464-1 You know what that is right?

First let’s see just how long Ron Paul has been in congress for his latest stint. Currently Ron Paul is serving his 8th term as a Representative
from Texas, a total of 14 years.

In total, he has sponsored 464 bills

105th Congress – 32 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

106th Congress – 51 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

107th Congress – 64 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

108th Congress – 68 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

109th Congress – 71 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

110th Congress – 70 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

111th Congress – 61 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

112th Congress – 47 Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul

Now to see how successful he was with all these bill he sponsored and introduced. Let’s look at how many bills he has sponsored have been passed and
enacted into law.

105th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

106th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

107th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

108th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

109th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

110th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

111th Congress – 1 Bill Passed by Ron Paul

112th Congress – 0 Bills Passed by Ron Paul

22 (14 on the current stint) years in congress, 464 bills sponsored, 1 sponsored bill passed… Leadership? not hardly. What was that ONE bill he sponsored that passed? Oh it was to donate some land for historical reasons in his home state…

That my friends is the facts. The entire GOP is about to hand the nation over to Obama on a silver platter. IF the next couple months the “Also rans” don’t start getting out of the race we’re going to be splintered and it’s going to be Obama FORE MORE!

Get your heads out GOP and let’s win this thing.

Who Really Won the GOP Debate Last Night?

Who Really Won the GOP Debate Last Night?

Well, I gotta say the TEA PARTY won that debate. Mmmm. Think about it.

The Questions the moderator asked were pretty much “Gotcha” questions for the CNN audience. Along with the “This or That” pretty much sums up the intelligence of the CNN audience. Regardless of the questions, or the dumbassery of the moderator, the TEA PARTY took a giant step forward in the debate. Why you ask? Simple… They all moved RIGHT. The entire field because of the addition of Bachmann, Cain and Paul moved RIGHT.

Newt, Romney and Santorum all had to make statements that basically contradict their past records. They know that in order to have a chance in 2012, they must offer America a choice. Dem or Dem light is NOT A CHOICE. The Republicans are on solid ground, they have a chance to actually regain power and prove they have learned from their mistakes.

All they have to do is keep the basics at the forefront. The basics are what works, it’s what has always worked and will continue to work. You must get the government out of our lives, you must lower the burden on the people and increase the responsibility OF the PEOPLE.

All of the candidates on the stage talked a good game. Any of them would be better than our current POTUS. We have a choice to put the BEST of the bunch against Obama lets not pick wrong. As of right now I’m endorsing Bachmann, Cain and to tell you truth Tim Pawlenty would be fine with me too. Now if Rick Perry runs, he’s added to the list.

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Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Since I’m seriously unhappy about the current field of the GOP Presidential race. I thought I’d take a shot and finding GOOD things about them and trying to mold a perfect candidate.

Let’s start with Mitt Romney: His best assets are he’s well known, his experience and his appearance.

Newt Gingrich: Um, well he’s very well known. He’s also got a lot of connections in the beltway.

Ron Paul: His fiscal discipline is pretty much unrivaled in his votes, his disgust for the fed.

Herman Cain: His business sense, his stance on Israel, his newness.

Tim Pawlenty: His experience, his record, his stance on Abortion.

Gary Johnson: Um… Well.. There’s….Um… Whew. Can’t find much positive there.

Tom Miller: Well he’s a career flight attendant, and he wants small government.

Rick Santorum: He’s a good speaker, seems to be pretty articulate and knows the issues.

For shits and giggles lets throw in some “Potential” candidates:

Michelle Bachman: A woman, a staunch conservative, fiscal hawk and pro Israel.

John Bolton: Experienced in REAL WORLD affairs, tough on anti-Israel opponents

Paul Ryan: Fiscally superior to ALL in the running right now. Smart and articulate.

Sarah Palin: Female, HOT, Very pro-military, very pro-Israel, pro-second Amendment, Pro Hunting.

Rick Perry: Pro 2nd Amendment, Good record running Texas, is a Texan.

Now lets build the perfect candidate:

The perfect candidate would have ALL the best parts of the above with NONE of the baggage or record of idiocy that some of these have.

The perfect candidate would be:

A very hot, well known, Jewish black woman gynecologist who ran her own business, sports  a gray mustache and perfect black hair, was a very articulate speaker, against abortion, was pro-second Amendment, was born in Texas, hunted big game, traveled the world,  and had several connections in DC…

Needless to say that is not going to happen so the best we can hope for is the one person I left off the list. Allen West.

One things for sure, if we wait for the perfect conservative candidate we’ll be always waiting. IF we don’t pick a decent one Obama will get 4 more years to destroy 200 years worth of progress…. 3rd world nation status is assured if Obama gets another term.