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Sarah Palin: Reconsider?

Sarah Palin: Reconsider?

Found at “The Other McCain

first let’s go to the video:

Well done video. Will it help? Um NO.

Look Sarah Palin draws huge crowds, she’s got a real down homesy type delivery that some people like. Some people are turned off by it. Just like ALL the candidates there’s a lot not to like about her. I LOVE the lady’s outdoor lifestyle, I love the fact she’s a 2nd amendment proponent. I love her patriotism. I love that she looks damn good in a skirt. But the ship has sailed on her candidacy for POTUS. She’s missed way too much.. Or has she? Could this have been the plan all along?

There’s as many people in America who would never vote for her as there is people who won’t vote for Romney, Paul, Cain etc… The question here is can Sarah Palin get enough support in a short period of time to knock Romney off the top spot? Could she pull enough of the Republican base to the polls to unseat Obama?… Who knows. I don’t think she’s going to run at the top. She may offer an endorsement and if she picks Newt or Perry it will help. IF she picks Bachmann, Cain or God forbid Romney it’s over and expect 4 more of Obama. Bank on that.