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What’s the problem with liberal policies?

Democrats propose 1.9 Trillion Dollar Debt ceiling Russia diversifies into Canadian dollars Russia to boost navy over U.S. missile plans… Russia says to start Iran nuclear plant in 2010… China’s growth accelerates to 10.7%… Just a few headlines of the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Cabinet

HT to Ol Broad again.. Man, she gets the best toons. What you don’t see is the front of the table, seat fillers would be Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jack Murtha,¬† Howard Dean, Louis Farrakhan, and Barney Frank…SCARY to say … Continue reading

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Do the facts really matter?

This was posted in it’s entirety because it was too good to break it up. Do Facts Matter? By Thomas Sowell Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all … Continue reading

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