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Obama’s logic?

The American Government under George Bush’s leadership went to war with Iraq, we’ve spent the last 7 years trying to bring democracy to that country. George Bush saved Millions of lives because of his actions. Had he not acted against … Continue reading

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Obama’s accomplishments?????

Found this stumbling across the internet and couldn’t contain myself…. :rotflmao: My answers to the good Professors warped sense of Obama’s success’s are in Bold From the daily kookoo’s “Professor Watson writes Hi friends, I am always being asked to … Continue reading

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Obama the GREAT LIAR!

Lets see, Obama has made many statements through the teleprompter over the last year: Obama said “My administration will be the most transparent ever”…A LIE! Obama said “There will be no lobbyists in my administration”….A LIE! Obama said “I will … Continue reading

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The Messiah at the UN

After watching the speech by our moron in chief I couldn’t help but notice how everything America has ever done was bad, I felt dirty. I felt as if I needed to get clean and confess my transgressions. I felt … Continue reading

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Under the Obama Bus!

Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while….Well except for Pelosi’s news conference.

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The B. Hussein Obama Saga Continues..

From TexasFred Stolen in its entirety with permission of course. Senator Obama Signed a Contract with the Chicago Socialist Party Everything on the Post Below is Hyperlinked to a site within the Chicago Democratic party archives, there is no conjecture, … Continue reading

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