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Robert Gates Told Truth…

On one hand, Bob Gates tell all book is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, any REAL American who does their own research on media reports knew most of what Gates said. Now I … Continue reading

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Why George Bush was Wrong

George Bush was 100% better at POTUS’ing that our current PRETENDER to the throne. The King, Dear Leader, the supreme being that is known as Barack Obama isn’t fit to carry George W Bush’s coat and that is about as … Continue reading

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You know it’s bad…Obama owes Bush BIG TIME!

Since when are Liberals OKAY with shooting an unarmed man in the face? That’s where the discussion has gone now. Let’s concern ourselves with HOW Osama was shot. Let me be clear, I don’t give a damn if Osama was … Continue reading

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Why does Obama Golf?

So I was listening to the local news today and were talking about Obama and his golf outings. Now, I’m a golfer so I understand the lure of the links. But I was not elected to run a nation. Obama … Continue reading

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Terrorists from Gitmo coming to city near you.

A TERRORIST walks into an army office and kills 13 people, he lives after being shot. We have just had a week of observance for the veterans that have sacrificed damn near everything to keep us safe, and now our … Continue reading

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Deja-Vu… Democrat in office.

Lets see, Russia is going to help Venezuela go Nuclear….Hmm, eerily similar to the Cuban missile crisis. I wonder if our current libturd will have the balls to handle this crisis before we have to really deal with it when … Continue reading

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