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Robert Gates Told Truth…

Robert Gates Told Truth…

On one hand, Bob Gates tell all book is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, any REAL American who does their own research on media reports knew most of what Gates said.

Now I do have to ask though, what took so long? Yes, he finally said what we all knew and I’m grateful he finally did. But he served many years under this pretender to the throne. He had many opportunity’s to remove himself from such a farce and stand up. He chose not to and became part of the farce.


Evidently, this is what happens to you when your head is pulled from your anal cavity at a high rate of speed. You end up with whiplash.

There’s a couple ways to look at the reasons he may have stayed.

1. He felt leaving would allow WORSE person to be installed and then there’d be NOBODY looking out for the boys. Which is one consideration I would have. Anyone who has ever been in a situation of leading people when a change of management happens can relate to that feeling.

2. He thought he would effectively end his career with Obama’s henchmen pulling every trick in the book to ruin his legacy.

3. He was threatened, promised, “Nudged” to “Compromise” for the better of the nation…. And fell for it..

Personally, I hope it was #1. I really hope so. But I don’t know for sure. We never will.

I’m real glad that the Mainstream Media has had to cover it, in their biased usual ways of course but at least they are having to acknowledge that Robert Gates book is the truth. They are deflecting, they are trying to use the “But’s’ and the “What about this that and the other” but they have yet to challenge the Gate’s views.

Side note:

This blog will likely be more quiet than it has been lately. Taking some time off for some personal things. I’ll be checking in once in a while, if I don’t get to your comment or approve new ones right away, please be patient. I’ll get to it ASAP.

Stand up folks, be safe, keep your eyes open and your hearts full. America aint dead yet.


Why George Bush was Wrong

Why George Bush was Wrong

George Bush was 100% better at POTUS’ing that our current PRETENDER to the throne. The King, Dear Leader, the supreme being that is known as Barack Obama isn’t fit to carry George W Bush’s coat and that is about as nice as I can say it. But and this is the BUT that is the difference between George W Bush being a good president and a GREAT one. George Bush pushed AMNESTY without Border security too.

The Republicans, during George Bush’s last term successfully stopped the AMNESTY bill. That bill was sponsored by newly elected majority leader in the senate Harry Reid. Remember, in 2006 both the house/senate went majority Democrat. George Bush helped push the bill with Kennedy/Kyle and several other of the same RINO’s pushing the currentAmnesty. McRino (McCain) And GrAmnesty (Lindsey Graham) Were on board as usual. This bill failed and rightly so.

We the people stopped the AMNESTY bill in 2007. It essentially ended any chance of George Bush being thought of as a GREAT PRESIDENT on his own. NOW however in comparison George Bush looks almost Saint-Like.

Here we are now and our only hope of not seeing AMNESTY ruin a fragile nation is John Boehner. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you haven’t been paying attention to the house of representatives.

George Bush did a lot of great things, he wasted a great legacy on the 2007 AMNESTY push.  He gets the blame for the economic collapse by people that also claim the House Republicans are the reason we haven’t recovered. How can you have it both ways? In a liberals mind it’s easy I guess. So let me school you folks who keep blaming Bush for the economic collapse.

1. IF George Bush caused the economic collapse, then Obama must be blamed for making it worse for the middle class while making the rich richer.

2. IF the Republicans in the house are the reason Obama can’t fix the economy, then the reason for the economic collapse must be the fault of congress in 2008 it was majority DEMOCRAT.

Pretty simple stuff if your head isn’t up your ass.

You know it’s bad…Obama owes Bush BIG TIME!

You know it’s bad…Obama owes Bush BIG TIME!

Since when are Liberals OKAY with shooting an unarmed man in the face?

That’s where the discussion has gone now. Let’s concern ourselves with HOW Osama was shot. Let me be clear, I don’t give a damn if Osama was shot while holding a little girl, I don’t care if he was unarmed, I don’t care if bacon bits were shoved up his ass and he was dipped in pig fat and lit on fire. I really don’t care if he was “Armed” or not and I certainly don’t care that “Duh Won” gave the order. IF a military member saw Osama bin laden walking down the street, they would have shot his ass. ANY Military member would have. So giving Obama credit for saying “Ok do it” just seems trivial.

Lets take a look at something that makes liberals heads go boom:

George Bush followed Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had de-nutted the American military and the intelligence capabilities to the point of ineffectiveness. In 2001 GWB had to rebuild those assets, prosecute an invasion of a foreign nation, put in place homeland security measures, deal with prisoners, deal with laws regarding governments overlooks. GWB had to have a frazzled intelligence agency decipher all kinds of intel that had sat under the noses of the last administration. Bush had to get all agencies to work together… All while having to kill all the die hard Islamists across the globe… In addition to reforming our military to fight in a NEW type of war.

But Obama comes in and uses everything that had been done in the previous 8 years to put Osama in the sea and says “Look what I did?” To me that’s idiocy, coupled with arrogance.

Tell me this liberal/Progressives… How is it Obama “Inherited” an economy in the ditch because of GWB, but Obama didn’t inherit the information collected by GWB’s policies?

Hypocrisy knows no bounds in the liberal mind I guess…

Why does Obama Golf?

Why does Obama Golf?

So I was listening to the local news today and were talking about Obama and his golf outings. Now, I’m a golfer so I understand the lure of the links. But I was not elected to run a nation. Obama plays golf, takes vacations, throws party’s and spends a lot of time trying to help get the ruling class re-elected. I asked myself why does he do it? Why does he brush off all the nations ills and hit the links? I think I know now.

1. The economy was Bush’s fault, so I’ll play golf.

2. The Wars weren’t started on my watch, so I’ll play golf,

3. The Oil spill in the gulf was not my fault, so I’ll play golf.

4. The issue with McChrystal WAS a direct reflection on me, so I’ll play golf after I fire him.

And the list goes on.

Looking at it like this, it makes sense. Obama and his crew are not responsible for anything ever. IF you place your self in that mindset you can reason away any vacation or trip or golf game in every instance. This is why Obama plays golf….He’s doing everything right in his mind and everyone else is at fault.

Personally I knew that he was this type of guy from go street. He came into office blaming everyone. But news flash bucko, 2 years into your infestation WE ARE WORSE OFF.

I can’t for the life me understand the Republicans, they should be harping on the fact that Nancy and Harry have been in charge for 4 years.

Attention Republicans:

The talking point of the left is “Bush drove the car in the ditch for 8 years” FACT is he drove it into the ditch in five years, he had a lot of DEMOCRAT help for 2 years. (I’m leaving the 1st year off, because Bush had to deal with Clinton’s failures and 9-11, notice he didn’t spend a lot of time blaming Bill Clinton?)

Take the gloves off, call them to the mat and lets get the fight on. Quit pussy footing around and bust someone in the mouth will ya please?

Terrorists from Gitmo coming to city near you.

Terrorists from Gitmo coming to city near you.

A TERRORIST walks into an army office and kills 13 people, he lives after being shot. We have just had a week of observance for the veterans that have sacrificed damn near everything to keep us safe, and now our wonderful douchebag in the White House and his worthless ATGEN are bringing a couple of their brothers in faith in to our country and providing them with the same rights a car thief or shoplifter has….

Something stinks here and I must say it’s coming from DC. I’m absolutely sick over this shit. It’s becoming painfully obvious that the only way out of this mess is going to be very messy. I’m assuming the voting public is as sick over this as I am, and will remove these CRIMINALS from office 2012 if we can’t impeach his sorry ass for treason.

Goat liovn bastards

A picture is worth a thousand words…Not PC, you say? Oh well.

Deja-Vu… Democrat in office.

Deja-Vu… Democrat in office.

Lets see, Russia is going to help Venezuela go Nuclear….Hmm, eerily similar to the Cuban missile crisis. I wonder if our current libturd will have the balls to handle this crisis before we have to really deal with it when a REAL leader occupies the WH…Doubtful at best.

I’ve said it many times before, JFK was a conservative compared to the current idiot in chief…Our future rests in the character and principles of ACORNS head hancho…I’m not optimistic about the outcome..