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Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum bails out of the Presidential run. Personally, I couldn’t get excited about Santorum as a candidate. I don’t think he could have won the general election. I’m pretty sure the script for Obama vs Santorum had already been written and given to the state run media.

This news is kind of a surprise though. I figured Newt would drop out first. He is bankrupt for the most part. Santorum won 11 states in this years primary right? He had good percentage of delegates. I thought he’d be around at least until the California vote.

Well, IF Newt is still on the ballot when my state votes I’ll vote for him. I think Newt can unite the base better than Romney. I think Newt has baggage but I think he’d be a better conservative choice than Romney. Don’t get me wrong I am under NO illusions that Romney won’t be our “Anti-Obama” I know it’s going to be him. I just don’t like it too much.

That being said, I’ll sign up to vote for that which is not Obama come the general election.  We better or we can kiss what’s left of our nation goodbye.