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Wisconsin COWARD Shooter’s Girl arrested.

Wisconsin COWARD Shooter’s Girl arrested.

So the authorities have arrested the ex-girlfriend of the coward who shot up the Sikh’s.

Wis Sikh shooters Ex Girlfriend arrested

OAK CREEK, Wis., Aug. 8 (UPI) — The former girlfriend of Oak Creek, Wis., Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page was arrested on suspicion of being a felon possessing a firearm, police said.

Misty Cook, 31, of South Milwaukee, Wis., was arrested after police found a gun at her apartment, which she shared with Page until they broke up in June and he moved to nearby Cudahy, Wis., police said.

She cannot legally possess a gun because she has a previous felony conviction for fleeing and eluding police in Milwaukee County.

Now I really don’t give a crap about this story other than the firearm confiscation:

I don’t like guns being confiscated from legal gun owners. She’s a felon in possession of a firearm that’s a no no. IF she was found to be in possession at any other time, I’d be okay with it. But because of her PAST relationship to this coward they charge her with this crime?  Not that I pretend to know everything about this case, on its face I have an issue with it.

Think about it. Many of you have “Ex’s” Your “Ex” goes out and kills someone. They raid YOUR house and find something you shouldn’t have, maybe some “Illegal Wood” (Gibson) “A firearm that maybe isn’t registered” (MANY in CA I’d bet) Would you be okay with it?

Let me be clear here (In my best Obama impersonation) I am NOT Anti-COP and I am not saying cops did anything wrong. I’m saying the “Dept of Justice” have earned extreme scrutiny in cases of firearm confiscation. IF you don’t have the guts to ask, you may find yourself asking from the other side of the table.

From the story: “In fact it would be accurate to describe our relationship with her as openly hostile since 2008,” the group said in an e-mail. “She is not a Volksfront member, associate or supporter in any way.”

Now if this “Woman” was still involved with the shooter and his “Volksfront” cronies then perhaps confiscation is a good idea. She has an OPENLY HOSTILE RELATIONSHIP with Volksfront. She has a gun… Mmm, yeah perhaps a clear cut case of rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I don’t blame her a bit for having a gun. Volksfront isn’t your neighborhood huligan outfit. They don’t play nice. Just like MS13, Crips, Bloods, or any other two bit group of cowards. They need numbers, they need to attack the weak. It’s the way they operate and its obvious the cops can’t protect her. They didn’t protect the Sikh’s.

It’s been 4 years since she had a relationship with the coward. And YES she made the choices that led her to this problem. But I’d argue the Democrats are allowing felons to vote and IMO that is far more dangerous.

I hope this lady doesn’t turn up dead and we find out she would have had a chance had the gun not been confiscated. I would say she made the right choice LEAVING that life. I hope she gets through this okay if she had nothing to do with it.


That all being said, the Sikh’s didn’t deserve this anymore than the Theater shooting victims did. We have a lot of crazy going on in our nation these days and it starts from the top. Leadership of division and class war with a bit of “Victimhood” by every group or cause is becoming the way of life now. Of course our POTUS and his followers won’t take responsibility for any of it, they blame the gun and those who oppose their ideology.

Arm up, load up and prepare for the worst as we hope for the best.

The Enemy Within.. Conyers and the DSA

The Enemy Within.. Conyers and the DSA

Congress Critter John Conyers speaks to the Democratic SOCIALISTS of America before the “One Nation” flop.
HT No Sheeples here

The enemy within. Socialism, the same ideology that would have had John Conyers working in a field for his ARYIAN masters. The SOCIALIST Ideology has failed miserably throughout the history of man, yet they keep trying to push that nightmare on the United States of America. John Conyers, speaking to his “Peers” before the one nation rally, excuse me if I missed something but I didn’t see a lot of brothers in that room.

There are real evil forces aligned against freedom and our way of life, at the top of that list goes the DSA. They had the largest contingent of attendees at the one nation farce. Did you notice the first words out of his mouth about who was helping them attain their goal? UNIONS… Uh Yeah, that’s the ticket. When the unions get so big there are no solutions to issues what happens? Take a look a Europe- Greece, Spain and France for example, as well as a few other places that have done exactly what we are trying to stop.

The enemy within is more dangerous than the ones on the outside.

Liberal-Progressive astro turf…

Liberal-Progressive astro turf…

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement when the tea party started their march to retake our nation? What was it.. Astro Turf, Swastika’s?…

Uh No Nancy dear, you are wrong again. It’s your racist bigots that use the Nazi sign to smear opposition. Which is kind of strange…Hitler’s Nazi party is a mirror image of Todays American Progressives, and for some reason minorities keep voting for them…Weird.

This is Debbie Halvorson’s (D-llussional) “Astro Turf,” you will see a member of her staff lead the chants, then retreat back into headquarters.

This is the definition of astro-turf Nancy dear. You will see it again on the national mall when your union thugs and racists take to the grounds.