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Jake Tapper tells it like it is.

Jake Tapper tells it like it is.

Many of us have been witness to the media’s water carrying. We’ve known for many years that if you want facts not spin, you need to research yourself. There’s absolutely no reason to rely on the MainStream Media for your news.  Here’s Jake Tapper on the media bias.

Tapper: Media Failing Country

In an interview with Laura Ingraham, White House reporter Jake Tapper said that the media is failing the country.

“A lot of people are hurting out there. Unemployment is 8.3 percent. That doesn’t even take into account the underemployed,” he said, arguing that too much time has been spent not talking about the economy.

Tapper also criticized the media for not giving enough attention to the war in Afghanistan.

“We are spending a lot of time in the last few weeks, those of us in the political world, political journalists and also politicians, talking about things other than the economy,” said Tapper. “[A] lot of people are hurting out there. I’d like to see more action taken and more emphasis given to this issue.”

Tapper also said he relates to Mark Halperin’s recent comments about the media. Over the weekend, Halperin said, “I think the press still likes this story a lot, the media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants, which is to focus on this.”

“I have said before… [that I] thought the media helped tip the scales. I didn’t think the coverage in 2008 was especially fair to either Hilary Clinton or John McCain,” Tapper said.

On the 2008 coverage, he noted, “Sometimes I saw with story selection, magazine covers, photos picked, [the] campaign narrative, that it wasn’t always the fairest coverage.”

Listen to the full interview here

And he’s right folks. Our media which is supposed to be our eyes and ears has failed us for a very long time. The results are evident in the polls. Barack Obama polling above 30% approval rating is PROOF that the media is complicit in the corruption/incompetence of our government.

When the watchers quit watching and become part of the watched, we have NO RECOURSE but to investigate on our own. We have the tools, the ability and a very loud voice.

You will notice that even the most liberal of media outlets are starting to question their responsibilities. Newsweek? Andrea Mitchel? And some others are starting to ask some “Tough questions” Personally, I think this is a stacking of the deck. They know Obama is vulnerable, he may actually lose the election. Then what? There’s ZERO CREDIBILITY left for the MSM to question the next Republican POTUS on anything of substance. They are going to try to come off as “Fair” so if Obama does lose they can bash Romney repeatedly and say “We did Obama the same way”… LIARS but that’s the plan.

Tell the TRUTH!

Tell the TRUTH!

I’ve posted about the bias in the MSM for many years. There are a couple of outlets that call them on it. There have been video after video proof of bias and yet the MSM or SRM (State run media) has yet to correct their ways. Lately though there has been a notable effort on some stations to appear more centrist. Not that they are mind you, but trying to appear that way.

I found this from the MRC at FoxNation.

The reason we have Obama in office right now is a direct result of the MSM deceiving the public. The truth was out there, but since fox news was the only one reporting it, they were deemed crazy. It’s kind of like the neighbor that has a problem with loud music in the neighborhood and complains, but no one else in the neighborhood does. It’s the basic principle of numbers to get action. The tea party, Neighborhood watches community organizations all understand this concept. The media understands it too. As long as Fox is the only network reporting the problems with Obama and co. Fox comes off as a partisan network or crazy.

One of our biggest challenges over the next couple years and beyond will be to get the MSM to start doing their jobs and reporting facts without bias. We do that just like we have been. Stop watching them. I haven’t watched an alphabet network for years. The reason is they are pushing an agenda and they are ALL doing it. CNN to MSNBC and all of the MSM as well as FOX. BUT FOX has more liberals on their news shows than any of the others have conservatives. IF you look at the payroll of FOX news you’ll see SEVERAL liberals on it. Count the Conservatives on the other networks…

Media needs to be held accountable for their actions. IF you are a liberal watch a way, have fun, feel good and keep your head in the sand. IF you are a conservative, don’t click the channel they are on.

You can tell by the ratings who is the most popular…Fox News, the crazy neighbor.

Media Responsibility.

Media Responsibility.

This will be one of those special rants…So Listen up.

When George Bush was in office, from 2000 to 2008, we had an endless supply of dissenting news casts by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and a few others. We had one channel that we could count on to deliver some supporting opinions as well as a few negatives, arguably a MORE balanced news channel during this time was Fox.  YES, they actually did report some NEGATIVE news on GWB, and they did it openly and on several occasions. I never once heard any news reporter or commentator speak of GWB the way the Alphabet Networks do about Obama.

The reason this is important, and it is a fact that there is a HUGE amount of bias in today’s media, The media is supposed to INFORM, they are supposed to be digging for the TRUTH, they are supposed to be QUESTIONING power and they are supposed to be HONEST.

What I am getting at here is the reason our nation is so divided.

Right now, if you have questions about what Obama and his administration is REALLY up to, you go to FOX news. FOX is actually investigating GOVERNMENT as it should. FOX lost some credibility with me during the 2004-2006 years, when all they seemed to do is carry water for GWB, but later  in 2006, they actually started investigating GWB as they should, and from that point forward they have been fairly decent in their reporting. I know Obama supporters will not agree with that, but I’m sure they believed all the reporting from the alphabet networks were accurate and balanced…Sigh.

Point being; MEDIA is supposed to be our watchdogs. They are supposed to investigate and report. WHEN they quit investigating, and only report in order to keep up with other networks investigations, they do us all a disservice. What we have now is; The MSM is engaged in Obama cheer-leading, and with the NUMBERS of news outlets involved in the cheer-leading vs the ONE that isn’t, we are having a large portion of the voters BRAINWASHED.

People in the inner cities that only watch MSNBC for example, are apt to believe that all tea party’s are KKK members without the hoods. They will believe Arizona’s law requires officers to pull over anyone that has a tan and ask them for papers. They will believe that all churches have removed the Crucifixion symbols and replaced them with Pictures of Obama. These are voters that gave us Obama in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need to shut down MSNBC or any other Alphabet network, I’m saying we need to pressure them to do their damn job. They have a lot of resources, they have the ability to sway opinions of the weak minded (Democrats) and as it sits, they are controlling the message the WH wants out.  This is why we have so much division, it’s not just the messenger (Obama) it’s his spinner division, the alphabet Networks.

We must get the CBS’s of the nation to do their job and actually investigate, report and let the viewers decide the next action. I’m not talking about Glenn Beck,  O’riley,  Chris Tingles or Olberman, they are all COMMENTATORS. IF you have a certain ideological belief, watch those programs, if you want to know how, what , when, and why’s you should have more channels to pick from. We do not have that right now. I can turn on ANY Alphabet network NEWS hour and see exactly how great Obama is doing, and how everything Obama has ever done is perfect…On the other hand I can turn on to FOX and see at least 3 stories of negative stories regarding an Obama action that was never reported on the other channels. WHO does this help? NOBODY!

In Venezuela, the first thing Hugo Chavez did when he got into power was shut down Media stations that investigated his actions. They now have ONE or TWO left that are continuously under siege by Government. Obama didn’t have to use threats or pressure or outright POWER to silence dissenting opinion, he had MOST of America’s media in the tank from the start. All he has to do is keep them there with favors, interviews and perks…

This is a sad state of affairs in our country and I hope the MSM will awaken soon.