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Question: What are American’s Doing?

In 2008 thru 2010 gun and ammo sales went through the roof. American’s have always been fond of their firearms. But the election of a full majority Democrat ruling party in DC tweaked half of America. We were concerned that … Continue reading

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Legislative REDUCED CAPACITY Magazines.. IDIOTS.

Found at “Gotta Get Drunk First” This should put to rest ANY discussion of reduced capacity magazines being a “Public safety” issue. The real issue is when a shooter goes on a rampage it takes cops an average of 6 … Continue reading

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Getting tough on Grafitti.. well sort of.

The cost of getting caught doing graffiti is going up next year. Anyone convicted of vandalism for graffiti causing $400 or more in damage will have to clean up the property and keep it tidy for up to a year … Continue reading

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Graffiti, Vandalism, Gangs or Art

Recently we discussed graffiti, more specifically the up tick in violence between taggers, and gang-bangers versus citizens that are reporting their actions. I had the honor of entertaining some comments on the “Artists” side of the issue: Here are a … Continue reading

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The Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia

Schwarzenegger Terminates Trans Fat in Calif. By MOLLY HUNTER July 25, 2008 — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it official: California will be the first trans-fat free state in the nation. All-natural palm, rice and soybean oils will soon be … Continue reading

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