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Sarah Palin KO’d the Liberal Democrats

Sarah Palin KO’d the Liberal Democrats

Why are we having an election at all?

The Democrat party should defer the election until such time they come up with a REAL PLAN. The Democrat party has pointed out every bad thing America has done, or every bad decision GWB has made. YET they have very few workable plans to repair or “Change” anything.

The Democrats have chosen a platform of “CHANGE” and I think that slogan was muted when Barrack Hussein Obama picked Joe Biden as VP, the “Change” Mantra was thrown out the window.

The facts are simple:

McCain: War Hero, proven character, bucked his party on numerous occasions, has a victory mentality, is pro-liberty and freedom, he is pro-competition and Anti-Taxes.

Obama: Community Organizer, Senator, and he has changed.
Changed his mind, changed his religion, changed his ethnicity… but really hasn’t changed anything else; Obama has voted Democrat in 97% of his votes as senator, yet he is a CHANGE agent? Where is the ability to work with Republicans to create change?

I agree with the vast majority of Democrats that say Washington is broken. I don’t agree that it will be fixed by having more Democrats in office. I believe it will take someone that will work with the other side to accomplish things, and Obama has not done that, he has not led by example, John McCain has.

The best lines of Sarah Palin’s speech was: “Only one man running for President has really ever fought for you”. That is the truth, and there is NO DOUBT who has more character.

We as Americans believe talk is cheap, well at least normal Americans do, maybe not Code Pink and the Berkeley crowd, but most of us know that a record mean more than a speech.

McCain is not my favorite, but he has demonstrated that he is leading by example, that he is walking the talk and that deserves respect.

Obama is saying he will walk the walk but he is closer to Harry Reid politically than he is to Bill Clinton. Obama makes Bill Clinton look like Ronald Reagan and that is not the way America needs to go.

So again, why is this election so close?

Part of the reason is the Media. I watched the speech of Sarah Palin on Fox the first time. I saw camera views of the crowd in the hall showing ALL ethnicities, women and men, young and old, and veterans as well as active military. Then later in the evening I watched CNN’s coverage of the same speech, Camera views of Sarah’s Family, and NOT ONE Diversity view in the bunch unless it was in the background.
CNN made it a point to show mostly the OLD WHITE guys and gals, and the most “Not to bright looking” folks the camera crew could find.

This could be just an opinion or just a slightly tilted view, but I seriously see some back door type “Liberal” media at work. During the DNC, the diversity camera views were front page. During the RNC, they went the other way….



IF there was ever any doubt about the VP pick of Sarah Palin, it should be put to rest NOW. The Democrats are pissin in their pants over this, and the attack machine will be in full on rage. The media will assist the Democrats in the attack, but the AMERICAN Voter will rally around Sarah Palin, she is, as she was expected to be. AWESOME!

Sarah Palin stood strong in the face of the media onslaught, she never blinked. John McCain has gained some respect from me over the last couple of days, he had my respect for his service, but his real quality appears to be in recognizing the needs and acting on that realization.

He recognized Iraq was going wrong, he righted the ship, he recognized that he can’t win the WH without a Conservative base backing him and he picked Sarah Palin. Pandering if you will, but I honestly believe that Sarah and John share some core values that I fully agree with.

IF they win in November, and IF they can turn some things around, then the stench of GWB will be wiped off the party. The border problem will come up again MINUTES after the election, and McCain will need to remember WHO put him there.

The media is all about fairness, and balanced coverage:

But they sure quit talking about the Rev. Wright scandal.. “20 years I listened to that man but never agreed with anything he said”…well at least after he was caught in a lie.. Bull shit.

Media bias, unfair, sexist media coverage… all the tools of the left wing.

Race War Coming

Race War Coming

Some so called columnist named Fatima Ali, that OBVIOUSLY supports Barack Hussein Obama writes:

We need Obama, not 4 more years of George Bush

“If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!”

Well I knew it, I think a lot of folks are thinking it, and I just hope the MAJORITY of Americans are not worried about it. I don’t give a damn one way or the other. If Obama doesn’t win, and some of his supporters start burning and breaking stuff in my area they will be dealt with. IF Obama wins and his supporters start burning and breaking stuff in my area they will be dealt with. I have a BFG and a BFD and the will and ability to use both in defense of my family. (Big F-n Gun, and Big F-n Dog.)

The media is playing it’s usual roll of deflecting questions away from Obama, and right onto Palin, I knew it would happen, and I am extremely disappointed that the major news stations are sucking Obama’s teet as publicly as they are. This will backfire on the Demorat’s and so far the HIGH road is occupied by Palin, and McCain.

The sewer dwellers that are members of CNN, MSNBC, Sorros, KO’s, and HUFPO, will wish they stuck to the issues in November. because attacking the daughter of a candidate shows exactly how “Elite” the Demorats really think they are. Democrats aren’t terrible Liberal’s are, the difference is the Democrats that are sticking to the issues, KUDO’S to you. The Libtards that are all about Palin’s daughter are the Sewer Dwellers.

One other thing:

Has anyone took into account that Anbar has been turned over to Iraqi’s? That is HUGE but th eMSM is not mentioning it? it is going to be US folks, it is going to be up to US the RIGHT side to get the message out because the Media is so far left it will have soluting the “One” in no time.