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The bending line of tolerance.

The bending line of tolerance.

As of right now, the media attention is focused on the position switch of Jerry Brown over prop 8. Jerry Brown is the attorney General of the COMMIE/NANNY state of Kalifornia. I tried to warn folks this was going to happen:

Gay and Lesbians SUCK IT UP YOU LOST

Jerry Brown is and has always been a LIBERAL Piece of SHIT!. Jerry Brown has essentially said WE the PEOPLE mean nothing, his GAY and Lesbian friends are the only voices that count. EVEN THOUGH JERRY BROWN HELPED WRITE PROP 8!

Brown: Invalidate Prop. 8

Saying Proposition 8 violates constitutionally protected liberties, Attorney General Jerry Brown on Friday asked the California Supreme Court to strike down the same-sex marriage ban, even as supporters filed a brief that would erase the legal recognition of couples married before Election Day.

In a brief filed with the high court, the state top’s lawyer argues for the first time that Proposition 8 should be invalidated, saying it is “inconsistent with the guarantees of individual liberty safeguarded” by the California Constitution. Brown had not taken a position on the measure until now.

Jerry Brown you are a worthless coward, you are one of the lowest forms of life on the planet. your duties are to uphold the people’s rights of the state, MY RIGHTS YOU ASSHOLE. I voted to BAN GAY Marriage along with:

The following list comprises a detailed, though not exhaustive, account of the demographics voting Yes on Prop. 8 from the CNN exit poll:
84% of weekly churchgoers – (32% of those polled);[note 1]
82% of Republicans – (29% of those polled);[note 2][note 3]
81% of white evangelicals – (17% of those polled);
70% of African Americans – (10% of those polled);[note 4][note 5]
68% of voters married with children (31% of those polled);
65% of all Protestants – (43% of those polled);
65% of white Protestants – (29% of those polled);
64% of voters with children in household – (40% of those polled);
64% of Catholics – (30% of electorate);
61% of age 65 and over – (15% of those polled);
60% of married people – (62% of those polled);[note 6]
59% of suburban dwellers – (51% of those polled);
58% of non-college graduates – (50% of those polled);
56% of union households – (25% of those polled);
53% of Latinos – (18% of those polled);
51% of white men – (31% of those polled).

Jerry Brown is a two faced SOB, he’ should be impeached and then curb stomped. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE of California, We are in need of HELP to KEEP our rights, We are losing our rights HERE faster than any FAGGOT or LESBIAN community. Our RIGHTS to vote, and have our vote be meaningful. OUR Disenfranchisement in the voting process is the issue NOW. IT is time for a fight a real fight, a fight that will shake this fascist nanny state government up. WE NEED a leader that will UNITE the races and the political parties behind the issue of VOTERS AND VICTIMS RIGHTS!

Jerry Brown is anti-Capitol punishment, he is pro criminal, he is Pro-FAGGOT Anti-WE THE PEOPLE, Jerry Brown is NOW the most hated person in California. My Christmas wish list is now to see Jerry Brown show up at my doorstep. I would love to talk to him for a few minutes.

Jerry BROWN Can kiss my ass, that line of tolerance that keeps bending is at it’s breaking point, when the voters of California wake up and see their vote counts ONLY when the majority votes FOR something that includes more taxes or less morals, and takes to the streets, I might be a happier man. I am thoroughly sick to my gut over the possibilility of disenfranchising the voters in California but no one else seems to see the issue. :hole: