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Israel being drawn into conflict…

Israel being drawn into conflict…

Damn, I should probably think real hard about lottery numbers, maybe “I is psychic!!”

Israeli Tanks Strike Gaza Strip After Mortar Attack

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli tank fire wounded 11 people, including at least six militants, in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday following an attack on an Israeli patrol, the military and Palestinian officials said. One of the wounded later died in a hospital.

The Israeli military said its tanks opened fire after the militants detonated a bomb targeting the Israeli patrol near the border and then fired mortars at the soldiers.

Gaza health officials said one of the wounded militants died and another was in serious condition. Both Islamic Jihad and Hamas militants said they fired mortars at the troops. No Israeli soldiers were hurt.

Israel and Hamas have largely observed an unofficial cease-fire since an Israeli military offensive in Gaza two years ago. But clashes sporadically flare up along the volatile border as Gaza militants fire rockets and mortars into Israel, drawing military reprisals.

As I stated ( A couple of posts down) this is just the beginning. The Iranian ships that went through the Suez canal are suspected of carrying “Rockets and munitions”…Mmm, Isn’t Iran building nuclear reactors? Doesn’t nuclear reactors leave waste? Isn’t nuclear waste on of the main ingredients in a dirty bomb? Of course not… Don’t be silly…. 🙄

Bad part about this entire debacle is America’s complete and total lack of concern for what is about to happen. A dirty bomb in America would be deadly but not devastating. We would still exist and given a strong leader would retaliate with mind numbing violence that the world has never seen. BUT since we have Obama, we’d just take it and ask for another one…because of course it’s our fault.. However; ISRAEL could be “Wiped off the face of the earth” with a dirty bomb or two..

As I said.. Pray for Israel, she is truly alone now.



Iran’s Warships in the Suez…

Iran’s Warships in the Suez…

Let’s see, Obama and our elitists in charge backed the “Democracy Protest” in Egypt. Prior to that event, Iran was barred from traversing the Suez by Egypt. A couple of weeks later, Iran is headed to Syria… Why?

Iran Naval Ships Enter Suez Canal, Says Official — MSNBC. (I wont be linking MSNBC here)

ISMAILIA, Egypt — Two Iranian ships entered the Suez Canal on Tuesday and were heading toward the Mediterranean, a canal official said.

“They entered the canal at 5:45 a.m.,” the official told Reuters. No other details were immediately available.

Israel had said it takes a “grave view” of the passage of the ships — the first Iranian naval vessels to go through the canal since Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

“Israel takes a grave view?” Ya think? This is just a “prod” all Iran is trying to do is deflect attention from protests in Iran. IF Israel sinks those ships (Which I really really wish they would) it could galvanize the Iranians and unify them. Pretty much like 9-11-2001 did in America. IF Israel lets them pass with no issue, then it gives Iran’s idiot some talking points about how the little Satan is ripe for defeat.

The big question is; Why would the military in Egypt allow this? They are supposed to be our “Friends” right? Egypt is going the way of Iran, there is no doubt. Israel is in big trouble, and the Islamic world knows Israel stands alone now. The Islamic world knows they have a limited window of opportunity to act. 2012 will usher in a stronger POTUS here in the United States.


Over the next few weeks, Rocket attacks on Israel are going to increase. Expect to see a fairly large attack on Israel in the coming days. Regardless of how this warship issue is handled. Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood are looking to incite the entire area in war. They must draw Israel into it, in order to get the entire region ablaze.

Pray for Israel.

Into the Abyss… Israel on alert.

Into the Abyss… Israel on alert.

Well this could get interesting, grab the popcorn:

Israel Warns It Might Act on Iranian Warships Passing Through Suez Canal

Israel is monitoring two Iranian warships about to pass through the Suez Canal for Syria and warn they might act.

Israeli’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says that “Israel cannot ignore these provocations,” according to ynetnews.com.
Read more:

The Middle East is exploding. Egypt is not turning out the way our liberal/progressive friends say it would. I see no campfires where da joos and da Muzzies are sitting singing kum-by-ya… It’s not going to happen no matter how much kool-aid you drink.

The worst thing that can possibly happen is Iran provokes Israel and Israel acts. The second worse thing that can happen is if ISRAEL DOESN’T ACT!

The best possible scenario is Israel meets the two war ships and makes them turn their ass around or sinks them. If Israel does nothing it will be seen as weakness and MORE provocations will come and many lives will be lost. Israel must act and they must act in a way that leaves no doubt of their abilities and their will. I’m sure they would have already acted if the USA had someone with NUTS in charge.
As I said, get the popcorn.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Here is a dead man. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I think the religion of peace is not going to take kindly to being “Outed”:

I gotta say if more came out against Hamas and the rest of the “Extremists” perhaps there would be a possible peace. But since it won’t happen, it’s good to hear the truth from Muslims once in a while…

Israel to attack Iran?

Israel to attack Iran?

What the hell is wrong with people. I’m reading all over the net “Israel will attack Iran this week.” Israel hasn’t survived this long in the devils living-room by telegraphing it’s moves. They are not the USA, they are not going to come out and say stupid shit like “You have 2 days to stop the nukes or we’ll attack” Israel can’t be that brazen. Israel will act at the moment of their choosing and not a minute before. And when they do, expect an unbridled show of force that will make the world shudder. Israel is fighting for it’s survival, and a MISS STEP can cost them everything.

We in the USA don’t know that feeling, we know we can be hurt. We don’t believe ANY NATION has the ability to destroy us. Israel is not that lucky. One Nuke renders the entire nation of Israel uninhabitable.



If you do nothing else today, watch this video.

Now listen to the idiots like Helen Thomas, and the rest of the Muslim douchebags in that part of the world. ASK the question, demand the answer.

Making sense of the Israel issue

Making sense of the Israel issue

Okay, Israel is by far the MINORITY in the region they reside in. The left is supposedly the party of the minority. So I’m trying to make sense of the entire situation and I’m pretty confused. The liberal mindset is all about feelings and “Justice” yet they turn a blind eye to rockets flying into the innocent civilian populations. They turn a blind eye to splodey’s going off in shopping centers. They turn a blind eye to any atrocities of the majority yet feel compelled to bash the minority in this conflict.

Basically what we have is a biblical time coming true in front of our eyes. I’m not sure of the verse or the exact phrase (Wife isn’t here or I’d have it right) but basically it says the world would be united against Israel and Israel would stand alone…Well folks, when visual proof, facts and truth are denied in order to further a hateful agenda, and the entire world condemns the act even after undeniable proof of provocation… Well then Good Luck Israel.

Personally, I think AMERICANS will come to the aid of Israel in DROVES. In WW2 several Americans went to Britain and France to help fight. I say you aint seen nothing yet. IF Israel is engulfed in a war that appears to be unfair. I would be willing to bet there is not enough ships to carry the willing over to assist.

I would love to trade Benjamin Netanyahu for Barack Obama, hell, we’ll even throw in Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and two future draft picks. Mr. Netanyahu has more leadership ability in his little toe than our idiot has in his entire cabinet.


Pay attention Obama, that’s how it’s done!

Pay attention Obama, that’s how it’s done!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the UN and unloaded on the hypocrisy and uselessness of that body. He didn’t apologize for standing up for what’s right. He didn’t make excuses, he didn’t throw his friends under the bus. And he did his nation PROUD!

I am not an Israeli, nor am I jewish but after his speech, I was proud of the fact that MY NATION has supported his nation since the 40’s… I am also very saddened by the fact that our apologizer in chief is blaming Israel for all the troubles. I suppose that’s what happens when you are educated in Kenya, and raised in Chicago under libturd professors.

Well Done Mr. Netanyahu. ALL Israeli’s should be very proud of you and be proud to be Israeli.