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Israel against the world

Israel against the world

So as I posted earlier (Yesterday) the world is condemning Israels actions against the flotilla of humanitarian aid headed to Gaza from Turkey.

There are a couple of things the Israeli’s are guilty of.

1. They got set up. They allowed this to escalate and they allowed the media to twist the facts. Israel was right in what they did, however; they didn’t predict the stunt that was set up from the beginning. The idiots on the ship were doing this JUST TO GET MEDIA ATTENTION and they got it.

2. They are allowing the media to twist and spin this into a illegal act on the high seas. And they continue to fight the accusations with facts about the attack. The best thing Israel can do is to not fuel the fire. They should release a statement and all the video’s with a quick FU to any that can’t see the incident for what it was. An attempt to run a MILITARY blockade after clear warning and a clear alternative presented.

Other than that I say Israel was totally justified and if I might say a little stupid in waiting so long to resort to deadly force. The first man on the boat was pummeled with a pipe and thrown off the ship. That is attempted murder at best and justified all force used at that point.

For you morons that continuously bash Israel for defending herself. I ask you to at least be somewhat fair in your criticism. You idiots seem to lay all the worlds ills at Israel’s but ask yourself this one question: IF the “Poor and Oppressed” people in Gaza had humanitarian aid brought in from folks n Saudi Arabia, or if the country’s of Iran, UAE or some of the other MUSLIM nations offered jobs for the people in Gaza instead of running around in lavish cars and floating cities blaming Israel for their troubles… How long do you think this problem would persist? An employed man has worth. An employed family man is a happy man. A man that has nothing and is offered cash to hate will hate. So the real issue is not Israel its the rest of the muslim nations using them as pawns for their hatred.

I really hope Obama doesn’t do what I know he’s going to do. He’ll say this should be a wake up call to the problems in the region and that we all need to talk about the real issues yada yada yada….

What I do know is this: IF Obama and Mr Benjamin Netanyahu were to switch countries RIGHT NOW. America would be better off and Israel would be gone in 6 months. That’s a fact.

Innocent UN school for Terrorists in Gaza. Israel Justified AGAIN

Innocent UN school for Terrorists in Gaza. Israel Justified AGAIN

U.N. Agency That Runs School Hit in Gaza Employed Hamas and Islamic Jihad Members

The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire last week has admitted to employing terrorists to work at its Palestinian schools in the past, has no system in place to keep members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad off its payroll, and provides textbooks to children that contain hate speech and other incendiary information.

A growing chorus of critics has taken aim at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in recent years, although momentum on Capitol Hill has been slow. But last week’s incident, which Israel maintains was prompted by Hamas operatives firing mortars at Israelis from a location near the school, has prompted some lawmakers to scrutinize the U.N. agency.

Rep. Steve Rothman, D-N.J., introduced a resolution in the fall calling for greater transparency and accountability at UNRWA. The bill called on the agency to make its textbooks available on the Internet for public inspection and to implement “terrorist name recognition software and other screening procedures that would help to ensure that UNRWA staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries are neither terrorists themselves, nor affiliated with known terrorist organizations.”

Rothman said he plans to re-introduce his UNRWA resolution in the coming weeks because, “as timely as this bill was before, it is even more timely now. It is urgent that Congress can be assured that U.S. taxpayer money is not being spent to support Hamas and its murderous activities.”

Ahh here is a little bit more of that TRUTH, funny how it usually takes a couple of days for the TRUTH to come out…

This part is rendered a lie ” The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire” by THIS PART “U.N. Agency That Runs School Hit in Gaza Employed Hamas and Islamic Jihad Members” Holy shit that can’t be right? Do you mean  those INNOCENT Palestinians that elected the TERRORIST organization to represent them, they are all HUMAN SHIELDS and they elected to continue that trend. I suggest Israel oblige them, the gene pool needs some chlorine in Gaza.

Israel and Gaza, the Real Problem.

Israel and Gaza, the Real Problem.

Israeli Ground Forces Cross Border Into Gaza Strip

Thousands of Israeli troops backed by columns of tanks and helicopter gunships launched a ground offensive in Gaza on Saturday night, with officials saying they expected a lengthy fight in the densely populated territory after eight days of punishing airstrikes failed to halt militant rocket attacks on Israel.

Israeli defense officials told FOX News that an estimated 30 Hamas militants had been killed in the incursion so far, though precise numbers are hard to pin down.

Israeli leaders said the operation, known as Cast Lead, was meant to quell militant rocket and mortar fire on southern Israel.

The United Nations, meanwhile, scheduled emergency consultations Saturday night on the escalation, but the United States blocked approval of a statement calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel.

“We are not war hungry, but we shall not … allow a situation where our towns, villages and civilians are constantly targeted by Hamas,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said. “It will not be easy or short, but we are determined.”

Why is Israel fighting? The reason is simple, after WW2 we placed Jews on a small piece of land and hoped savages would learn to accept it. We were wrong. We expected civilized minds to prevail, we were wrong. Arab nations proclaimed they would “Butcher the Jews and throw their bodies in the sea.” That meant every man, woman and child would be slain. They did not say; “We will destroy their armed forces” Nope they said ALL Jews.

What happened next? About 1 million Arabs from various countries got their ass kicked by an Israeli rag-tag army and the Arabs have been crying about it ever since. Lets flash forward to 2006; Hezbollah managed to survive an Israeli onslaught because of a lack of will on the part of a nutless President (Both ours and theirs) and claimed a victory among the rubble and dead bodies. The Arab media declared it a victory for Hezbollah, however few others claimed it a victory for either side.

We are almost three weeks into the I.D.F. operation to defend itself and we hear the same things. “We are living under occupation”  “Israel is starving our children” and several other BULLSHIT excuses.

Pardon me while I get a little logical:
IF Palestinians wanted peace there would be peace. IF Palestinians did not elect a terrorist organization to speak for them, there may be peace. IF Palestinians would not train their children to kill Jews, ALL Jews, there may be peace. IF Palestinians would not take their orders from Iran, there may be peace. There will be no peace as long as Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are involved. The conflict is far to profitable for Iran Saudi Arabia and Syria to have any peaceful resolution in that part of the world.

My suggestion:
Turn off the cameras, evict all news organizations from the area, and eliminate all coverage of ANYTHING Israeli or Palestinian. Let them sort it out one final time.
Go Israel; you are running out of time.

Refer to the first part of this conflict if you are confused.

Israel better hurry

Israel better hurry

Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – An Israeli warplane dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on the home of one of Hamas’ top five decision-makers Thursday, instantly killing him and 18 others, while the Israeli army said troops massed on the Gaza border were ready for any order to invade. The airstrike on Nizar Rayan was the first that succeeded in killing a member of Hamas’ highest echelon since Israel began its offensive Saturday. The 49-year-old professor of Islamic law was known for personally participating in clashes with Israeli forces and for sending one of his sons on a 2001 suicide mission that killed two Israelis.

Even as it pursued its bombing campaign, Israel kept the way open for intense efforts by leaders in the Middle East and Europe to arrange a cease-fire. Israel said it would consider a halt to fighting if international monitors were brought in to track compliance with any truce.

We know for a fact that World opinion is against Israel purely because the world can not understand logic, Israel kicked the shit out of those that attacked her in 1967. There are SEVERAL nations boundaries that were obtained through war, that is all there is too it.
Israel needs to eliminate the threat post haste. They need to remove any possibility of local rocket fire by removing ALL MUSLIMS from the region. Hit them hard, then bomb some more. Kill all of them and then you will have peace. Until then Israel will be fighting and ducking rockets.

IF Rockets were raining down on San Diego from  Mexico, how long do you think it would be before the area rockets came from was eliminated? Well unless a RINO or Liberal was in charge here. *sigh*
You know what is funny? IF Gaza was named Palestine right now, and Israel removed itself from that area (They already did for the most part) There will still be fighting because Iran and the arab countries can not have PEACE in that area… Their oil prices wont allow it.