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Laws are not needed…

Laws are not needed…

Evidently, some laws are just not enforceable anymore…

Obama Promises Illegals: Obamacare Sign Up Info Won’t Be Used for Deportation

“Will we hear from you a pledge, a personal promise, that the information provided in the registration process will not be used for deportation purposes in this country?”

“Absolutely,” Obama said, putting his hand down for emphasis.

So, “If you like your illegal status, you can keep your illegal status?” Or, “we will not enforce the laws if you sign up to get something for free from working Americans.”

According to this administration, If we don’t like the laws we won’t be enforcing the laws. Those who made those laws were all idiots compared to Obama and his minions..

Here’s another law, its called abuse of power. The IRS targeting is one that is an impeachable offense. But what are we hearing? “Elija Cummings was disrespected because Darryl Issa is racist” Jesse Jackson or “Its like the Ukraine or Venezuela” Debbie Whatshername Shitz.

What we have here is a law breaking administration who demand people obey the laws they like but if you’re beneficial to the tyrant, well break them at will.

I say it again. IF Barack Obama were outwardly WHITE in appearance. The media would be hammering him on his lies, I don’t think that its a democrat thing anymore Its a race thing. The media elites are so scared of being accused of racism by those who use racism as an excuse for everything.

Its more racist to treat other races with kit gloves than it is to treat them equally. There is a protected class in America and its time to treat everyone equally not specially. IF you disagree with that you are in the protected class obviously.



What a Week!

What a Week!

Sorry for the absence folks. Been a bit busy around here. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. Lets get to the meat of the problem in our nation.

Emotions are running amok. People from Right to Left are PISSED OFF! And rightly so.

IF you are not pissed off YOU are not paying attention:

Eric (with)Holder was in front of Congress this past week. What did we hear? “I don’t know” “I didn’t do it” “Bush did it” was the basic premise of his retorts. Brian Terry’s family deserves better. So does the 300+ Mexicans the guns HOLDER KNEW ABOUT killed. (Since the left believes GUNS KILL PEOPLE, should they try to stop those runaway Walked Guns and find out why they are running amok?)

Then there was the “Private sector is doing fine” speech from Obama. Now that my friend is OUT OF FKN TOUCH.. BUT then, Obama Doubles down on that doozy of falsehood.

Obama “Executive Orders” Amnesty for a Million Illegal Immigrants. Wha? Oh yeah he did. But he failed to mention if those million “New workers” will immediately lift the unemployment numbers to 8.6% or will they be “Uncounted/Undocumented workers?”

Anyone latino/Hispanic/Asian immigrant who entered this country LEGALLY should be livid at this action. Not that it’s a horrible idea in part (I fully agree that an illegal kid brought here by his/her parents should be citizens if they SERVE IN THE MILITARY) But the timing is questionable at best.

Think about this: GWB and a DEMOCRAT majority in both house and senate tried to pass an amnesty it was blocked by AMERICA. Then Obama had two years with MAJOR MAJORITIES in both house and senate… No effort to pass this “Comprehensive reform” NONE. But just before an “Obama fundraising speech” to the “Latino community” an executive order is “the right thing to do” BUUUULLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIIITTTT.

But what I see is even more distasteful. This action does NOTHING to help the economy. Matter of fact it hurts the nations infrastructure and it’s economic prosperity. For what? To keep King Obama in power by any means necessary. What’s that tell you? Obama would rather rule over rubble than not be in charge and see America succeed. How is that a leader?

One thing I caution all my friends who are PISSED about this action. It’s a trap laid by emotionally based professionals. If Romney comes out against it too strong. He will pick up support from us “Extremists” but he will lose the wishy washy gooey centered indy’s. Romney needs the Indy’s to oust Obama. And we need SOMEONE by GAWD ANYONE at this point to OUST OBAMA. What I know is this: The trap laid was a brilliant NUCLEAR OPTION by Obama. I Also know that using that option so soon will backfire on his ass if WE DON’T LET THE TRAP SUCCEED. We need to remain united in the face of this divisive tactic. And that’s all this was. A divide and conquer tactic to split hard core conservatives/Ron Paul’s supporters/Moderate R’s/Indy’s and Blue Dog Dems.

It’s up to us to remain focused on what is important. The Obama administration must go. And we must not let them play us like they are playing the lemmings.


Business ESCAPING California… Again…

Business ESCAPING California… Again…

One of my favorite writers/Bloggers is Bloviating Zeppelin. His latest post regarding businesses bailing on California is yet another great one.

The story is from the Orange County Register

69 more firms move jobs, facilities out of California

So far this year, 69 companies have moved all or part of their California work and jobs to other states or countries, reports Irvine relocation consultant Joe Vranich.

It’s the fastest rate of departures since Vranich started tracking the exodus in 2009, he says. There have been an average of 4.7 moves per week from Jan. 1 through April 12, compared to 3.9 moves in all of 2010.

BZ’s “opinions” are fact based and well worth a read. BZ lists the top 10 reasons California is bleeding jobs. Please do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a template for our nation under the current administration.

I won’t repost BZ’s column, but I will add a reason that was missed. Get ready, I’m about to be called a racist….

The education system in California is worse than any investigation has let out. We here in the golden state are suffering from that collapse.  It was about 25 to 30 years ago that California put out some of the brightest minds, and biggest assets in the nation. The state was booming, businesses thrived, the state was on the receiving end of transnational relocation. What happened?

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