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Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Not only is America failing Americans, America is failing the world. The one place the oppressed could count on to help is gone. The one nation who has stood up for the little guy for years is now a shell of its former self. It took only 5 years to get to this point.


Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Benghazi, Ukraine etc… All of these foreign policy failures under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, should be evident to all that democrats should never be in charge of foreign policy.


Obamacare, IRS targeting, Stimulus, Solyndra, Debt and more.. Should be evident to all that Democrats should never be allowed to be in charge of America.


But if you listen to America news media, AKA “democrat propaganda News Channels” like CNN,ABC,CBS.NBC you will hear words like “Bullying” “Disrespect” “Racism” “Extremists” etc as excuses for all the failures. The question that all of us Americans should be asking is “If these policies and ideologies are working and are so great, why do we need excuses, explanations and number manipulations?” but we’re not asking. Well, Some of us ARE. The media isn’t.


The fact is WE the PEOPLE are being systematically denied knowledge, denied answers and denied truth because of the ideology of democrats. The ideology is simple: Demonize questions, demonize opposition, marginalize anyone who doesn’t toe the line. Use labels, use buzz words, use emotional tugs. Make it hard to ask questions without appearing hateful and racist.

Journalists are the front lines. Journalists lost the credibility battle for ideological sake. The big 4 news networks decided in 2008 that they would toss their journalist cards in the trash and wear the Democrat Propaganda Badges instead. They felt it was for the good of the nation. Barack Obama was their Golden Child, he would save the nation from George Bush’s war for oil….


Now what we have is information/results vs Information/Spin. The results come in about economic growth and they are not good for democrats. So MSM spins the data for the party. People hang on to those SPIN numbers and the democrat party hangs on to the faithful. It works like that in everything. The latest one is the most telling one:

CNN story headline “Putin Bullying Obama” WOW.


Kennedy vs Khrushchev, Ford or Carter vs Brezhnev, Reagan vs Gorbachev, Bush vs Putin NEVER was the American POTUS “Bullied” Never was the American president viewed as this weak. Carter was about as close as it came… Now our POTUS is being “Bullied”

This is the democrat ideology in a nut shell. “Victimhood” We must view our President as a victim to elicit support. Think back to the time Obama wanted to bomb Syria. The MSM painted Obama as strong but he was being victimized by republicans who wouldn’t support his bombing campaign.


I honestly believe this: IF the Ukraine were a muslim nation, Obama would be much more of a hawk on stopping the Russian take over. He desires to be seen as “One of them” in the Muslim nations. I would be willing to bet at some point in high level discussions a comment was made regarding it. I bet someone said, “it’s too bad the Ukraine isn’t muslim” if nothing but an off the cuff remark.

Things are about to get real in the baltic areas. They are truly on their own. But that’s not the worst part. The world sees the last best place on earth being no better and no worse than any other place. This weakness can give life to other challenges that would otherwise never occur. That’s the scary part.

There’s another really sad part about the state of our nation: IF Russia invaded the USA now, a very large segment of our population would view it as a liberation. Never before has that even been thought.

Thanks Democrats, RINO’s, fence sitters and those of you who don’t pay attention yet still vote.

FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

If you look at this image very closely you may see that the suspects lack proper “Spontaneous uprising over a video” paraphernalia.

FBI posts pictures of suspects in Benghazi raid.



Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “What difference does it make?” (Hillary Clinton) I mean “It happened a long time ago” (Baghdad Jay Carney Press secretary for dear leader)

What we have here folks is a search for a fall guy or group of guys. The fact is it’s too late for us to concern ourselves with WHO DID IT. We should be more concerned with WHY DIDN’T HILLARY/OBAMA act when they KNEW IN REAL TIME WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

I believe both Hillary and Obama had a chance to mount a rescue/counter attack in Benghazi. I also know that a drone or bombing attack wouldn’t have been enough. A drone/Bomb attack is “Politically safe” No potential for dead US Soldiers being sent into harms way BY OBAMA in a land where he said NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND.

The fact is, Obama lacked the courage to defend our soil on another country. He had the ability, he had the tools and he had the power to save the lives of our people. He chose NOT TO SAVE ANYONE. And that is the problem.

Sleep well you embassy staff in foreign lands, knowing that your CIC will sacrifice you if it’s not politically viable for him.



Hillary had her day…

Hillary had her day…

Well, Hillary finally had her day in front of congress and the American people. My quick opinion on the entire Benghazi thing:

Hillary knew, Obama knew, the state dept knew, the CIA knew, the American people knew the dangers of operating an embassy in Libya. NOBODY took the actions needed to protect the occupants of the embassy in Benghazi. Hillary and Obama should be fired for their failures of leadership. But hey, what difference does it make?

Fact is America lost a chance to return to greatness with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Had the media given Obama half the scrutiny over Barack Obama that they did with Hillary, Hillary would be our POTUS (Or at least for the 2008-2012 term) and IF she had been elected POTUS I truly believe our nation would be better off than it is now. I can’t STAND Hillary or Bill Clinton. But the HATE I have for this version of the democrat party is far and above more redlined than I had before Obama.

I have a real hard time putting my distrust/dislike of the Clinton’s on top of my ABSOLUTE DISGUST/DISTRUST AND HATRED of Obama and his minions.

Hillary gave her testimony, the GOP’s idiots on the panel caved and didn’t put her on notice as well as they should have. Hillary knew but she’s covered because of Bill and Obama’s media.

As our nation burns the media will report it with their special spin, guiding the sheep to the slaughter house.

Molon Labe.

Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Sorry for the visual that title might give you but basically that’s what she did.

Now at tonights debate, when Benghazi comes up Obama can call the issue settled. It is anything but settled in the minds of concerned Americans. Those sheep who worship at the Obama alter can say it is settled. It’s NOT.

First let me explain this for those of you who may be to the right of Obama but not quite centered. Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the security lapses. Kudos to her for finally coming clean. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. Now, lets ask why it took so long for her to do it? And since she didn’t feel it necessary to take responsibility for it for over a month, why now? Could it be election play? of course not huh?  😥

Now, given all of that and the answers to those questions now ask this: IF Hillary is responsible for the security WHO is responsible for the cover up? And don’t forget to ask this: We KNOW that it was a terrorist attack, we KNOW Hillary is responsible for not providing enough security, we KNOW the Obama administration attempted to cover it up using the youtube video.. SO WHY IS THE PRODUCER OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO STILL IN JAIL?

Remember all of this while watching the debate tonight and try not to throw up too much.


Hillary Clinton hiding from Sarah Palin.

Hillary Clinton hiding from Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin on Friday accused “Democrat partisans” of pressuring the organizers of an anti-Iran rally to block her from attending the event in New York next week.

Palin had planned to speak at the Monday rally, but the organizers said Thursday that no elected officials would be allowed to attend. The announcement came after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the event, having discovered that Palin would also be attending.

“I was scheduled to appear at a rally with Senator Clinton whose commitment to this I appreciate. This is a critical issue and it should be an issue that unites all Americans,” Palin told supporters Friday in Blaine, Minn. “Unfortunately, though, some Democrat partisans put politics first, and now no elected official will be able to appear at that Stop Iran Rally.”

The rally, organized by major Jewish organizations and sponsored by the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now, is designed to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presence at the United Nations.

Organizers said they weren’t being partisan, and that they decided to bar all elected and federal officials from the rally to avoid a “media feeding frenzy.”

John McCain issued a statement Thursday blaming both “Democratic partisans” and Barack Obama for pressuring the groups to rescind Palin’s invitation. An Obama spokesman dismissed that suggestion.

On Friday, Palin blamed only “Democrat partisans,” though it was unclear to whom she was referring.

She said Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons should not be a matter of “partisan politics.”

“John McCain and I are committed to drawing attention to the danger posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and we will not waver in our commitment,” she said. Source

Funny how the politics of party control the democrats movement as well as world views. I think it’s a damn shame that Hillary couldn’t appear because Sarah was going to be there. I think her “Handlers” saw a potential problem with Hillary supporting Obama and voicing strength, the two don’t mix.

Sarah Palin would walk on stage and say one sentence “Iran will not have nuclear weapons on her watch.” and leave the stage. Hillary would spend an hour bashing Bush, and then say “We need to curb global warming and raise taxes for healthcare, and that Obama was going to fix all the damage done, oh and Obama is a friend to Israel”. There would not be a mention in there anywhere about Iran or Nuclear ambitions. That is the Democrat way…. Evasive.

Hillary is a mouthpiece for Obama now, it is her duty to toe the line. She will do that but I think secretly she is envious of Sarah Palin. Obama screwed up IMO, if Obama picked Hillary he would have won the election, I think Obama figured his race would carry him and he could put Biden in the closet when he gets elected.

The one thing I really hate about this election is, Race is the issue that will most be called into it. Think to Nov 5, McCain wins by 2% get ready for RACIST America headlines, The world will feel cheated. And our own liberal media will want vindication, so they will be finding all the white folks they can and asking them why they didn’t vote for Obama…Kind of like when Kerry lost, except they will prod for a “racial” answer.

The idiot consultant Carville. the dude looks like Monte Burns from the Simpsons, has already dropped that little bomb. He said ” The only way Obama loses is if White America is still as racist as it was in the 60’s” That is the underlying problem, it is not the “Rally” it is not the “Hillary vs Palin” it is not even McCain vs Obama… It’s going to be, at least in the liberal mind “The progressive BLACK man vs the Old white Racist” Sad really when you think about it…