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Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Not only is America failing Americans, America is failing the world. The one place the oppressed could count on to help is gone. The one nation who has stood up for the little guy for years is now a shell … Continue reading

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FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

If you look at this image very closely you may see that the suspects lack proper “Spontaneous uprising over a video” paraphernalia. FBI posts pictures of suspects in Benghazi raid.   Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “What difference does it … Continue reading

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Hillary had her day…

Well, Hillary finally had her day in front of congress and the American people. My quick opinion on the entire Benghazi thing: Hillary knew, Obama knew, the state dept knew, the CIA knew, the American people knew the dangers of … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Sorry for the visual that title might give you but basically that’s what she did. Now at tonights debate, when Benghazi comes up Obama can call the issue settled. It is anything but settled in the minds of concerned Americans. … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton hiding from Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin on Friday accused “Democrat partisans” of pressuring the organizers of an anti-Iran rally to block her from attending the event in New York next week. Palin had planned to speak at the Monday rally, but the organizers said … Continue reading

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