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Happy Nanny State New Year!

The new year brings in opportunity if you live in America. If you happen to live in “The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia” the new year brings more laws and regulations. Californians will welcome 725 new laws on Jan. 1. Here’s … Continue reading

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With Age Comes Wisdom.. Happy New Year.

Well it’s supposed to anyway. After this year, the prospect of a new start is compelling. However; if you look at where we are, and the foundation set by the 111th congress, 2011 doesn’t appear to have a bright “Hope” … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Well ObamaMAO’s first year in office was just terrific…In 2010 we can look forward to HIGHER taxes to pay for health care, MORE unemployment, Amnesty for Illegals, ammo stamping legislation, more gun control laws, and oh yeah MORE taxes on … Continue reading

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