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Think about this:

Think about this:

If it wasn’t for Fox News, a few high ranking bloggers and a couple of AM talk radio conservatives. What would Obama and company be getting away with?

Think about WHO and What has pushed which stories that are a source of distraction for Obama. Think about it. Now ask yourself WHY is the NSA spying on ALL of us?

The fact is, the democrats are 95% complete with their take over. Their agenda is moving forward. 5% of media can’t stop the looters from supporting the thieves. You will see very soon that the democrats are concerned about that 5%.

Bills moving through leadership in states/fed will aim to eliminate freedom of speech from bloggers and to decrease Fox news viewership.

Think I’m lying? Think I’m out there in left field?

Tell me in about a month.


Keith Olberman FIRED?

Keith Olberman FIRED?

Okay this is the best week ever! Keith Olberman is one of those guys you’d just like to punch in the mouth to see him bleed. He’s like the little kid in elementary school that would go up and hit someone, then run to the teacher. I don’t feel sorry for this assclown at all. Matter of fact I hope he learns a lesson from this and grows up.

After the ass whooping the Obama-bots took on Tuesday, to end the week with Olberdouche being suspended is just too much GOOD stuff…. :rotfl:

Lets look at WHY Olberdouche was punished by the lefty’s media wing. It’s not because he donated to Democrats. It’s because HE GOT CAUGHT DONATING TO DEMOCRATS. The real issue is hypocrisy. Olberdouche gave proof that MSNBC was a liberal leaning network. 😯

MSNBC constantly bashes Fox News for their “Right leaning” programs. And I’m absolutely sure that Beck, O’Riley and a few others donate or support candidates. SO?

Olberdouche signed a contract that explained the rules..He broke the rules. It happens to all of us in our work. Oh well. I’ll take the fact he’s been punished as a good sign. But I doubt they fire him for the offense. IF he was to be fired, they would lose 15 viewers and that’s not helpful in this business environment.

So back to Fox News…

Yeah Sometimes I watch Fox news with the sound off… But FOX at the very least offers the opposing view a forum. Olberman, Madcow and the progressive socialists of MSNBC don’t generally allow INTELLIGENT Right leaning panel guests.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Funny thing about the left, they see this as standing for what’s right. Most Americans see this as hypocrisy and B.S.

I don’t really like Juan Williams, he’s a libber and he’s the Obama voice on Fox news. Which by itself is grounds for his firing by NPR. Juan is a regular on Fox, and that it shows the world that Fox is less biased than their competition. Personally I think Juan does a pretty good job of stating the lefts positions. That’s probably why I don’t like him.

So NPR fires Juan for stating the obvious, the view ladies storm out on their own show because Bill O’Riley stated the obvious. All this says is the left surely has their head in the sand.

Juan, we told you the left were hypocrites, we told you the liberal/progressives have no class, we told you the minute you stepped out of the party line you would be in trouble….Hate to say we told you so.. BUT…

Hopefully this little event will open your eyes to what most Americans have been seeing for a long time. Come on over Juan, we would welcome your change in positions. Come on to the right side Juan. We are not racists over here, obviously NPR is racist because they fired you… See how easy that was? Give it a shot.

Fox News gets Front Row Seat

Fox News gets Front Row Seat

Helen Thomas seen blowing a gasket!

Fox gets front row seat

The White House Correspondents’ Association decided Sunday to give a front row seat in the White House Briefing Room to Fox News.

The WHCA moved the Associated Press into former Hearst Newspapers columnist Helen Thomas’ recently vacated center seat in the front row and Fox News was given the AP’s former front row seat. National Public Radio was in the running for a front row seat but the WHCA moved it instead to the second row seat that Fox News will now be vacating.

They could have just gave Helen Thomas’s seat to Fox News, but that would have been too much. Liberals all over the world would have died in their sleep. So they played musical chairs and kept her seat occupied by left wing radicals…

Robert Gibbs, was spotted moments after the announcement banging his head against a wall, and begging for a change of venue! According to press reports, Robert Gibbs was angry that he may have to actually answer a tough question now.