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We need to work together…. Cough..Gag..hack..cough…

We need to work together…. Cough..Gag..hack..cough…

Obama: with election over, U.S. must work together

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Barack Obama said on Saturday that, with the long U.S. presidential election campaign over, now was the time for Americans to put aside political differences and work together to solve the economic crisis.

Twin Morons

The above photo should scare the hell out of anyone in America.. Those two are the BEST we could offer in the form of leadership from 2000 to 2013….


Obama, a Democrat who won a decisive victory against Republican John McCain in Tuesday’s election to become the first black U.S. president as of January 20, vowed to seek unity.

He noted Republican President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush had invited Obama and his wife Michelle to the White House on Monday and that the Bushes had offered to do all they could to help with Obama’s transition.

“This speaks to a fundamental recognition that here in America we can compete vigorously in elections and challenge each other’s ideas, yet come together in service of a common purpose once the voting is done,” Obama said in the Democratic Party’s weekly radio address.

What  Obama really means is: “Now that I’m in charge I need everyone to do everything I say” or “Now that I’m running things, we need unity and we need to put aside our partisan politics, even though I made your life hell because you were in the other party”

Working together is a two way street Barack Hussein Obama and when you were on the other side of the street, you never exhibited ANY “working together” traits, neither did HARRY REID or NANCY PELOSI. So “Working together as you call it, really means “Kneel before me”.

Kneeling will not be happening in the conservative realm.. Buck Farack Obama