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Obama: Everyone has to have a haircut?

Obama: Everyone has to have a haircut?

Does that mean “Duh Won” will be curtailing his golf outings and his vacations? Does it mean Mrs “Duh Won” Will be stopping all her traveling on tax payer money? Does it mean no more free flights for photo’s on Air 1? What exactly will you cutting oh great and powerful OZ?


You know I really do understand the Democrats position on this cut deal. They need to keep their voter pool full. If folks realized they could actually BE BETTER OFF and improve their way of life by WORKING, what would happen to the Democrats?

This entire thing is really pissing me off. Democrats COULD have passed a budget LAST year. But they knew they needed to make cuts to keep the public happy. What to do? Well, just wait and let the Republicans take the blame. In the old days that worked. Today? Well the Republicans would be seen as hero’s if they shut this runaway government down.

Shut it down if you can’t get 61 billion dollars in cuts. NO LESS. And to me it’s still short by about 2 TRILLION right now. If the Republicans compromise past the 61 billion we need a new crew in the House. PERIOD.