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Leadership in Israel.

Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him.

Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” Benghazi “Radical views” Boston.

Terrorist attacks against Israel, Terrorists, Enemy. NO EXCUSES.

I PRAY to GOD ALMIGHTY that Israel doesn’t stop this action in Gaza until they get a complete surrender of Hamas. Anything else will just ensure we repeat this conflict at a later date. Within 2 years we’ll be doing this dance again. If Israel really wants to be free of this terrorist menace, let the rubble bounce.

Israel can do everything humanly possible to avoid civilian casualties and they’ll still be blamed for the conflict. So in my opinion, why try to avoid it anymore? If the media and lefty’s of the world body refuse to see the truth, make their “Belief” TRUE and show them what it really looks like. Level about 2 square miles of GAZA, bounce the rubble two or three times and ask the question.. “Do you want more?” Silence is equal to YES. And do it again. This will end the conflict with far more long term peace than this UN/John Kerry/Obama cease fire part 15…

You cannot win a war when your soldiers being killed are a victory for the enemy, when you kill the enemy, its a victory for the enemy, when civilians are killed its a victory for the enemy. So you must eliminate the enemy in a speedy fashion, collateral damage be damned.

Bounce the rubble until they cry uncle.


Russians on the move.

Russians on the move.

Georgia ‘overrun’ by Russian troops as full-scale ground invasion begins.

Georgian officials tonight claimed the country had been ‘overrun’ by Russian troops after a full-scale ground invasion.

Amid reports that Moscow forces had taken the town of Gori – and were marching on the capital Tsblisi – Georgian soldiers appeared to be in full retreat.

Troops were apparently in complete chaos as a full-scale rout pushed them back through the countryside.

Meanwhile, the civilian crisis intensified with thousands of refugees fleeing the seemingly unstoppable advance of the Russian army. The rest is here

Ok I don’t know if anyone realizes exactly what is happening with Russia.
Let your ol buddy Bushwack school you a bit.

America has a lame duck President in office. We have a DEMOCRAT led Congress that is the most inept bunch of elected officials we have ever seen. We have a very LIBERAL presidential candidate that is leading in all polls, and who is projected to win the WhiteHouse in November. Most of our Military forces are tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are spending a large amount of money in both of those wars and our economy is struggling. Oh and the worlds attention is on the Olympics….
So in conclusion, the world is ripe for the taking. Russia has the confidence to attack another nation because they know we are WEAK!
The USA is not in any position to help Georgia for a couple of reasons.
1. The lack of leadership in DC. From Congress to the President.
2 .Our wonderful “PC society” the bay area media darlings the so called “Humanitarian” protesters that actually cost more lives than they save…

Ask yourself a couple of questions: When Sadaam Hussein attacked Kuwait, how long did it take before an ultimatum was issued? How long before the mission to remove them from Kuwait was set in motion?  (Oh and our media darlings were in the street protesting that too.)
Russia has a perceived threat, real or not they perceive it. They are answering the threat as a COUNTRY, not a party and they will handle that threat without idiots in Moscow parading in pink outfits screaming about an unjust war, or war for oil. You will see what it takes to be successful in a campaign in the 21st century.

It’s hilarious to me to hear the folks the media puts on TV these days, the same liberal trash that is bitching because we are killing insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, think we need to do something to help Georgia. Us Bad Americans should do nothing, and we should send the US Media over there to send back all the pictures. Just like we should do nothing about Darfur, Tibet, or any other shit hole, We need to repair the damage WE did in Iraq, and withdrawal into obscurity until we grow a set. That can take years if it ever happens at all.
Take a good look America, this is what happens when you allow the liberal mentality to creep into a leadership role. The big boys on the block see blood in the water and now MORE lives are lost.
The Isolationism Ron Paul advocated is going to happen, NOT by choice though, it’s going to come because all the country’s we have backed, are seeing what is happening in Georgia and they are going to start seeing things differently as far as their friends.

I don’t agree with the Russians, I think they went off the reservation so to speak. BUT I admire them for being able to handle business without all the political BS when it is necessary.
Sorry Georgia, You have no help coming from the US, at least until 2012. Hang in there.

Does anyone remember the cold war movie Red Dawn? Right about now the Rockies seem like a great place to move.

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