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Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

There is very little difference between the two groups. Matter of fact the only difference I see is the use of the word “GOD”. They both hate the US soldier, they both love to incite the public, they both have … Continue reading

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After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

Details are starting to trickle in from the Glenn Beck Restoring honor rally in DC. The latest update involved the Al Sharpton march: When the Sharpton rally reached the mall, most of the crowd from Beck’s rally had begun to … Continue reading

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Why did McCain Choose Palin?

That is the question of the day on the lefty sites, the liberal nutbags are all in a tizzy, they are trying to hold on to the Hillary supporters, and questioning the “Pandering” of McCain…. :rotflmao: We on the right … Continue reading

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Took The Plunge at the KO’s

I did something I rarely do anymore, that is venture into the Communist/Marxist/Liberal trash pile known as the Daily Ko’s. Something caught my eye on a comment thread and I followed a few links. I am so SORRY for that. … Continue reading

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