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Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

There is very little difference between the two groups. Matter of fact the only difference I see is the use of the word “GOD”. They both hate the US soldier, they both love to incite the public, they both have very little regard for the united states population. They both are self absorbed idiots that have NO CLUE about reality.

They may have a little issue over the “Gay” thing but I’m sure some dialog can overcome that difference…

I give you exhibit A:

A bunch of “Elite” San Francisco “better than you” code pinko’s decide they should go to an area that lived under “Code Pinks” desired world and didn’t like it much…

The outcome was less than friendly. Hahaha. The group that lived under the rule of Code Pinks hero was not a fan I guess, nor did they seem to like “Che” as a role model…Who knew?


Fred Phelps and his crew of idiots are pretty much the same way. They have no clue about what they preach. They hate “Fags” so GOD must hate fags..

I give you exhibit B:

So when will the “Fred Phelps and Code Pink Rally to restore sanity” be held? and where will it be? I mean there are no two other groups in our nation that compliment each other so much. Let’s get the rally planned yall… Come on hurry, the nation needs you two idiots together quick…




After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

Details are starting to trickle in from the Glenn Beck Restoring honor rally in DC. The latest update involved the Al Sharpton march:

When the Sharpton rally reached the mall, most of the crowd from Beck’s rally had begun to disperse. Those remaining, mostly smiled politely. . . .
“Glen Beck, we’re going to show you. We ain’t going to let Glenn Beck turn us around,” one man shouted into a megaphone. . . . “We need to be shouting ‘we are America,’” said one woman in Sharpton’s rally. “See all those tea baggers.”

So as usual those wonderful leftists went looking for a confrontation and they were met with smiles.. Why do you think that is? I am guessing because there were over 300 thousand AMERICANS assembled to restore American Honor, and there were about 2 thousand folks marching to continue to destroy it.

The question must be asked: What are you against if you are against Beck’s rally? The rally was to restore honor, so you are against Honor? The rally was an effort to get people to look to GOD, so you are against GOD? the rally was to get people to focus on their family, so you are against families? The rally was to regain Hope, so you are now against hope? the rally was to push people toward charity, so you are against charity?…..

You can tell how strong your position is by the attendees of the opposing rallies.

Becks rally had MLK’s niece, several pastors, preachers, rabbi’s, veterans, leaders of all walks of life and 300 thousand AMERICANS.

Al Sharpton’s rally had SEIU, Code Pink, ANSWER and the Socialist Workers.

So, exactly what was Al Sharpton’s rally supposed to achieve?

Al Sharpton went on a media blitz after Beck picked the day of August 28th for his rally exclaiming that to be a holy day. Al Sharpton went on a spree calling Beck a hijacker of a day that is reserved for blacks…I find that odd.

Beck picked the day on a calendar, not on purpose (I truly believe that) and in no way tried to take the honor from MLK. But the question needs to be asked:
Why was that day if it’s such an important day to Al and Jesse, available to Glenn Beck? The Lincoln Memorial should have already been reserved by Al and Jesse right? Well unless it’s only an important day if someone else picks it…

Why did McCain Choose Palin?

Why did McCain Choose Palin?

That is the question of the day on the lefty sites, the liberal nutbags are all in a tizzy, they are trying to hold on to the Hillary supporters, and questioning the “Pandering” of McCain…. :rotflmao:

We on the right are used to the “pandering” it should be common place to the libtards, BUT they feel everything their “Messiah” says is the truth not pandering…again :rotflmao:

The Libtard comments range from accepting Palin as a GREAT choice and a worthy problem to deal with, to absolute hate and disgust for her and her family.

A quick fact check tells me Sara Palin has an 80% approval rating in her home state, she has more experience running government than the opposing PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.

80% approval rating? Well I think we know where the 20% will be found, they  are being herded into camps so the media can put them on point. I really hope the American people are smart enough to see through the crap. But again I have lost faith in our nation since electing Demorats to the majority in the house and senate.

One reason I think McCain picked Sara Palin is he needed a rest. You haven’t heard much from him in the last couple of days, it’s all been about Sara, that is absolutely fine. Sara Palin can handle it I am sure.

You want to believe Palin is NOT who she says she is? Ok prove that, You want to say she is WORSE for America because of her lack of experience? uh check your ticket..You want to say she is under investigation for something and that makes her unfit? Investigations mean NOTHING without evidence of wrong doing. The liberal mantra is not good for those not liberal? I mean, innocent till proven guilty right?  I guess that is another typical liberal trait, only for communist/liberals does the court system work. The truth about the trooper will come out, and when it does it will be dealt with.. Probably a lot better than the Rev Wright “I never beleived what he said” for 20 years….LMAO.

You can tell the type of folks that wont like Sara Palin, let me help you point them out:

They will Men wearing pink boas and high heels, They will be women wearing Code Pink shirts, they will be the same type of “Anarchists” that are causing trouble at the RNC, they will be the PRO-Choice crowd even though Palin’s belief’s didn’t influence her policies. They will be the EVOLUTIONISM crowd, they will be the ANTI-Gun crowd, the save everything EXCEPT unborn babies and people. They will be the anti-war crowd (Like anyone is really pro war)

Those are the ones supporting Obama/Biden who else is supporting that ticket? Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bin laden, the Taliban, Palestinians, Rev Wright… should I go on??? I mean shit what is to understand here? If you are judged by the company you keep I will choose Palin and McCain over Obama/Biden any day…

The libtards are treading water, and since Jindal is a Republican and he acted PERFECTLY during the Gustav threat, they don’t have that to talk about…

Stay Tough Sara Palin, this will pass and you will be sitting in your VP office thinking about how you got there, and laughing at the idiots that tried to keep you away.

Took The Plunge at the KO’s

Took The Plunge at the KO’s

I did something I rarely do anymore, that is venture into the Communist/Marxist/Liberal trash pile known as the Daily Ko’s. Something caught my eye on a comment thread and I followed a few links. I am so SORRY for that.

Anyway this POS liberal hack Bob Zimway writes a diary for the Kos kids. and he took great pleasure in some fox reporter trying to ask questions of the protesters in Denver.

He writes this:

Griff Jenkins, a Fox Television correspondent, was waiting with a microphone for a crowd of demonstrators on a Denver street today, hoping to catch signs of a breakup of the herd of cats known as the American Left.

The crowd came ten, twelve abreast up the street. One group held up a banner saying No War On Iran. Chanting was happening. Griff was casting the scene as a discontented, perhaps unstable mob out to oppose some things, maybe defend Hillary ( Fox’s new g/f), or to assault whatever nefarious scheme the Party has in store. Whatever it was, Griff was Going In.

I’ve only seen the clip once, so I’m sure I didn’t get it totally right, but I know funny. And it is hilarious.

take it downtown

Griff, an affable pencil neck, went to the middle of the street and waitied for the march to envelop him. Here they came, hordes of scruffy, awful looking people with who knows what on their minds, seemingly capable of World Bank, er, world class anarchy. Fox viewers watched with anticipation on the edges of  their scratchy plaid furniture. What would happen?

Griff valiantly held up his mike to the first guy, “What are you demonstrating about?”

“Fuck you,” came the reply.

Undaunted, Griff tried again, holding up his blunt instrument to another demonstrator, then another.

Maybe a half dozen answers pretty much exactly the same: Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

They were mostly smiling, no doubt drenched in cannabisism.

Finally Griff hit paydirt: a protester who could (would), speak a sentence.  “We don’t talk to Fox.”

Then the comical wrap. As Griff was trying to engage this guy, he and his cameraman were jostled by the closing crowd and so as the picture shook with hand-held verite and Griff slid off the frame, we heard him crying, hey, don’t…. <black>

Cut to studio where shaken blondehead huffs that the crowd has disrupted Griff’s report, adding that she hope’s he’s all right. Something like that. I was gasping with pleasure by then.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing dat clip on Fox again, but I confidently await its emergence on youtube.

It’s a great day in America.

I was laughing so hard by the time I finished reading his piece that I had to run to the head.

The reason I was laughing was; I have been face to face with those same protesters, the same idiots that Bob Zimway is heralding as the tough guys… They are the biggest bunch of pansies the world has ever seen, well outside of France.

The Code Pink, and ANSWER freaks numbering in the thousands, scared of their own shadow when confronted by equal numbers and hiding behind the very authority they rail against. Please Bob, don’t try to act tough when you are scared of Fox News, when your claim to toughness is saying “Fuck You” to a news reporter, Please Bob, don’t try to play off that your Liberals are tough when they won’t talk to Fox News…

Not to mention this little thingy.. “Why are you protesting?” is really not a hard question to answer, but your hero’s couldn’t even do that? oh and they were real tough knocking over the news guy? Please Bob, tell me that isn’t your definition of tough, because if it is, I really want to meet you, you would be shining my shoes with your tongue.

Funny stuff right there, I really think this election period is going to be a lot of fun, Bob can you take a joke? of course you can, you are backing Obama so I know you have a sense of Humor.

BTW,to the Fox News reporter that got knocked down, I hope you learned something from all this.

IF you want them to answer a question from you, Wear a shirt that says I Love Obama, and be standing on the American Flag, they will answer your question because they will think you are with CNN.

Well, after reading the Ko’s Kids blog I had to get back to reading the RIGHT thinking pages I respect. I found this question asked by Kender at Kender’s Musings.

He is searching for Bumper Sticker Ideas and he starts the party off with this one:

Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Leaving a bad taste in your mouth in 2008

:rotflmao: :dancinghappy: :rotflmao:

He has another one too, check it out and offer your own ideas.