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The Rich pay 4x More than Middle

And we still need to take more from them right? I’m thinking I could use a few more bucks from  Uncle Iris. I’ll try to figure out exactly how much of that “Rich Tax” money I’m going to get. It … Continue reading

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Union Dues would cover 265,447 jobs….

A Great article at “Labor Union Report” One Year’s Worth Of Union Dues Could Support 265,447 U.S. Workers For A Year Union bosses have been engaging in class warfare for so long now that it’s become standard for the media … Continue reading

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Class War, Phase 2

The democrat machine has always been for “Class War” You pick a democrat, any Democrat and they will have this in common. They feel that the “Rich” are the real problem in our nation. They would want more from the … Continue reading

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Some very good words…

Found at Common Folks Using Common Sense You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage earner … Continue reading

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Class War part 2

To go along with my previous post I thought I’d bring in the big guns: From today on Neil Cavuto: How ya like me now? Well said Mr Ramsey.

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