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American Revolution 2013?

American Revolution 2013?

I’ve read a lot lately about the coming storm. There are PLENTY of folks out there that feel the red line has been crossed. With the “Feinstein” gun grab in full swing. And Obama, Pelosi and Reid using words like “Confiscate” and “registration” people are concerned. Those words piss off MOST of us freedom loving Americans.

The Obama administration has set in motion a potential for a civil war. 

Now, let me be clear I DON’T WANT TO EVER SEE MY NATION IN A WAR AGAINST EACH OTHER! That said, I do realize the potential.

In 2008, we said Obama would come after our most basic freedoms. He waited until he was elected to a second term. We told you that would happen. We told you to prepare for the most liberal Anti American policy choices in his second term. Its coming.

My questions are simple for this post.

What will you do? When will you do it? 

For example: Lets say in March, it becomes ILLEGAL and a felony to possess an AR-15 or anything in that range without being fingerprinted and registered. You happen to have bought one in January and refuse to follow this law. When you bought your AR there was some paperwork involved and the BATF/DHS found it at the local gun store with your name and address. You are a potential felon and they have obtained a warrant for search and seizure. Sounds bad right? Wait there’s more… The media gets wind of it and paints you as an extremist. They pick out all the Facebook posts about the 2nd amendment and twitter feeds as well, they show pictures of you at the gun range and use the word “Extreme” a lot….

Now on the evening news is your house being raided… Who comes to your aid? Where will the line be drawn? Who would JUMP to stand with you?

This person could be a dedicated father of 4, an employee in good standing at some big company, could attend church regularly, could feed the homeless on thanksgiving. BUT since the media is in the tank for Obama the truth would be slow in coming… The damage is done already before the outrage hits. And this can happen ALL OVER THE NATION a little at a time.

My point being; Playing revolutionary soldier in this day in time in our nation ISN’T VERY LIKELY. Because you will more than likely be ALONE in a cell waiting for a lawyer or dead before ANYONE does anything more than type a post or sign a petition.

And say WE the People did rise up 47% of us took to the woods and said LETS GO! I’d be right there with you so would my sons, my wife, my entire family from grandpa’s down. We would be able to hold out for a while, but without a no-fly zone we’d be short-lived. Who would provide that for us?

Yeah. Problem.

For every problem there is a solution. And YES there’s some very good solutions. But the first thing that will happen will be denial of communication. When that happens it’s over. history will have to write the rest.



Defending our Nation from within…

Defending our Nation from within…

I’m seriously concerned about our nation. Let me explain this concern:

We are moving into a time where political ideology is going to be front page news. The 2012 election is about to kick into gear. The Debt crisis, the economy, lack of employment, crime statistics are starting to go up, Police officers are increasingly being killed in the line of duty, the world is on edge, our founding documents are under attack, the media is ignoring facts and hiding truth for their own benefit…. And many more issues are creating a perfect storm.

What is going on in our nation can be found in history. We have states fighting the Federal Government over several issues. And we have an election coming up that will pit a divided nation against one another. We have seen in history what happens when a nation is as divided as we are now. It was called the civil war.

We are under assault make no mistake this is all out war for our freedom. We see it every day from those in DC and in local governments. We see the division on the evening news. We see the lines between RIGHT AND WRONG being blurred by emotions and idiocy. We see the problems yet we have no answer that satisfies BOTH party’s concerns.

What worries me is the potential for violence. Our political system is ripe for violence based on the lies and deceit of those with an agenda. We hear “Fox news is bad” Fox news is the only station actually reporting on several issues that should be front page news across the nation. IF the people would wake up and see what our elected officials are truly up to, perhaps we can save our nation from the demons within….

Here’s a couple of scenario’s:

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