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DNC Chair blames Tea Party..

DNC Chair blames Tea Party..

As always all fingers must point away from the truth.

DNC chairwoman blames Tea Party ‘tyrants’ for US credit rating downgrade

The head of the Democratic National Committee joined Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on Monday in casting blame for the U.S. credit downgrade on the Tea Party movement.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) quoted Kerry’s comments made Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and noted, “Truer words never spoken.”

HA, man I love this. This shows the fear that the democrats have of the Tea Party. You damn well better fear us. We the PEOPLE have had enough. We’re making changes, we’re changing the “Ruling elite class” back to “We the people” and if you don’t like it QUIT ya bitch.

I’ll take every bit of the blame, You’re damn right I said STOP SPENDING MONEY, WE”RE FKN BROKE! Here’s something else you may want to blame. How about your party who ran our debt up to this point? Well that can’t be right…

How ridiculous is this… there’s 535 members of Congress, the VP and POTUS in the ruling body. There’s approximately 20 Solidly TEA PARTY BACKED MEMBERS…. And those 20 held the rest hostage?… Whew, that’s the extreme example of “Victimization”… Who are the democrats? Perpetual victims…Yep.

Tea Party Downgrade… Um NO.

Tea Party Downgrade… Um NO.

After listening to the Sunday morning show recaps, it appears the liberal/progressives have their talking point memo well in hand.

John Kerry (D-umbass) Said “This is a tea party Downgrade”.. David Axelron (Ex-Obama adviser) said it, DNC Chair Debbie Whatshername Shmuck said it, it’s a concerted effort to paint “ANYONE ELSE” as the blame for reality… Never will you hear “Yeah, I guess our policies have not worked” or “Yes, I think trying to tax rather than cut was a bad idea” or “Yeah over regulation of businesses, and making the people that HIRE people the enemy may have been a bad decision”… No that can’t be it…

Blaming the Tea party:

The tea party according to ALL the lefty polls they keep trotting out to the media, are only supported by between 15 and 30 percent of Americans. The tea party according to lefty’s is a “Fringe” element that really has no sway in politics… The Tea party according to lefty’s are just racist white old rich people who are terrorists….

The Tea party is NOT an organization that can be attacked as a whole. The looser left can’t get a handle on the groundswell of Tea party activists. They can’t pin point any leader (Other than Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann) and they are losing their minds trying.

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