Paul Ryan: The NEXT Vice President.

Paul Ryan: The NEXT Vice President.

Here is the next Potus/VPOTUS

Now let me tell you where I stand on this pick. Same place I was before Romney picked Ryan.  Firmly on the side of A.B.O. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA. I don’t care if he picked Mike Tyson or Rex Ryan. To me it’s all about removing the danger we know. We KNOW Eric Holder and Barack Obama are corrupt. We know their henchmen Pelosi and Reid, are just as bad. We don’t know how Romney will govern, we do know HE DOES LOVE THIS NATION. We knew Bill Clinton loved this nation. We KNEW George Bush loved this nation. What we’ve seen is Barack Obama LOVES HIMSELF.

We need a change and we need it now. I’ll be perfectly fine calling Mitt Romney my president. But that don’t mean I’ll be silent if he goes sideways and if he doesn’t CUT/CAP and BALANCE he’ll be Out/Unemployed and TEMPORARY.

The other thing I like about this pick. Biden vs Ryan in a debate. Should be EPIC!

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2 Replies to “Paul Ryan: The NEXT Vice President.”

  1. Whenever a viable budget was crafted on behalf of the GOP recently, it was Ryan’s.

    Ryan doesn’t just have platitudes; he offers actual ideas and details.

    An excellent choice.


  2. I was never a big Romney fan, but he is what he is, he’s all we’ve got, and while I am 100% certain that he is infinitely better qualified than Barack Hussein Obama and will turn the direction that this nation is headed around, I wasn’t going to become too terribly enthusiastic until I saw who he picked to be his VPOTUS candidate. Now I am getting some enthusiasm!

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