Why the GOP is dead now…

As we all (Normal Thinking Americans) celebrated the landslide victory in 2014 of the Republican party in the election, some of us (Conservatives) entertained cautious optimism. We had “Hope” for “Change” we thought for sure the GOP would see the victory as a mandate to stop the spending, stop the Obama agenda… Well, folks how you like it now? almost a year and I have a question:

What exactly would have been different had the democrats won Majorities in both Houses of Congress?

My answer: NOT A DAMN THING! Other than from the “Minority” the Republican party would be complaining about the actions THEY THEMSELVES JUST ALLOWED.

So forgive me if I sound a bit skeptical over the potential of a president running for the GOP nomination. This is the only way I will vote in the primary or the general for a president. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Donald Trump. I ask that every American take this stand RIGHT NOW! Pledge high and low to ABSTAIN or vote off ticket if one of those three are not on the ballot.

There is ZERO chance that a GOP establishment candidate will do as they say, you don’t believe me? Do your own research. Check the campaigns of those who won in 2014, look at what they ran on, look at the promises made and then look at how they have voted. Look at what has happened since McConnell took the senate lead from Reid. Tell me which one was in which party. IF you didn’t know who was a Republican or Democrat you would swear McConnell was a democrat. More of Obama’s agenda has been passed in THIS YEAR than the last 4 years of Reid’s reign. So yes. I am done with the GOP I have been lied to, I have been betrayed and as far as I’m concerned Fuck the GOP.

Any outsider running as a Republican if worthy will get my vote. I will not vote for ONE MORE DAMN RINO, I will never again subject my readers or my friends to optimism above gut feelings. My gut told me in 2014 that we were about to get raped from behind with a cactus prawn. I was right then and I’m right now. Rubio/Bush or any other than the three I mentioned above will betray the nation for big money donors.


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Obama ready on the spot…

Another mass shooting where the gunman is stopped by a gun. Oregon Shooter was a mixed race, anti-“normie” scum who targeted Christians. As the facts are slowly coming out have shown. Obama jumped to action and to the podium to cry “Gun Control” is needed


So lets take a minute and ask a few questions:

  1. Barack Obama ran to the podium faster this time than he did for any other shooting (Far faster than when the marines were killed in Recruiting center) Anyone find it odd that he was so ready with his podium speech?
  2. The Christians were shot in the head, the others were wounded. If you changed the word Christian to Muslims do you think the media would be a flippant about mentioning the actions of the shooter?
  3. Obama is going after guns again because we don’t do enough background checks? All the guns in Oregon shooters possession were legally obtained, background checks passed, so what exactly is Obama’s end result?
  4. Is there something we can do to eliminate mass shooting?


#4 is very simple actually. YES, you confiscate all guns in society except from the people you want to have them. If you only want cops and military to have guns, then send them to take ours. But that seems counter to the anti-gun belief because the death toll will climb worse in that action than any million mass shootings. So what exactly does Obama want?

I contend Obama has no desire to go after guns or more gun laws. I contend Oregon provided a needed cover for Obama’s miserable economic results. I contend that Barack Obama saw a way to turn the public to the murder in Oregon and to use it for political gain while casting shade on his jobs record. He’s not going to get shit for gun control, but he’s going to push his liberal fucknozzles to make it front page every day, why? See then democrats can paint the repubs as supporters of mass killings and sheep will bahhhh.


Fact is: Gun control like Illegal Immigration will never be “Solved” because if it were, democrats would have to run on records rather than social issues and feel good policy bullshit.

Molon Labe You scum sucking prick.


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Black Gay Obama Supporter Kills Whitey!

A Black, Gay, Obama supporter KILLED TWO WHITE PEOPLE because he felt oppressed. He was oppressed because he was Black and Gay and demanded some special treatment and wasn’t getting it…

This is brutal, if you haven’t seen it.

And just like clockwork Barack Obama blamed Blacks and Gay’s for the senseless murders of two wonderful people… Just kidding, he went back to the well of GUN CONTROL!!!…



Lets play a game: White guy who felt “Oppressed” because Black folks are blaming him for everything because he’s white, snaps and kills two black Journalists live on camera.. We find out later he’s also against gay marriage and had a confederate battle flag in his home, oh and he killed the two black journalists because he was reprimanded for doing what the black journalists did and the boss’s never said anything to them… Same type response from Obama? He wouldn’t say anything about race or gay agenda or confederate flag would he? Yeah, He’d be in the rose garden singing show tunes in between podium sessions..

But it’s really okay, because Obama lost credibility about seven years ago and he’s never even tried to regain it.


Then on top of all that, the shooter, a black man did everything legally to obtain his firearm. Background checks, wait period, etc.. Really odd though. He wasn’t a member of the NRA. So of course we must blame the NRA.. sigh

Watching that video, I suspect the journalists in the field are going to demand some armed security shortly. Isn’t that ironic. Media is pushing the liberal agenda of gun control and now are going to be guarded by armed guards. LOL

Final thought as I said before: Charles Manson is serving LWOP for doing exactly what Sharpton, Obama and the entire leftwing nutbags have done this past 2 years. Let that sink in.

GOD Bless the USA, we’re in deep trouble here.


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Hillary Clinton Progress!

Let me get this straight: A secretary of state was subpoena’d to turn over data, over 8 months ago? Now she turns over some files, will give testimony in front of congress for only one day. She’s only giving data that has been cleaned. But she’s one of us?

So to put this into perspective: If the IRS sends you a letter to appear for an audit. Try to tell them you’re receipts were lost when your hard drive crashed. Try to tell them that you have evidence of your receipts and you’ll need 8 months to get that data to them. Then give them the computer with a blank hard drive, no power supply and a hammer through the screen. Do you think you’re going to walk away from that without a major fine and/or jail time? The answer is HELL NO!

Here’s the other piece of “progress”: If Hillary were a black woman, there’d be zero investigation, no congressional demands and if you dared questioned her, you’d be labeled racist. IF this Hillary thing, drops even a breadcrumb of Obama’s name on it, it will be squashed in the media and in congress. Why? Black Privileged Lives Matter.

Bottom line is this: Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee, nor will Sanders. This dog and pony show is designed to make Biden look intelligent. And quite frankly compared to the current idiots on Democrat side, Biden looks like a genius now.

Hillary for Prison 2016!

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The Circus is a Rerun.

And we’re off.

Donald Trump is leading the polls. Enter the GOP establishment to insert their power through a debate moderator. Megan Kelly, normally a great voice for the right thinking Americans in this nation, also a fairly straight forward no-nonsense news/opinion host. She inserted herself in the debate. She made the story about her and Trump rather than substance of ideals, policy differences and records of leadership. Instead, Mrs Kelly asked questions of Trump that were at best MSNBC like, at worst a tabloid reporter. Mrs Kelly did as she was told at best, at worst help craft that line of questioning for ratings.

The fact that she went to this level to trip Trump up, shows you how fearful the GOP/RNC/Elite media are that someone other than Jeb or Christie might actually have a shot.

Now for Trump: Trump didn’t handle the attack well. Sometimes a nod and a smile work better than a confrontation. This was a good time for Trump to say something about not having Carly on the stage could be labeled as a sexist action. Maybe just a “Well, there’s been some evolving” type comment. But you can’t attack Mrs Kelly and gain supporters you can only lose them.

With that being said, the field didn’t move much for me either way. Carson and Carly both moved up a bit, Christie/Bush were already at bottom stayed there. Paul kept his spot Cruz and Trump stayed top rung. Walker actually left me weakened. Huckabee did well but just too statist for me.

It’s going to be a long year folks, don’t punch out too soon.

I predict Trump will start losing ground to Cruz shortly. And the only way Trump runs 3rd party is if the nominee is no better than Clinton. In which case, the Republicans are going to lose anyway and I won’t have a problem voting for Trump in that instance.

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Why is there no Questions?

Government has never put fourth any law or policy or regulation or tax that didn’t have “Unintended” consequences. In the history of America you can’t name ONE president that got the special treatment Barack Obama has gotten since he was elected President of the United States of America.


Every Republican President, made policy changes, signed bills into law and EVERY ONE OF THEM had the “Consequences” of those actions illuminated on every news channel. Even Fox News when GWB was POTUS reported on the negative effects of his prescription reforms. Clinton when he signed DOMA and welfare to work programs had news channels broadcasting the NEGATIVE results of those policies/laws.


Enter Barack Obama and if you watch the mainstream media, you would think every policy or bill that Obama signed came with no negative consequences, or if they did, they were so minor they reported on them after the weather segment. Not so for every other President in recent history.


So then the question becomes WHY? Is it that Barack Obama is such a great and wise leader that his changes in policy and laws he signed only resulted in perfection? No consequences at all to speak of and only Barack Obama had the vision to enact such wonderful policies? Um, no.


The answer to WHY is: The mainstream media is vested in propping up a president they have covered for, to the point of under-reporting or flat out lying for him to save their own ass. The MSM, has distorted truth, covered up illegal actions, refused to follow the same protocols they had followed for every other POTUS because Obama is black. There is no other reason.


Barack Obama is the first black President and the only reason he was elected in the first place. He had no experience, never led anything and in a normal world would never be considered presidential. Once he got elected, the press treated him with kit gloves and they’ve been doing it ever since.


ANY President before Barack Obama was never afforded such privilege. Democrats got treated better by the press corp than Republicans, but they weren’t anywhere near the level we are now. There is ZERO journalistic integrity left in the mainstream media because they treated Barack Obama as if he were incapable of doing this job without them. They treated Barack Obama as if he was a special needs child who couldn’t care for himself, the worst part is they never even asked if he could.


Let me tell you when the results of Obama’s policies are illuminated and the effects of them become undeniable. Obama will be out of office and a Republican president will be blamed for them. There will be no way to convince the die hard liberal establishment that within three months, a Republican president who hasn’t had a chance to do anything more than set up his/her office didn’t cause the recession that is coming.


We didn’t recover from the 08 recession, there are 92 MILLION Americans out of the workforce, they will remain out of the workforce until Obama is out of office. Only after Obama is gone will they be included.

IF the next POTUS is a conservative and by my count there’s about three of them that can wear that badge. They will immediately use every precedent Barack Obama set to right this ship called the USA. And if the liberals/Progs/Dems were honest they’d shut up and say well, our guy did it.. They won’t but it would be awesome to see that kind of character.

This next year is going to be interesting. IF we survive it. 

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And Another Mass Shooting…

Congratulations are in order for the liberal/progressive collective. It appears they have their white whale.. After years and years of blaming Tea party, Racists, Obama haters for mass killings only to be proven wrong. It appears this one might actually be the guy they were waiting for…

What we know about the shooter in Lafayette is he had anti-government facebook posts and a few tweets. Although they were from 2 years ago, evidently he “Evolved” as the left likes to say…

There is a problem though, it seems the shooter had a large banner in his possession… That banner was a NAZI FLAG. This alone kind of shoots the tea party thing in the ass. But there’s more to come.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.23.29 PM

One of the shooter’s quotes:

Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question of his being the most successful that ever lived. At this time the US is no more than a financially failing filth farm. Soon the phrase ‘ruling with an iron hand’ will be palatable anew.”

It appears he was mentally ill, he was denied a CCW, the theater was a gun free zone.. Several laws were broken by the shooter before he even pulled the trigger on his handgun.

So of course here comes the anti-gunners demanding “Common sense” gun laws. Which common sense laws would have prevented ANY of these shootings? Which ONE LAW would have stopped it? Please tell me what an Unbreakable gun law looks like…I’ll wait.

In the meantime, prayers for the victims of this stupid son of a bitch and I hope the bastard burns in hell…



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Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Well, it happened again. But its really different this time, I mean it’s totally not connected to anything other than lack of gun control in America. That’s it, no other similarities to anything, we’re stumped.


Beware, this post will contain language not suitable for easily offended people. Warning issued. Click off if your vagina or mangina gets offended at words.

If you’ve read my posts or know me personally, you know my love, admiration and respect for the American military. So I am going to focus on my anger rather than my mourning.


My anger isn’t limited to Muslim goat fuckers. Its not limited to the liberals/progressives/democrats/Mainstream media who enable them. My anger, my disgust and my outright hatred is also for the Congress and POTUS of the USA right now. Here’s why:


In March of this year: ISIS made it perfectly clear they were going after US Military and their families. They sent tweets, they made video’s, they wrote articles in “Jihadi’s R US” for Christ sake!! And yet, NOBODY in Congress, the President, the generals of the US Military didn’t act to allow our military members the ability and tools to defend themselves OR even arrange security for them ON OUR OWN SOIL! So while we’re pointing fingers.. Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader McConnell, Senators McCain/Graham who are supposed to be “All about the Military” where was your action? Oh wait, too busy running for POTUS or maybe too busy trying to help your buddy Obama and removing “Wackobirds” “Crazies” from the political environment that may threaten the GOP establishment…


The lack of leadership in DC is at the heart of Chattanooga. Yes, A Muslims goat fucker was the murderer, But he had help from the leaders of the free world. So you who are in charge of making laws/ending laws/cherry picking laws you want to enforce YOU should be in jail for what you DIDN’T DO! While you were putting up bills to ban flags and monuments on federal cemetery’s, while you were worried about how the media would react to words you speak. YOU FAILED OUR SERVICE MEMBERS ON OUR SOIL!… While you were “Debating” sanctuary cities WHAT THE FUCK IS THERE TO DEBATE?  FEDERAL LAW IS UP FOR DEBATE? AWESOME!!! Lets play that shit out on other FEDERAL LAWS like taxes, like 2nd Amendment, like 100 other federal laws that Barack Obama refuses to enforce. ALL of DC is responsible for the murders in Chattanooga and for every MUSLIM or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MURDER IN THE USA!


Then just for the icing on the cake: The pretender to the throne, “dear leader” Obama, who runs to the podium every time a white cop shoots a black THUG CRIMINAL! OR when he is releasing MUSLIM MURDERERS from GITMO or when he’s trading ONE DESERTER for FIVE TERRORISTS, can’t be bothered to visit that same podium to mention the murders of these military men of HONOR! Let that shit sink in. Now you know who is running our nation.


Media doesn’t dare mention the “Common” theme in the Chattanooga attack. Nope, it’s a “Melee” it is “Under investigation to determine if there’s a connection” The motherfuckers name was MUHAMMAD assholes!! he was a MUSLIM.. MUSLIM… M-U-S-L-I-M you crayon eating son of a bitch. How fuckin hard is that? I bet if this was his facebook picture, Obama would hit that podium…



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