2016 election deja-vu…

Here we go again folks… This is the most disheartening post I’ve written in a long time.

We conservatives have a real problem within our own group. We have various levels of conservatives who feel their level is the true conservative and the rest are either not conservative or too libertarian or whatever. We will take apart any conservative in the election to make sure our conservative gets the nomination or we won’t vote.

I’m as guilty as anyone for this.

Lets go back to 2008, it didn’t matter if Reagan showed up Obama was going to win.

Lets go back to 2012, We had conservatives who actually WORKED with Reagan in DC running and we conservatives failed to back them in favor of another conservative who didn’t make it either. We ended up with Romney and all the polls said he’d win so conservatives said screw it, and he lost.

Now in 2016 we have another shot..The Trumpers are battling the Cruzers and Rubio is getting all the GOP money and support.

When this all shakes out, there’s going to be decision to be made. After Tuesday that decision is going to be more clear.

I have good friends who are on the Trump train, I am not on that train. I’m on the Cruz wagon. My reasoning is very simple. The GOP will accept a Trump presidency, as evident by Christies endorsement. No matter what you hear, the GOP knows this election is more of a vengeance election against the GOP than a support the Republican party, so they won’t come out and say “Trump is okay” that’s a death knell.

But the problem is, we spend 8 months beating Republican candidates bloody, then we give the carcass to the Democrats to pick at the bones a few more months… By the time we vote, we are in such a state of hopelessness that we just want it to stop.

I suggest we all take the “These two are okay with me” stance in regards to Cruz and Trump. Either you are a TRUMP guy and will compromise with Cruz, or you’re a CRUZ guy and will compromise with Trump. But lets knock off the “My guy or No Guy” bullshit and at least pick two.

The Ace of Spades said it best:


I do understand the importance of this election cycle is one that I can’t sit out because Trump isn’t my guy. I’ll pull the trigger for Trump in a heartbeat if he’s the nominee.

Now, if its Rubio or Kasich? Well, lets just cross that bridge if its on fire after Tuesday…

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Scalia passes and GOD weeps.

First, my sympathies for Justice Scalia’s family. They lost a loved one.

Second, My sympathies for America, We lost a great man.

Let me simplify things now:

Ruth Ginsberg (Leftwing hack activist) SCOTUS Judge will likely be the next to leave the bench. Either because mental capacity is so diminished she can’t wipe herself anymore or by coroner. (I will not celebrate her passing the way leftists do over Scalia’s) The next POTUS will be appointing someone to fill her seat. If Obama appoints the next one and the RINO R senate accepts it, like they have everything else Obama wants, court goes 5-4 LIBERAL until Ginsburg steps down, then POTUS appoints another one. If it’s an R court goes back to 5-4 in Americans favor. If Hillary it stays 5-4 Liberal activist.

The stakes are this simple:

Best case scenario: Republican senate blocks any appointment by Obama. Trump or Cruz win in 2016, appoint Scalia’s replacement, And they’re confirmed by Republican Senate. Then Ginsburg goes, and POTUS gets to appoint another one. The Sotomayer/Keagan appointments by Obama are rendered moot with the court split going from 5-4 favoring Constitution (MOST of the time) to 6-3 Just like that.

Worst case scenario: Obama gets another appointment through, Hillary or Sanders appoint one to fill Ginsburg and the court goes LONG TERM Leftwing ACTIVIST JUDGES by 5-4.

Anything in between is as just as bad as the worst case IMO.

Pray hard for the nation, pray hard for the senate to grow a pair and that American voters will wake up and see their votes have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES THIS YEAR LIKE NO OTHER!


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Trump vs Cruz

So here we are, another election year. But this time its different. We actually have a shot at killing the GOP establishment RINO’s once and for all. But instead we will help the GOP and the Democrat party by dividing the conservative vote.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for vetting of both candidates to pick the right one. There’s also a need to focus fire on the true enemy.

Lets start with Donald Trump. Trump is a RISK to the conservative cause. Trump represents a common sense approach to governing. That “Common Sense” is also tied to money. Trump is a known capitalist, he’s got a record of failure and bouncing back. He’s got lots of friends in the rich inner circles. He’s brash, he’s outspoken, he’s saying all the right things.. BUT, he hasn’t governed even a small town. Should he be POTUS, he’ll have a media who will be relentless in pointing out every flaw. As they have been absent under Obama, they will rise and be relentless against Trump. Trump will need to “Compromise” to stoke his ego in my opinion and it will lead to a no better situation than we had with GWB. I could be wrong, Trump could prove to be the shot of blood the nation on life support needed. That’s why I say its a risky bet.

Ted Cruz: He’s a proven conservative, he’s stood against the GOP when it counted, when nobody was looking and when the camera’s are on. He’s sincere, he’s honest and I truly believe he knows that conservatism can save and reinvigorate this nation. That too is a risk. Seldom is one ideology the best way for all things. A refusal to open possibilities of a better way could lead to a deadlock in DC and the nation that we’re barely surviving now. (Not sure that’s a real bad thing) but it’s a risk.
Cruz also carries the “Birther” banner into the race, its bad when Repubs do it, but we all know its okay for Democrats.

There’s risk on both sides. But there is also HUGE REWARDS should either of these two become President. The world will again know that the USA has a leader. The alternative? Hillary, Sanders and even Bloomberg? Really?

There is only 2 choices in this election: Trump or Cruz. They don’t need to rip each other apart, they need to discuss the issues, show their vision and let the R’s decide who to back. And once its over, we need to back them in a way not seen since Reagan. 100%!!!!

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Obama’s view of the Union

I couldn’t watch too much of that stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. The guy is in a state of denial never before seen outside of the mental wards.

I did anticipate watching the liar in chief, just to count the lies right up till the Iranian’s took 2 of our Navy boats and held 10 of our sailors hostage. At that point I expected the State of the Union address to go from LIES to at least admonishing Iran for their act of war. Again I was disappointed.


When America has real leadership, Iran gets their ass handed to them for an action like this. But Obama is the chosen one and we have apologized for Iran taking our boats and men. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I say, well done Iran. I have to, I consider myself somewhat of a warrior heart. I can appreciate an enemy’s tactic even if I would love to kill the bastards. Any enemy of America should be extremely aggressive against the USA this year, this is the last year of weakness in America.

A new sheriff comes to town in about a year, if we survive it, its a testament to the patience of the American People. If we were in open revolution right now, the history books would be very kind to us for the reasons we fought. But we’re hoping the ballot box can over ride the bullet box.. But this election might decide the revolution timing. It’s coming.


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The GOP has been on life support for the last 7 years. It’s dying slowly for a reason. It’s dying because the people in the Republican party are slow to realize that the letter after the name isn’t the fix. The person before the letter IS THE FIX OR THE PROBLEM.


Case and point: John Boehner, he was billed as the savior of the nation when Republicans took over the house. He did some good things early on, then decided to go against the people who elected the majority congress. Enter Paul Ryan and the omnibus bill.  IF you’re paying attention, you know the Ryan giveaway is the democrat dream bill. So much so that they will be the majority votes to pass it.


What Paul Ryan and the GOP just did with this bill is commit suicide. This will not be forgotten. There’s nothing they can do after this to save them from the 2016 anger at the polls. How bad do you think it will be? I predict the house will switch majority’s and the RINO Ryan will be handing the gavel back to the hag.


What exactly will change if Pelosi is speaker? NOTHING. Only thing that will change is all of the sudden the “Republican” party will be against the spending, against the giveaways to special interests. See folks, the Repubs attacked the spending, attacked planned parenthood, attacked illegal immigration, attacked everything they just OKAY’D IN THE OMNIBUS BILL!


Trump or Cruz the only way Hillary doesn’t move back in. (Unless Cruz votes to support this BULLSHIT BILL FROM THE HOUSE)

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San Bernadino is Terrorism…

Now after 10 minutes most normal thinking Americans knew what was happening in San Bernadino CA. It only took 3 days for Barack Obama to figure it out… Well, sort of.


I’m not linking to a bunch of stories or biased bullshit, you if you are here know about it already. But maybe you might have missed a few things. Let me see if I can hit on something you didn’t think of…


  1. There were supposed to be THREE people according to witnesses who shot up the place. Only 2 found, both DEAD.
  2. A “Person” supposedly sold/gave/lent the firearms to the Islamic Terrorists, checked himself into a mental health hospital the next day, (Several CA Laws broke)
  3. There were roughly 70 shots fired in that building. In CA the maximum magazine capacity is 10 rounds. (each shooter must have reloaded 3x a piece. Not including the shots fired during the chase. (Another CA law broke)
  4. After the Paris Attack, France closed its borders, rounded up hundreds of radical islamic idiots and shut down several mosque’s. After San Bernadino, Obama has blamed the NRA, Republicans, the 2nd amendment.
  5. On the eve of the attacks on Pearl Harbor’s anniversary, Barack Obama saw fit to attack the constitution and our rights. He saw fit to blame everyone who disagrees with him and used his bully pulpit to attack 65% of Americans.
  6. In Obama’s speech, he called Ft Hood, The Naval Shipyard and San Bernadino shootings TERRORIST attacks. However, for the last several years, two of them were “Workplace Violence”.. So he admitted he lied, Hillary lied and nobody is calling him on it.


Just a few things I noticed… You have any more?

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Rahm Emanuel and Obama…

So we have another cop shooting a black thug… Chicago is going to become another protest fest. So let me open up this box…

Paris made it very evident that Obama has been the worst foreign policy president in our lifetime. He goes on TV 24 hours before the Paris attack and claimed ISIS was contained. The world saw this.

Obamacare is proving to be the failure we all knew it would be. This enrollment period is devastating to dear leader.

Putin is punking Obama on the world stage and even liberal media is asking questions.

So what is Obama to do in order to regain his liberal minions?

I contend that back when “Laquanda” was shot by a cop in the streets of Chicago a year ago, there was enough “light” shined on Obama’s social justice campaign. Black Lives Matter was coming up and the public was sufficiently captivated on his issue. So Obama told Rahm to hang on to it, use the courts to delay any actions on this other than the leave of the officer.

I also contend that this past couple weeks have been horrible for dear leader and he needs a deflection. Enter his buddy Rahm.

“Hey Rahm, tell the DA to drop objections and green light the video”

Maybe the judge is in on it too, I wonder if you checked, the judge was appointed by a democrat, maybe a black democrat? I’m not diving into the research but I can’t imagine any judge with a FAIR TRIAL mindset would release that video that taints the jury pool.

Is it really that far out of the realm of possibilities?

Chicago, Rahm, Corruption, Democrat stronghold…Evil cop.. Never let a crisis go to waste. Or Create a crisis if you must.

Tell me when something like this Chicago Cop Shooting video has ever been this cut and dry and waited a year to release?

You can’t tell me that the DA/Rahm/Police union and every power player in Chicago aren’t capable of such treachery.

Yeah, just a thought.

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USA the beginning…

I’ve heard so many apologists and self loathing over how the USA was born… The violence, the slavery the plunder of the natives.. oh wow, we suck.. NOT.


While you who are educated in liberal land colleges must be brainwashed into thinking YOU are guilty of the crimes against humanity. Let me help you out, you lilly white golden spoon up ass’d self absorbed parasite actually had NOTHING to do with the building of a nation. Matter of fact, anyone alive at that time who had the moral character, self absorbed, lazy ass’d, demanding demeanor generally didn’t make it passed age 20.

So let me give you a clue. This nation was built by BRAVE men and woman who put everything on the line and left what they felt was oppression. There was no blue print for building a free and prosperous nation without violence. There was only a blue print to build a nation WITH violence, war, theft, slavery and plunder. The world they left had many many years of that type of country building/taking… They left it to make a better life.


They landed somewhere and they were far off of where they thought they were. They survived without starbucks, 24/7 communication,news, information at their fingertips. They landed on soil they never knew existed and survived. No matter HOW they did it they survived.  To make a better life.

The British rule pushed our forefathers to the limit and they put their comfort, their lives, their futures and their families on the line for our future and you liberals cry about how they did it.


This is basic history, but the point I want to make is.. There was no proven blue print to create a nation as prosperous and free as the young USA. But that blue print exists NOW!

The Illegals, the Syrians they have an opportunity to CREATE THEIR OWN “Free and prosperous nation” But they can’t, why? Because the path of least resistance, the instant gratification of today says RUN to America who already did such evil things early so they could be so FREE later.

The point is, while you liberal douchenozzles think you’re helping by taking in refugees you are actually HURTING the cause. We can’t absorb all the Syrians or Latino’s and taking them in means the ones most capable of FIGHTING for their nation are leaving because we are enabling them to do so.


A drug addict on the street is crying for more crack, a liberal will buy it for them, a conservative will stuff the fucker in a closet until the withdrawals subside. It a harsh way to deal with it, but in the long run the drug addict will be better off.

The fact is, if you give these refugee’s NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT, they will fight. They will die, they will win or they will lose but they will try!

The other shit that bugs me is, these people leave, they flee their nation then get here and demand a hyphen. They claim their nation as a source a pride but they left it to women and children to sit in your stead. Sad source of pride there.


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