The Circus is a Rerun.

And we’re off.

Donald Trump is leading the polls. Enter the GOP establishment to insert their power through a debate moderator. Megan Kelly, normally a great voice for the right thinking Americans in this nation, also a fairly straight forward no-nonsense news/opinion host. She inserted herself in the debate. She made the story about her and Trump rather than substance of ideals, policy differences and records of leadership. Instead, Mrs Kelly asked questions of Trump that were at best MSNBC like, at worst a tabloid reporter. Mrs Kelly did as she was told at best, at worst help craft that line of questioning for ratings.

The fact that she went to this level to trip Trump up, shows you how fearful the GOP/RNC/Elite media are that someone other than Jeb or Christie might actually have a shot.

Now for Trump: Trump didn’t handle the attack well. Sometimes a nod and a smile work better than a confrontation. This was a good time for Trump to say something about not having Carly on the stage could be labeled as a sexist action. Maybe just a “Well, there’s been some evolving” type comment. But you can’t attack Mrs Kelly and gain supporters you can only lose them.

With that being said, the field didn’t move much for me either way. Carson and Carly both moved up a bit, Christie/Bush were already at bottom stayed there. Paul kept his spot Cruz and Trump stayed top rung. Walker actually left me weakened. Huckabee did well but just too statist for me.

It’s going to be a long year folks, don’t punch out too soon.

I predict Trump will start losing ground to Cruz shortly. And the only way Trump runs 3rd party is if the nominee is no better than Clinton. In which case, the Republicans are going to lose anyway and I won’t have a problem voting for Trump in that instance.

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Why is there no Questions?

Government has never put fourth any law or policy or regulation or tax that didn’t have “Unintended” consequences. In the history of America you can’t name ONE president that got the special treatment Barack Obama has gotten since he was elected President of the United States of America.


Every Republican President, made policy changes, signed bills into law and EVERY ONE OF THEM had the “Consequences” of those actions illuminated on every news channel. Even Fox News when GWB was POTUS reported on the negative effects of his prescription reforms. Clinton when he signed DOMA and welfare to work programs had news channels broadcasting the NEGATIVE results of those policies/laws.


Enter Barack Obama and if you watch the mainstream media, you would think every policy or bill that Obama signed came with no negative consequences, or if they did, they were so minor they reported on them after the weather segment. Not so for every other President in recent history.


So then the question becomes WHY? Is it that Barack Obama is such a great and wise leader that his changes in policy and laws he signed only resulted in perfection? No consequences at all to speak of and only Barack Obama had the vision to enact such wonderful policies? Um, no.


The answer to WHY is: The mainstream media is vested in propping up a president they have covered for, to the point of under-reporting or flat out lying for him to save their own ass. The MSM, has distorted truth, covered up illegal actions, refused to follow the same protocols they had followed for every other POTUS because Obama is black. There is no other reason.


Barack Obama is the first black President and the only reason he was elected in the first place. He had no experience, never led anything and in a normal world would never be considered presidential. Once he got elected, the press treated him with kit gloves and they’ve been doing it ever since.


ANY President before Barack Obama was never afforded such privilege. Democrats got treated better by the press corp than Republicans, but they weren’t anywhere near the level we are now. There is ZERO journalistic integrity left in the mainstream media because they treated Barack Obama as if he were incapable of doing this job without them. They treated Barack Obama as if he was a special needs child who couldn’t care for himself, the worst part is they never even asked if he could.


Let me tell you when the results of Obama’s policies are illuminated and the effects of them become undeniable. Obama will be out of office and a Republican president will be blamed for them. There will be no way to convince the die hard liberal establishment that within three months, a Republican president who hasn’t had a chance to do anything more than set up his/her office didn’t cause the recession that is coming.


We didn’t recover from the 08 recession, there are 92 MILLION Americans out of the workforce, they will remain out of the workforce until Obama is out of office. Only after Obama is gone will they be included.

IF the next POTUS is a conservative and by my count there’s about three of them that can wear that badge. They will immediately use every precedent Barack Obama set to right this ship called the USA. And if the liberals/Progs/Dems were honest they’d shut up and say well, our guy did it.. They won’t but it would be awesome to see that kind of character.

This next year is going to be interesting. IF we survive it. 

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And Another Mass Shooting…

Congratulations are in order for the liberal/progressive collective. It appears they have their white whale.. After years and years of blaming Tea party, Racists, Obama haters for mass killings only to be proven wrong. It appears this one might actually be the guy they were waiting for…

What we know about the shooter in Lafayette is he had anti-government facebook posts and a few tweets. Although they were from 2 years ago, evidently he “Evolved” as the left likes to say…

There is a problem though, it seems the shooter had a large banner in his possession… That banner was a NAZI FLAG. This alone kind of shoots the tea party thing in the ass. But there’s more to come.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.23.29 PM

One of the shooter’s quotes:

Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question of his being the most successful that ever lived. At this time the US is no more than a financially failing filth farm. Soon the phrase ‘ruling with an iron hand’ will be palatable anew.”

It appears he was mentally ill, he was denied a CCW, the theater was a gun free zone.. Several laws were broken by the shooter before he even pulled the trigger on his handgun.

So of course here comes the anti-gunners demanding “Common sense” gun laws. Which common sense laws would have prevented ANY of these shootings? Which ONE LAW would have stopped it? Please tell me what an Unbreakable gun law looks like…I’ll wait.

In the meantime, prayers for the victims of this stupid son of a bitch and I hope the bastard burns in hell…



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Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Well, it happened again. But its really different this time, I mean it’s totally not connected to anything other than lack of gun control in America. That’s it, no other similarities to anything, we’re stumped.


Beware, this post will contain language not suitable for easily offended people. Warning issued. Click off if your vagina or mangina gets offended at words.

If you’ve read my posts or know me personally, you know my love, admiration and respect for the American military. So I am going to focus on my anger rather than my mourning.


My anger isn’t limited to Muslim goat fuckers. Its not limited to the liberals/progressives/democrats/Mainstream media who enable them. My anger, my disgust and my outright hatred is also for the Congress and POTUS of the USA right now. Here’s why:


In March of this year: ISIS made it perfectly clear they were going after US Military and their families. They sent tweets, they made video’s, they wrote articles in “Jihadi’s R US” for Christ sake!! And yet, NOBODY in Congress, the President, the generals of the US Military didn’t act to allow our military members the ability and tools to defend themselves OR even arrange security for them ON OUR OWN SOIL! So while we’re pointing fingers.. Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader McConnell, Senators McCain/Graham who are supposed to be “All about the Military” where was your action? Oh wait, too busy running for POTUS or maybe too busy trying to help your buddy Obama and removing “Wackobirds” “Crazies” from the political environment that may threaten the GOP establishment…


The lack of leadership in DC is at the heart of Chattanooga. Yes, A Muslims goat fucker was the murderer, But he had help from the leaders of the free world. So you who are in charge of making laws/ending laws/cherry picking laws you want to enforce YOU should be in jail for what you DIDN’T DO! While you were putting up bills to ban flags and monuments on federal cemetery’s, while you were worried about how the media would react to words you speak. YOU FAILED OUR SERVICE MEMBERS ON OUR SOIL!… While you were “Debating” sanctuary cities WHAT THE FUCK IS THERE TO DEBATE?  FEDERAL LAW IS UP FOR DEBATE? AWESOME!!! Lets play that shit out on other FEDERAL LAWS like taxes, like 2nd Amendment, like 100 other federal laws that Barack Obama refuses to enforce. ALL of DC is responsible for the murders in Chattanooga and for every MUSLIM or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MURDER IN THE USA!


Then just for the icing on the cake: The pretender to the throne, “dear leader” Obama, who runs to the podium every time a white cop shoots a black THUG CRIMINAL! OR when he is releasing MUSLIM MURDERERS from GITMO or when he’s trading ONE DESERTER for FIVE TERRORISTS, can’t be bothered to visit that same podium to mention the murders of these military men of HONOR! Let that shit sink in. Now you know who is running our nation.


Media doesn’t dare mention the “Common” theme in the Chattanooga attack. Nope, it’s a “Melee” it is “Under investigation to determine if there’s a connection” The motherfuckers name was MUHAMMAD assholes!! he was a MUSLIM.. MUSLIM… M-U-S-L-I-M you crayon eating son of a bitch. How fuckin hard is that? I bet if this was his facebook picture, Obama would hit that podium…



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GOP vs Donald Trump

So almost like clockwork, here we are again. Same as in every election since 2000. The GOP has a very talented field. The best candidates for POTUS all in one clown car. I use that term loosely and as a joke. The fact is, I can’t stand the thought of having any of them running this nation other than 4 of them. However; ANY OF THEM WOULD BE BETTER THAN HILLARY/SANDERS/OBAMA…ANY OF THEM!


So with that said. Its deja-vu time. The best candidates, the ones that would offer the MOST HOPE to this nation are being systematically taken apart by the GOP elites, the DNC, the Media and the RINO’s all together, in a united effort to keep the choices close to what we have now.


So lets ask a few questions:

Q: Who does the Democrat party most want Hillary to run against in 2016?

A: Jeb Bush, Chis Christie, Lindsey Graham are top three because they know conservatives will again stay home and Hillary will win. Next level would be Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Huckabee. They think they can get enough traction from Illegals/Atheists/Gay mafia they can bury them. The very last Republicans the DNC or the GOP wants Hillary to run against is Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Donald Trump.



Now I could be wrong, you can switch Perry and Trump in the levels but the same statement applies. The DNC doesn’t want any GOP candidate to offer a real choice to the people.

Q: Why doesn’t the Democrat party or the GOP want to have a competitor that offers the MOST Difference between their guy/gal and the GOP’s?

A: Because neither of them have confidence their ideology is best for the nation. The GOP is now the Moderate Democrat party, The Democrat party is now the socialist party and the democrat party only wins when two things happen: 1. No voter ID. 2. The conservative base stays home. It happened in 08, it happened again in 2012. When the conservatives come out to vote, the GOP wins in landslides. 2014 proves it.


So what we have here is the same thing that happened in 2012 getting ready to happen again in 2016:.. The people who vote in the primaries for Jeb/Christie/Graham are the same people who defend Obama and Hillary on blogs and facebook and say they’re republicans.

in 2014 the tidal wave that gave the GOP the most seats in house/senate in forever have shown themselves to be less than what they claimed to be. Let this sink in: Since 2014, more of Obama’s agenda has been enacted, than in the entire 6yrs prior. And the Republicans were elected because of their speeches against Obama’s new world.


My prediction: The GOP is going to get its ass kicked in 2016 from house to POTUS because of what the GOP has done with its power this year.

Bye GOP. unless Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Donald Trump (Might pull a lever for Ben Carson just so I can call democrats racist for not worshipping him) other than that. Nope, not going to waste my time voting.

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Greece, Venezuela, USA

The “New world order” under dear leader, the supreme being of the America’s, Barack Hussein Obama’s leadership is being televised. The future of the USA is being seen in Greece, the ultimate end is being seen in Venezuela.


USA debt clock hasn’t moved in a long time, why? Are we paying our debt? NOPE, it was deemed unhelpful by the supreme leader. 92K out of the work force, why are they not counted? Unhelpful for dear leader.

But while we were distracted over Charleston, confederate flags, gay weddings… Obama and his minions in the Republican party passed Obamatrade. Which basically gave away our nation to the highest bidder.

So, Look at Greece and Venezuela and ask yourself. Who is most likely to take us down those paths?

Fact is folks, our nation is too far gone to save peacefully. The soap box is broken, the ballot box has proven unrealistic so there’s one box left.

Natural disaster, Terrorist attack, Economic crash, whatever it is, it won’t be dear leaders fault, it will be a flag’s fault or hotcoldwetdry or or or, there’s no way liberalism can be to blame for anything… racist!


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Charleston and Knee Jerk Reactions…

By now, we all know about the mass murder in the black Church in Charleston South Carolina. Before my rant, let me be clear and concise in my disgust at the animal who committed this atrocious act. My prayers are for the family of those killed, those who were killed as Christians are now in the arms of the lord. God Bless them.

Now to the Knee Jerk Reaction:

10898271_10153088854538432_6878149962446530314_n (1)
President Barack Obama’s rush to the stage to push for gun control. He said all the right stuff first, then went right into his agenda push. He’s been trying to enact strict gun control laws since he was in college with Bill Ayers. But he picked a time, before the bodies were even collected to make statements that do not match reality at all. Which the sheep in the media immediately covered up and parroted.

“Other advanced nations don’t have to deal with this kind of violence” Obama. Evidence: HEDBO.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.24.04 PM

I noticed that after Ft Hood Obama didn’t call for gun control, he labeled it “Workplace Violence”

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.24.18 PM

I noticed after HEDBO massacre, Obama decided to call it a non-targeted attack by non- specific criminals.

I noticed that Obama’s minions in the media salivated over every politician that threw out “Gun control is needed” and asked every politician with a strong 2nd amendment stance isn’t it time for gun control.

10405551_609703592477227_3299994473732411017_n (1)

The bodies had yet to be been transported to the morgue.

I waited a couple days…

So Obama and his minions are back on the gun control wagon. We in the NORMAL THINKING WORLD understand that guns are a tool. They are a defensive tool in the hands of 99.9% of the nation who own firearms. Yet the liberal mind wants to ban the tool. The facts:


Arizona instituted constitutional carry laws a couple years ago. The Brady crowd, the Anti-Gun nuts, liberal politicians from coast to coast and some RINOs proclaimed “There’ll be blood in the streets” after a few years, data shows a MAJOR DROP IN VIOLENT CRIME, by major I mean not just a dip, but a DROP! So if results matter….

Then, here’s the argument when we mention those results and compare with Illinois. “Criminals are getting guns in red states and coming back to Chicago to use in crimes” Well, YEAH! Why? Because back in Chicago, the population are likely not carrying a firearm. Why wouldn’t those people from Chicago do their crimes in the states they got the guns? Because there’s FEWER EASY TARGETS THAT’S WHY!


The way to give innocent people a chance not to be victims isn’t to enact laws that make them MORE LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS, its to enact laws that punish the criminals in such a way they have to be concerned about it.. AND TO RESCIND THE LAWS THAT INFRINGE ON THEIR RIGHTS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!

Now we get to the next step:


The confederate flag. The shooter was a racist. Granted. He was the ONE TIME.. THE REAL RACIST DEVIL THE LEFT HAS BEEN SEARCHING FOR! Every other mass shooter of caucasian outward appearance (Can’t say white anymore, don’t know for sure these days Dolezal)

The shooter a white separatist/racist etc. Took action based on his belief. The liberals are euphoric they finally found their unicorn. The problem is: Most of us are “Cried wolf” out. Every white shooter has been called racist. So when there finally is one, there’s little shock value left.


There’s images of the shooter with the confederate flag. The battle flag. But there’s also images of him burning the American flag and stomping/spitting on it. So, exactly who supports the stomping/burning of the American flag? Yeah, not the republicans/conservatives.


Nobody doubts this guy is a racist. Now we know the signs of a racist potential mass murderer right? So we should be able to keep an eye on them right? Lets not overlook the black racists who are in Ferguson/Baltimore/Charleston/Cleveland/LA etc. They are the ones pushing for the very same thing the murderer in Charleston wanted. Let that sink in.


The fact is again: The confederate flag is only “Racist” to those who don’t know history OR who have been brainwashed to believe REVISIONIST HISTORY or for political gain use the battle flag of the confederacy as a demonizing tool. Again, liberals have no issue with banning the tools they fail to understand its the PERSON who the tool is the hands of that is ultimately responsible for the tools use.

Here’s an example: A Republican in office wants to save lives so with today’s technology, it is entirely possible to limit vehicles to posted speed limit speeds ONLY! There is no need for vehicles to go faster than the posted speeds right? So why have a vehicle people can buy that will go 100 mph? Cars kill more people than guns, so lets start there. They won’t and the reason is simple. That would create a problem for them, they have cars, they like the freedom to go as fast as they want when they want. To “Infringe” on that freedom would be insane wouldn’t it? Where in the constitution does it say you’re free to go as fast as you can when you want to? It does say YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…


Now, we have ban the confederate flag, Ban guns etc. Because of feelings not facts… So when you liberals get your way and get things banned… When you get older and ask, hey how did this happen. LOOK IN THE MIRROR.


End rant.



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Cleveland Ready to Explode…sigh

White cop kills black suspects, therefor Cop is racist and black suspect was a saint.

So, as I (And I hope you) feel sorry for the family of the dead suspects. I also realize the dead suspects put in motion the conditions for their death. They weren’t working, they weren’t volunteering at soup kitchens or helping youth read, or anything like that. Here’s a little clue as to why they’re both dead now, from the story:

The chase and shooting began when Russell’s car backfired as he sped past Cleveland police headquarters. Police officers and bystanders thought someone inside had fired a gun. More than 100 Cleveland police officers in 62 marked and unmarked cars got involved in a pursuit that saw speeds reach 100 mph during the 22-mile-long chase.

Authorities never learned why Russell didn’t stop. He had a criminal record including convictions for receiving stolen property and robbery and had been involved in a previous police pursuit. Williams had convictions for drug-related charges and attempted abduction. Both were described as mentally ill, homeless and addicted to drugs. A crack pipe was found in the car.”(Bold font=Mine)


So let’s recap:

1. Ferguson: “We demand an indictment, to not even charge Darren Wilson with a crime is a crime and is not allowing the system to work” Grand jury finds Wilson and others account of events truthful and no charges brought. Riots ensue.

2. Baltimore: “We demand an indictment over Freddy Gray” Riots ensue before charges filed, calmed down after Mosby files charges that 90% of lawyers know will not stick.

3. Cleveland: Indictment/Charges filed over the shooting of 2 Black men by white cop, trial ensues verdict is not guilty, riots inevitable.

Basically what we have here is “We want an indictment, we want a charge, we want a trial, we want a conviction or we’re going to riot” in other words, either the cop/cops are found guilty in white cop/black subject cases or its not justice.

We don’t have a system for this type of demand. The only thing white cops can do now is hope if they have to use deadly force the subject is white. They can’t NOT see race. They must see race first and decide course of action. This is getting good cops killed. This is going to create MORE bad cops in the long run because GOOD MEN/Women won’t want the job.

Mark my words, there’s going to be crisis within the next 2 years. The crisis will be police staffing being stretched too thin to effectively “Serve and Protect” then the cry will be “Entry level standards are too high”

Good luck Cops of every paint job. Y’all are going to need it.

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