Netanyahu WINS in Israel…

Congratulations Mr Netanyahu for his victory over Obama’s election rigging. Congratulations civilized world for avoiding the disaster of a weak Israel.

Bibi WINS And it wasn’t very close!

People should understand that America can because of geography play some games with leadership. We can survive and still succeed because of our location in the world and our population of 50+Percent who believe in hard work and have a moral compass that point NORTH!. Israel can’t take chances, they can only make ONE mistake and its over for their entire way of life, their entire nation…

To Obama with Love...

To Obama with Love…

Netanyahu is the leader Israel needs, the other is a denier of the wolves at the gates. We need a leader in America with half the leadership skills Bibi has. Obama isn’t fit to wash Bibi’s car much less sit in the same room with him.

Now though, get ready for: See, if Bibi wouldn’t have won, those rockets wouldn’t be falling on Israel now!!! Its coming. Just a matter of time before Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Nusra or whatever islamic non-islamic, job needing raghead group decides to attack Israel for whatever reason they come up with.

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Cops shot in Ferguson

Not that anyone could predict that after the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” LIE was proven to be a lie, the idiots invested in that lie would cause violence or anything….

After Eric Holder’s “Ferguson Report” or in reality speak the “Ferguson Eric Holder and Barack Obama jumped to conclusions about a racist cop in Ferguson so we had to find racism or Al, Jesse and all the rioters/looters would look stupid” report Would lead to violence against cops..

People told me that Eric Holder and Barack Obama mentioned the murders today, called the perpetrators punks or something. Not sure if Obama will offer them a job in his security detail yet but since ISIS just needs jobs, maybe its a possibility…

Al, Jesse, Holder, Obama all have blood on their hands again. The simple fact is, Charles Manson is serving life in prison for doing far less than these four assholes have done.

Pray for the Cops and their family.. Pray that the shooters get a bullet to the head ASAP..


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GOP Record time for Betrayal

The world record for betraying your party faithful has been set. Gold medal awarded to the GOP… Take a bow John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.


For the uninformed voter here’s a quick fact list.

The DHS funding bill that stripped Obama’s ILLEGAL Amnesty for five Million Illegals, was passed by the GOP led House of Representatives. This house is also known as the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, this is where WE the PEOPLE are supposed to have representation in federal government. The PASSED BIILL was sent to the Senate which is supposed to also give the people a voice, but its more of the STATES voice which depends on which party owns the state. The senate is also held by the GOP and it failed to pass the bill that the HOUSE passed. The DHS funding bill went back to the house to take the Obama amnesty defunding part out of it. Which the house (GOP MAJORITY) did exactly that…. So for that action, which is one of the reasons the GOP had such a great election in 2014, it was the greatest betrayal, in the shortest amount of time EVER in either party… Well DONE GUYS!!!


What other things were in the news during this time? Net Neutrality DONE, an ammo ban, in progress, a unilateral threat to raise taxes from white house in progress, Netanyahu speaking at the house BOYCOTT by 50+democrats, Iranian nuke deal, ISIS running amok, Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, IRS investigations….Glad we can expect courage in the face of the evil being forced upon the American people.

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Did Speaker Boehner get something for such a betrayal? I hear he may get a chance to play golf with Obama again now. Hope he has a nice game.


I apologize for ever defending the GOP against the “Big Money” claims democrats make. While the democrats are not short on “Big Money” themselves, I didn’t think the GOP was this indebted to them. Big corporations want Amnesty for Cheap labor, they think we’ll continue to defend the “Minimum wage” fight? Right now the best way to show how pissed off we are at the GOP for their betrayal is to join the raise the wage fight!… And I’m about to that point.


In my current state of mental awareness and anger toward the sell outs in the GOP, come 2016, I’ll be voting for anyone BUT GOP!. (Unless Ted Cruz, Ted Nugent or Allen West is the nominee)…

Good thing we worked so hard to give congress to the GOP in 2014, I feel so much better now.. sigh.

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Net Neutrality Coming

So after all the celebrations for the take over in congress for the GOP we are getting Amnesty, another Trillion in Debt and NET NEUTRALITY…

So please, tell me again what the country got for us conservatives holding our nose and voting for the Republican… You die hard RINO’s who want to be so compromising and compassionate so the liberals will like us.. How’s that working out?

As I type this out, I realize that after the vote goes down and the internet is turned over to the US government all of my posts and many of yours can be yanked offline based on the regulations. I haven’t registered this blog with any federal agency nor will I, if it gets yanked it gets yanked.

Net Neutrality is a nice name, like “Affordable Care” or any other federal bill/law/regulation the name is wonderful, the content is what screws the people.

Freedom and Liberty are disappearing at a rapid pace these days and our last hope to stop the slide was to elect the Republicans… So now what? The GOP is no longer Democrat light, its full Democrat in disguise.

The blame for Amnesty, budget deficits and Net Neutrality are all on the GOP now. Obama won’t get an ounce of blame for its resulting disaster… Just wait.

Good bye Freedom, Good bye Liberty, Good bye America.

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Obama’s Solution to ISIS

I have listened to Obama discussing the non-islamic Islamic State issue, it seems to me that theres a simple solution that is being complicated by ideology and denial.


First it was the “JV team” Then it was “I ended the war in Iraq” to “It wasn’t my idea to end the war in Iraq” Now its ISIS needs jobs and education, that will fix it.


I’ve about heard a damn-nuff.

Here’s the truth. ISIS is Islamic and here’s the best way to prove it.

If ISIS were to take over a nation, say they win in IRAQ, they kick every US soldier out, they become in charge of the entire state. What kind of governance do they bring to Iraq? Will it be the same type that Saddam Hussein had? Will it be western style? Or will it be closer to the taliban or Saudi Arabian type SHARIA law…. You answer that question honestly, you will see ISIS is a completely ISLAMIC organization.


Now, to listen to Barack Obama’s view of the cancer, you would think they’re just looking for jobs and opportunity in order to be able to sit at the big boy table.

ISIS is the military arm of ISLAM. ISLAM is a violent religion disguised as a religion of peace in order to continue amassing the force needed to dominate every where they infest.

So as every democrat, liberal, progressive falls all over themselves to excuse the evil of the Islamic State, they should realize that they will die horrible deaths should they fall into their hands..


As you enable evil you get more evil. If Barack Obama really believes that ISIS is just acting out because it has no jobs. Try this: Quit dropping bombs and drop EBT cards and Obama phones and buckets of money, see if they stop… Maybe they’ll appreciate it so much that they’ll just stop killing people. sigh.


Benghazi= Youtube video… FtHood= Workplace Violence.. Boston Bombing= Criminals etc. Every ATTACK BY ISLAMIC RADICALS has been excused and not named. However, Obama has no issue jumping to conclusions in Trayvonn, Ferguson, 3 Muslims killed in Chapel Hill, Calling tea party racists, Republicans are hostage takers… No bias, no ideological governance here.. nope. LOL

When even MSNBC is questioning what you’re doing Obama, you have a real problem.

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Chapel Hill Shooting…

By now you’ve heard about the three Muslims who were shot and killed in Chapel Hill N.C. In case you haven’t:

Three Muslims Killed in Chapel Hill N.C  (*By White-NRA-Tea Party-Ted Cruz-Republican-Racist etc of course*)

That in parenthesis comment is where this post is headed and it was added by me. Fact is, this was a dispute between tenants at a complex. The shooter was an Atheist, an extremely Anti-ANY RELIGION. That alone should be enough to show he was anything but a “Right Side of the Aisle” extremist.

Which party boo’d GOD at their national convention? I’ll wait.
Which party uses the SPLC, ACLU and other lawyer groups against religious institutions?(Christians/Catholics/Jews)

However, there’s a problem with only seeing the obvious. It misses the target too. The Tea Party has been infiltrated with capitol L libertarians, these folks in large part are maximum freedom lovers, but tend to side with the “Remove cross from hills” “Remove the Ten Commandments” “Don’t allow prayer in public” folks… They also side with the gay marriage crowd..

My take on the Three Muslims killed in Chapel Hill is simple:

The guy that killed them should be punished to the full extent that the law allows. If these “Muslims” were the “Moderate” Muslims America has been searching for, there’s three less of them now.

The hypocrisy is astounding though, 3 muslims gunned down and college students rail as if they have been validated about their victimization of poor muslims, yet totally silent about the Jews gunned down in France, The Christians killed by Muslims, the onslaught of Muslim atrocities that have been happening for the past three generations. (Not going as far back as the crusades)

So, beware all you “Kill all Muslims” folks, when any muslim is killed in America its a hate crime, when a muslim kills you, its workplace violence or an unknown ideology driving force… LOL

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Brian Williams and the Lies…

Well, another democrat.. Ooops I mean “unbiased journalist” was caught in a lie… Shocking I know. But wait, there’s more. Well there’s a lot more.

Brian Williams is just another in a long line of lies over the last 8yrs that have been found out after years of being touted as factual by the liberals/Progressives/Democrats…

You can go all the way back to 2006 when Democrats took over the house and senate through lies and deceitful tactics like blaming republicans for collapsing the economy, even though it was vibrant until 2008, 2 yrs after the democrats took over congress.

If you also notice, Brian Williams played a big part in that take over, how many lies were told then? Then we have Anthony Weiner’s hacked phone, Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, Shovel ready etc…

Just saying, what you hear from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN are all playing the same tune for the same orchestra leader. Credibility is gone and has been for years. I don’t mention MSNBC for a reason, everyone knows they’re a joke.

But by all means GOP let Brian Williams moderate debates because of his unbiased record.

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Barack Obama’s Character

Barack Obama said something very funny at the State of the Union Address.
“I have no more campaigns to run” He then added “I know because I won them both”…. Yep he did. Can’t take that from him. And it was a great slap to those who opposed him. McCain and Romney. I laughed and I can’t stand the bastard.


But what should concern you about that is: He is now free to show his true colors and he was letting the world know he was no longer going to pretend.

Think about it: When you need people to like you, want you, respect you and love you, you do what they want you to do… When you no longer need anything from them, you’re not constrained by what others might think…. Right after that speech, he insults Netanyahu, he goes for an hour interview with a bath tub dwelling youtube star. He’s running around stoking racial divisions…


Your true character is showing Barack Obama and America may not be able to punish you, but we’ll remember the party you represent and we’ll make sure that party always is reminded of your anti-American, anti-common sense actions.

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