Voters are Angry at Direction of USA

So, the latest poll shows voters are angry…

From CNN (Yes the democrat party media  JV team)

Washington (CNN) — Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats one week before the midterm elections, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows.
Democrats are battling to try and save the Senate majority, while hoping to prevent more losses in the House, which the GOP controls by a 234 to 201 margin.
In the Senate, Republicans need a net gain of six seats, and several state polls in the past month of contested races show that Democrats are in danger of losing control of the majority, and thus Congress. Currently, Democrats control the Senate by a 55-45 margin with two of those seats held by independents that align themselves politically with Democrats. (Read the rest here)

Now at first glance, you might think “Wow, this is awesome for Republicans” but let me temper that exuberance..Angry about direction doesn’t mean they’re angry about democrat party. There’s 70% of Americans who think the nation is headed the south, but 50% of those polled can’t read a compass.

The blame game has been going on for 8 years. The democrat party has been responsible for nothing other than gay marriage rights since they took over in 2006.

If the poll asked “Do you believe the republicans are to blame for the direction of the country” That number would be very interesting.

Personally, I have this 2012 feeling all over again. The GOP should sweep the election at this point. All the RED STATES have POSITIVE RESULTS that Republican Governors are running on. Democrats have NO POSITIVE RESULTS to run on so they’re running away from Obama and his policies. That alone should be enough. But nope. The election in Nov will be close when it should be a total sweep of democrat seats.

The election will come down to how much fraud/illegal votes are allowed and how many lies democrat voters still believe. I have a glimmer of hope that the senate changes hands in Nov. That glimmer is dimmed by the fact that Scott Walker in Wisconsin has turned that state around. Every economic measure has leaped past any liberal state by huge margins and that election is said to be CLOSE.

So I would suggest you vote if you live in America and maybe, just maybe educate yourself on the issues/candidates/results before you check the box… I know, its asking too much, the Kardashian’s are on TV that night. sigh.

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Ebola has a New Czar!

If Barack Obama appointed Marion Barry as Drug Czar, at least Mr Barry has some experience with drugs.. Just sayin.

From CBS ( no link to the democrat media wing, find it yourself)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday turned to a trusted adviser to lead the nation’s Ebola response as efforts to clamp down on any possible route of infection from three Texas cases expanded, reaching a cruise ship at sea and multiple airline flights.

Are you surprised about who Obama appointed? If you’re surprised, you haven’t been paying attention the last six years.


Lets go back to 2009- Obamacare. A bill that wasn’t read, voted on by politicians, pushed through with bribes and kickbacks, supported by insurance companies and lawyers, very few doctors/nurses wanted this 2000+ page disaster but we got it anyway. Then Obama admin spent the next 3 years and over 50 million dollars to get a super website to handle the disaster. Which compounded the disaster. Designed and implemented by a foreign company… So yep, there’s a record of incompetence. (Actually there’s about 200 records)

Now, we have a Czar who has no experience with healthcare, disease management anything that would set him apart from other potential professionals who do have those experiences. What is his qualifications? Solyndra, Joe Biden’s buddy?


Not to mention we already had a Czar who was in charge of this type of thing:

Weasel Zippers has the story of Dr. Nicole Lurie. She’s the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, (Read it at WZ)

So why do we have this new Czar? Its not to solve the crisis, avoid an epidemic or prepare the nation for a possible epidemic. Nope, its to spin every aspect of this disaster Obama has allowed into positives for Democrats before the next election.


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Democrat Racism is Real.

We’ve heard for six plus years, opposition to Obama is racist. In order to believe that, you must first not know who Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton are and you must believe that the same people hating Obama love them all…. But I digress…

(Image stolen from Bloviating Zeppelin )


Here’s a scenario: You witness a man in a wheelchair struggling to get up a hill, do you just grab the handles on the wheelchair and push or do you ask the man in the chair if he would like some help? If you’ve ever encountered a situation like that and just grabbed the bars, you’re liable to get yelled at for it. Most physically handicapped people have a sense of pride, a need to do for themselves. If you ask them, they’ll likely take you up on your offer, if you just help without question, you’re saying to that person “You can’t possibly do this, you’re handicapped and I’m not”… That’s perception.


So, in the Obama error… (Yes, era) the media, the democrat party, even the RINO elites have since day one GRABBED THE HANDLES for Obama without asking. Media has covered for him, democrats have made excuses for him, RINO’s have compromised with him…. Why? Well, he’s black and he can’t possibly do this job and be measured the same way has previous Presidents. We must lower the standards, we must protect him and his job performance because he needs us to… Media/Democrats/RINO’s.

Independents look at results. Conservatives look at results. And let me tell you. IF Obama’s performance was measured the same way as every previous President, Obama would be Impeached and/or in prison NOW.


Think I’m wrong? Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Nixon was impeached for wiretapping and Lying. How many lies has Obama been caught in?

Every statement, the first statement Obama comes public with has been a lie. From “Shovel Ready” to “Highly unlikely Ebola will get to the USA” Yet media has been relentlessly silent in their questioning of the lies, congress has been legislatively impotent over the lies. WHY? Because to impeach the first black POTUS would be racist!


So when you hear voter ID is racist, what does that say? Yep.. Black folks need us to grab the handles of their wheelchair without asking because they can’t possibly be smart enough to get ID to vote.

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Obamacare and Ebola…

Knowing what you know after six years of Obama’s corrupt government, do you really think this Ebola scare is a “Unforeseen event” or just a coincidence? I submit it is not.


Obamacare is the signature legislation of Obama’s two terms. He and Democrats need it to be successful so bad they will do ANYTHING to get it passed the “Rough start” So what was the first “Crisis?” Well that was the border crisis. The “Kids” who are being sent all over the nation. What healthcare program will they be signing up for? These ILLEGALS who “Will not be eligible for Obamacare” and now ARE ELIGIBLE and signing up in droves. What did we get when we got the illegal invasion? We got Entivirus along with criminals for potential votes.. But that plan was backfiring BIG and created a real problem for democrats up for election…. So… What to do…


Ebola from Africa.. And who’s family just spent MILLIONS on a trip to Africa?


Now this all sounds kind of tinfoil hattish I agree, but do you really put it passed them? I ask you to think back a bit:

Would you have ever thought a Secretary of State and a President would concoct a lie about a video rather than send help to a consulate under attack on the 9/11 anniversary before an election? Would you have ever thought those in power would put an election above the lives of Americans in a foreign land under attack? I wouldn’t have but they did in Benghazi.

Would you ever have thought a President and AG would use the power of the IRS to stifle opposition? It’s been happening for at least 5yrs.

Would you have ever thought that an administration would put out bogus Unemployment rate prior to an election then right after the election raise it back up? It happened in 2011.

Would you have ever thought that President would close down war memorials to veterans at the same time denying them healthcare? It happened.

Would you have ever thought that a president would hear and watch a video of an American being beheaded by terrorists, make a statement where he said “He has no strategy” then go play golf? It happened


And there’s a long list of firsts this President and his corrupt power hungry minions have done to remain in power and if Ebola helps in that effort, you best believe it was manufactured and led to impact the 2014 elections.

Think about this: Obama can’t fight true enemy’s of the nation because he’s been so anti-War. A disease has no feelings that can get hurt. He can attack the disease like it was the tea party and come out looking like a hero. October surprise coming up. A miracle cure/vaccination or some wonderful “Only Obama had foresight to combat this” solution that will magically appear prior to election night. I’d bet somewhere around Oct 26th.

Obama hasn’t closed the borders, he hasn’t ordered planes from Ebola outbreak nations halted, he’s smiling about the situation while panic is the order of the day for us peons.


Now I’m also not putting it past the nutjob islamists to use ebola as a weapon or even Russia. Lets not forget the Russia connection… But it all leads back to Obama’s dereliction of duty…

Either Obama is driving this disease to benefit him/democrats or we are about to come into a bio-warfare era and it was unleashed under his watch.

Lots to think about, no conclusions but wise men think of all the angles and wise men learn from the past. Obama’s past is littered with examples of him manufacturing a narrative or crisis to suit his legacy or power. I look at every incident from this crook in the prism of his last lies.

Shovel Ready, You can keep your doctor, The border is secure, I ended the war in Iraq, but it wasn’t my decision, Benghazi was caused by a youtube video, not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS scandal, Unemployment numbers best its ever been in Nov 2012 but Dec were back to dismal, ISIS is JV, Ebola is highly unlikely to come here, etc..


Trustworthy? LOL

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Syria and Iraq oh my…


My problem with the current “Strategy” that Barack Obama seems to have come up with after he had “No Strategy” is this:

When George Bush was at the helm after 9/11/2001 He made the statement that this war against terror would be a long road and there would be many challenges. He also said the United States would eliminate places for these terrorists to launch attacks from, no safe havens. And America was united in that effort for about a year…

Then George Bush after 12yrs of no fly zones, UN sanctions, Nuclear inspectors reports, denials of inspections and all the other crap decided that Iraq needed a regime change in this new world after 9.11.2001. And America was still united.. UNTIL there was a chance to use the Iraq war for political gain. Until the media and pundits decided to put more emphasis on the way our soldiers were acting than the mission they were dealing with.. Debate the Iraq war all you want, To this day I know something had to be done, my problem was more with execution than the action.

That aside, the nation then needed change, it elected a democrat congress, a democrat president that walked on water and he was given a nobel peace prize for his speeches and because he wasn’t George Bush. Obama then went on an apology tour, the oceans subsided and the heavens opened, peace was at hand and all the world had to do was bow to Obama.. Well, that didn’t last long, we got Ft Hood which wasn’t designated a terrorist attack, it was workplace violence. We got Boston Bombers, We got terrorism uptick all over the world. We got the “I ended the war in Iraq” we got the Berghdal trade, we got the snubs to our allies, we got bombing Libya which led to Benghazi, we got arab spring which led to Egypt in chaos. We got Obama pissing on Israel for defending itself. We got lies upon lies.

Obama has done everything possible not to be like George Bush, the more he tries, the more he has to spin the facts in a way the world says “huh?” he has to come up with such stretches of truth and outright lies to keep his sheep in line its become comical.

My problem with this entire thing is the hypocrisy of it.

Liberals say: We don’t know Iraq was going to do something before GWB invaded with full congressional approval. But Obama can Bomb Syria and Iraq because we think ISIS and this new (OLD) Al Qaeda group was going to do something so its okay now?

Liberals say blood for oil, haliburton no more bombs, peace not war.. Until Dear leader launches bombs at buildings in Syria and Iraq. Then there’s an eerie silence.

Obama says no boots on ground. Well, thats a good damn thing, Not too many enlisted folks that I know have any desire to fight anyone with this liar leading them. Who can blame them? Obama has really showed his appreciation for the military hasn’t he? I mean, closing down the memorials, the VA, the salutes or lack there of, the outing of the seal team that killed UBL, the telegraphing his plans once he comes up with one.. If I was a soldier right now I’d be hoping for Obama’s impeachment or resignation. At least with Joe Biden, the enemy would be spending most of its time laughing…

Obama has no plans to destroy the enemy, look at the “Coalition” All muslim nations. Once the images start of “Innocent Muslims” killed by American bombs, those muslim nations will cease in support. Why none of our normal allies with us? Because remember, Ukraine, Remember Putin? Remember the public dissing of Britain, France, Australia, etc. They know Obama is purely a political empty suit. He does what’s best for him at the time and everyone else must be okay with it or they’re racist.

Just wait, within 3 months the “Broad Coalition” will cease, Israel will be under fire again, the entire mideast will be on fire and Iran will become the head of the snake.. Its coming.

Oh, and evidently the evil terrorists who we’re not at war with anymore have developed a new weapon. Its called the silencer, it evidently keeps the anti-war hollywood elites quiet when the nobel peace prize winner is bombing brown people… Just sayin


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A California adventure…

Well, we made it back in one piece. We had an awesome time traveling the coast of California. We started our adventure from the town of Seaside. We spent a couple days exploring the Monterey area, then traveled from there down PCH in a very slow pace. We stopped in several places before we arrived at Big Sur. Then to Carmel, then to Cambria, then we headed south toward Solvang… Just an awesome mini-vacation.

What I noticed this week was shocking, it was shocking because it shows the status of the United States.

While in Monterey, we saw affluent homes, manicured lawns, shops and business’s boarded up and more homeless people asking for help/money/food than sea gulls. Along the pier, cannery row and pretty much everywhere we went we were greeted by people holding signs… On the other hand, there were many tourists. Mostly it seemed, Germans. There were the usual Asian’s.. Chinese not Japanese, that seemed odd from my history of touring America.

All along PCH the way south was peppered with business’s out of business or big signs saying they were. Every exit/entrance to PCH had at least one homeless/traveler hitchhiking or asking for a hand out.

So to recap, the world is coming here to view our country, enjoy our hospitality and purchase our wears. The world is seeing our citizens as uncleaned, unshaven, hungry and lazy.

Sad state of affairs…

But the beauty of this state is worth the effort to see it. If you’ve never had a chance to see it, put it on your bucket list. Its unbelievably scenic.

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Amnesty Postponed

So, Mr “Pen and Phone” has come out from the golf course and stated the obvious.


Dear Leader breaks promise to most loyal voters 

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Saturday that the surge of immigrant children entering the U.S. illegally changed the politics surrounding the issue of immigration and led him to put off a pledge to use executive action that could shield millions of people from deportation.



Groups like LaRaza (the race) are upset that Obama broke a promise? After 6yrs of his lying to America, after 6yrs of his policy’s that have hurt Americans “The Race” is upset? Well, sorry to inform you worthless racists. Obama also promised to uphold the constitution and he’s broke that promise MANY TIMES! (And Yes I LINKED that racist groups web site, hoping some of those worthless cockroaches would like to say something to me)


But here’s something EVERYONE should understand. Mr Pen and Phone knows that Amnesty isn’t the best for America, its best for DEMOCRATS. That means, he postponed it, in the hopes that Americans will elect democrats so he can pass Amnesty with congress, or if that fails he can look “Heroic” by doing it with his pen and phone… This is backfiring already.


Here’s another how do you do… If you haven’t noticed, every disaster policy decision, law signed or executive order democrats have done, always occur after elections. And NEVER have they ran on the results of those policies/delays/changes in laws or executive orders. The results NEVER EVER have lived up to any of the hype leading up to the ideological policy changes. So you dumbass voters keep voting for these lying scumbag politicians like Obama and keep whining about your unemployment status.

Just think, the black community voted 95% for Barack Obama and now the black Unemployment rate is about 11.4% Amnesty will bring that down right? All you black folks who voted for Obama must believe that to still support this ignorant prick.


And NOPE I don’t feel sorry for you black obama voters at all, Just like saying I fuckin told you so.

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California Good, Bad and Ugly.

First the Good news from the left coast.. 10 day waiting period ruled unconstitutional. GOOD. (The ruling is good considering it was made by a Clinton appointee, but we got a very long fight to get our rights back out here)



The Bad news: Gov Moonbeam made it official and rolled out the welcome matt for ILLEGALS.. Let that sink in. Business’s are fleeing, taxes are being raised, gun laws are being signed at record pace, prisons are having their doors flung open for lack of funding, traffic has become worse since ILLEGALS have been allowed Drivers licenses, schools are the worst in the nation…. And Hey, all of you Illegals are welcome to get some more free stuff here in CA… wow..



The Ugly: The drought here in CA is about to be a real problem for all of us. If this winter (Actually, its more like a spring for most of America) we don’t get rain/snow in the mountains of biblical proportions, this state is going to be seeing rationing in a really evident way. But that’s okay, pass a law that says don’t water your grass. Then what? See the BAD NEWS. No water for grass, no need for a gardner right? No building new “Water users” homes… Do you see where this heads?


With all this wonderful news out of CA, I support Jan Brewer’s response to Jerry Brown.. All of America’s ILLEGAL’s PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY WEST. Get here any way possible. Once here head North. Look in the area of San Fran and Sacramento for possible residence. But anywhere in CA is fine. Good luck.

We’re not going to break CA into 6 states, we’re going to just call it the Northern Most Mexican State.

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