Obama picks El Paso Tx to talk about Immigration.

Obama picks El Paso Tx to talk about Immigration.

Obama picks Texas to make his AMNESTY push prior to the election run. Obama is playing the “I gotta get my Illegal Immigrant base back on my side” Frankly I’m more than a little pissed.

A short live blogging on the B.S from the POTUS reading from his TOTUS.

Obama lying and campaigning…. Who’d of thought the campaigner in chief would pander to illegal’s? WOW how original.

“Yes we can” coming from the crowd of illegal criminals, Duh Won is again missing in action. We’ll wait till there is a victim then we’ll enforce some kind of law….So why must a person be VICTIMIZED by someone that shouldn’t be here? Why MUST I BE A VICTIM before you act? Let me tell you why, liberfucks don’t see past their nose. Much less into unintended consequences.

Rupert Murdock and I agree? Huh? Oh yeah IMMIGRANT.. One word missing ILLEGAL… Murdock came in LEGALLY… Oh that’s different it doesn’t fit the meme of the liberfucks.

Yeah I’m done with this… Channel Changed…

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