No matter who wins WE Lose!

No matter who wins WE Lose!

The morning after: Half of us will be disappointed

PITTSBURGH (AP) – The meteorologists tell us that Wednesday morning in southwestern Pennsylvania’s largest city will be crisp and sunny with a high of 64. That’s about all we know. Being a weather forecast, it offers nothing about the political climate that will have been created by the election the day before.

The outlook is obvious but often overlooked: In a deeply divided nation, on the first dawn after we choose a new leader, every ray of victory’s sunshine brings a corresponding thundercloud of defeat and bitterness.

“There are going to be a whole bunch of people who are distraught and who won’t know what to do – no matter which side wins,” says Chris Ivey, 36, a Pittsburgh filmmaker and ardent Barack Obama supporter. “People will try to go back to their routine, but there’s going to be a lot of soul-searching to do.”

On Wednesday, roughly half of Americans will awaken to find that the horse they backed disappointed them. That presumes we even have an immediate result; don’t forget 2000, when America had to wait more than a month.

Yet there is, in the national conversation, surprisingly little talk about not accepting the winner if things don’t go your way. Sure, some Democrats joke about moving to Canada, but gauging the severity of responses on the day after is a gauzy exercise in tarot-card reading that even television’s loudest mouths rarely discuss.

While the spectrum of possible morning-after reactions runs from water-cooler grousing to partisan lawyering to violence, the depth of sentiment this year – more impassioned, many say, than even the last two elections – could make for a bumpy ride, particularly if the results are close.

This is, after all, the culmination of a political season that saw people weeping at rallies, schoolchildren taking sides and, in one case, a teenager getting shot after trying to remove a sign for John McCain from an Ohio lawn. As David Gergen, a White House adviser during the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton administrations and now a CNN analyst said on air a couple of weeks ago: “We’ve got a country now that we’re sneering at each other across cultural lines.”

I will say this, NO MATTER WHO wins tomorrow WE as a nation LOSE! Do I sound cynical?

Here’s the reason I feel that way:

Barack Hussein Obama has never said “We need calm after the election” or “We need to respect the voters if we lose” or “If I lose this election I will congratulate John McCain, and he will be my president” I have not heard anything from Obama like “Please don’t call me the Messiah”…ANYTHING to calm the worries.. NOTHING… A true leader would do something like this in his position. Instead Obama is using it as he always has, as a tool. As if to say “IF you don’t elect me I will unleash my minions” that has been a tactic of his family in Kenya. (See Raila Odinga)

So if Obama loses we can be headed for riots, internal warfare, inner city chaos. And Obama is OK with that… just like his uncle, it is not about country, it is about Obama.

John McCain has not done anything of that nature either, but his supporters are not the “rioting type” they are not the ones that will scream voter fraud and take to the streets… Frankly McCain’s supporters are the silent MAJORITY, they are the ones that have jobs, and can’t be at every rally McCain throws. McCain supporters are mostly moderate, hard working family folks that just want to be able to raise a family with little government interference. Besides that, McCain is LOSING in every poll so he is NOT leading, it is not his place to calm fears about the oppositions supporters.

Understand this folks, EVEN IF MCCAIN wins, WE are losers. We lose because McCain is the better of the two but not the one WE NEEDED. We needed a candidate that was STRONG, with CONSERVATIVE values, not a waffle or panderer. IF you look at the Hispanic vote after the election, you will see that HISPANICS voted for Obama, so After trying to sell us on AMNESTY, McCain still lost the Hispanic vote. The polls are indicating the Hispanic vote will be the very group that wins it for Obama. So tell me what pandering gets you?..

McCain will be better for Business, he will be better for defense and he will be better for the economy than Barack Hussein Obama, but NEITHER of these two deserve to wash the windows on the white house much less measure the drapes.

I’ll be voting for McCain in the hopes that Sarah Palin will gain enough experience to compete with Hillary in 2012….IF Obama wins, the push for CONSERVATIVES in Congress in 2012 starts on the 5th. IF McCain wins we can wait a week.

Prediction: Obama wins: (I may be cynical but I can’t see that many polls being wrong, I hope I am)
The first year we wont really notice, the second year we will see JOB LOSSES,  bigger economic destruction due to job losses, and oil and gas prices through the roof…In 2010 Congresswill be headed RIGHT. Or we will go into civil war by 2012.

Listening to Obama’s speeches, I am the person he is speaking too.. I do not make “Too Much Money” I am a struggling homeowner, I am trying to put food on the table, I am wanting my kids to go to college.. IF I was one of the LEMMINGS that believed everything I heard in the media, I would be standing at Obama rallies screaming “CHANGE DAMN IT, CHANGE” But I am not. I am one of those people that asks HOW will this happen? I am one that says, “That sounds too good to be true, it probably is” And I am reading the fine print. It is not possible for Obama to come through on his promises, he is going ot have the bigger disaproval rating within his first year than Bush had after 8 years.

I will Hope that Obama’s CHANGE will not plunge our nation into internal warfare. I will HOPE that Obama’s CHANGE will not destroy our country.

I will not be a PROUD AMERICAN if Obama wins tomorrow, and this blog header will CHANGE.

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6 Replies to “No matter who wins WE Lose!”

  1. @Erik: Damn who let the fuckhead Obama nutbags know there are free thinkers HERE? I mean jeez I have had more canned answers from the obama camp than on any cnn show.

    Al Qaeda is supporting McCain? :rotflmao: You really believe that? Look at the names alone dickhead.. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, John McCain? Who do you think might elicit Terrorist support? Get a clue get off the GLUE.

  2. Were screwed either way.. at this point it is which way do we want it, and will we still be loved in the morning!!! :hole:

  3. @Bloviating Zeppelin: Hope not BZ… Just not real optimistic.. BTW I voted just now and looked at the line… IF I had to bet, over half were either illegal or first time voters, and there was a lot of color.. IF I had another bet, I’d place it on Black to win.

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