Media Bias? The Hell you say!

I hope everyone is paying attention to the news these days. Not my favorite folks who read my rants, the sheeple who listen to daily/nightly news.

For those of you that may say, “There’s no media bias in the Boston Bombing” I ask you to think about this:

What kind of questions do you think the media would ask of Mitt Romney’s press secretary after another terrorist attack on American soil?

I rest my case.

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4 Responses to Media Bias? The Hell you say!

  1. Woodsterman says:

    Media Bias … nah.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Media bias? MEDIA BIAS you say? No, I have to disagree with you my friend, it’s NOT media bias, it’s a freaking LOVE AFFAIR, the media *blows* Obama at every opportunity and the MEDIA swallows..

  3. the bystander says:

    Texas Fred should shut up before we cut off his welfare checks.

    • Robert says:

      Okay Bystander that’s two. You got a problem with Fred? Take it up with him on his site. You say, he doesn’t put up with your bullshit? Neither will I. Last warning.

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