McCain Speech, He did GOOD.

McCain Speech, He did GOOD.

McCain did what he had to do, he managed to get me a little pissed off at a couple of things he said; but overall he nailed his biggest speech ever. If half of his story is true, and half of his record as an elected official is true, this should be a landslide in McCain/Palin favor.

Unfortunately, the powers of the liberal belief structure has been in play for many years, such as removing religion from schools, frivolous law suits, removing words like honor, integrity, and responsibility from the vocabulary of our youth, and making excuses for the kids that misbehave. WE have successfully made the voters of today so stupid that Obama is actually being considered to lead the free world.

What worries me is this:
California has a “Maverick” so to speak in charge. A RINO by all measures. Arnold S. has tried to work across political lines to get things done in California, he has succumbed to certain laws, bills and other legislation or should I say compromised, and now HE needs some help from the very same Democrats he has been reaching out too… They are quickly stabbing him in the back for party and career sake, the whole time looking into the media’s camera and blaming the Republicans….

I am concerned that we are seeing a mini-DC preview in California.

Look at California Politics to see what happens when you have a RINO in charge, dealing with a Liberal Congress. Think McCain, Pelosi and Reid… ugh. There is one bright spot though, Arnold doesn’t have Sara Palin in his corner, Arnold has a super liberal LT Governor John Raymond Garamendi (idiot)

Some might say, well if they were both LIBERAL it would be better… Uh HUM.. Been there done that.

Gray Davis and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. BOTH DEMS. Recalled because of poor performance (Just like every Governor in California faces a recall attempt by someone, Gray Davis was the only one unseated in Cali History and only the second one in US history)

So WHAT DO WE DO BUSHWACK?… I’m glad you asked:

The Solution is simple:

In this election we need to give McCain the tools he needs to accomplish, what he says he wants to accomplish, I have heard very little in his speeches that would lead me to believe that he would destroy our country, hell if Bush didn’t accomplish that, McCain sure the hell wont. I think McCain is RIGHT on in most instances and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In order to do that, WE need to make sure he has a WORKABLE Congress.

Going into this election, the Democrats are at an advantage because most of the seats (22) are held by Republicans. Thus, they have fewer seats (12) to defend.

Eight of the 33 are first-term Senators; only one of these is a Democrat. One, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) was re-elected in 2002 after retiring in 2000.

There is one special election, in Wyoming (which will elect two Senators in November).

Five senators have announced retirement.

And 1-Tim Johnson (D-SD) is still recovering from brain surgery.

* Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO, announced 1/15/2007)
* Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID, resignation announced then rescinded)
* Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM, announced 10/3/2007)
* Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE, announced 9/10/2007)
* Sen. John Warner (R-VA, announced 8/31/2007)

Here are some seats up for election and We need to turn the D’s to R’s and Keep the R’s.


I believe we need experience and wisdom at the top, we have some real problems in the world and sitting around a camp fire chanting koom-by-ya is not going to fix them.

Under an Obama White House, I am absolutely 100% positive he will be a party first president, so what we would have is; in essence the same thing we have in California. The Republicans would then go on the offensive/defensive mode, and Obama has a very shady record as it pertains to reaching across the aisle, which would produce another DO NOTHING CONGRESS.

McCain has put HIS party on notice that he is willing to go against them to get things done. Obama has NOT done anything like that, even though HIS party has been in charge of BOTH House and Senate for the past 2 YEARS, AND DONE NOTHING!

I think we as VOTERS can vote change as in Obama, which in my humble opinion will be more like California politics, only on a much larger scale. OR we can give McCain a shot at fixing whats broke, and IMO after his ordeal, his sacrifice, and his experience I think we are in good hands with John McCain. (Sarah Palin will be there too and that makes me very comfortable,)

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5 Replies to “McCain Speech, He did GOOD.”

  1. Rob and I talked a great deal after McCain spoke last night, and we were both a bit pissed off at the exact same things McCain said, and it was concerning immigration…

    Other than that issue, and IF he stays the hell away from our guns, I have no problem with the man…

    He has the halfbreed bastard beat all to hell and back even as he is, and Palin has em ALL beat…

    We have got to elect McCain, if for no other reason than to keep Obama OUT of the White House, and if the people of Illinois have a lick of sense, they’ll send the bastard packing back to his buddies that engage in terror, lies and crime, Rezko, Ayers and Wright…

  2. Bushwack:

    Up here in BZ Land, it’s Republican Tom McClintock (the man we HAVE to get seated as Governor!!) vs. Demorat Charlie Brown in the 4th District. I think it’s gonna be a clean sweep with McClintock at the handle, and I’ve walked for Tom and contributed CASH for Tom. This stuff starts at HOME in your OWN district, and that’s how I WORK it, baby!


  3. “I believe we need experience and wisdom at the top, we have some real problems in the world and sitting around a camp fire chanting koom-by-ya is not going to fix them.”

    That quote says it all.

  4. “I believe we need experience and wisdom at the top, we have some real problems in the world and sitting around a camp fire chanting koom-by-ya is not going to fix them.”

    it sure does say it all jo – and look at the party that caused them! McCain’s! Bush said the same crap about working together during his first convention – how’d that work out? When will you fools stop believing the crap your leaders feed you?

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