Liberals are scared, what can we expect?

Liberals are scared, what can we expect?

Here is what I expect to happen over the next couple of days.

1. The economy in the media will be worse than it was during the recession. The stock market sell off will be equated to the sky falling and panic will be stoked by the Democrat leaders. NOTHING can  be seen as good until the Obamamessiah takes over the WH.

2. The Iraq conflict will see more and more BAD news being reported, the Insurgents/Terrorists will be more active, more explosions more dead Americans and civillians..all to benefit the Democrats platform which is endorsed by AQ and several other Islamic Jihadi’s.

3. Hurricane recovery after one of the hurricanes currently brewing will be criticized ruthlessly and Katrina will be brought up by Obama at every chance he gets. However; Barrack Hussein Obama will not mention Blanco or Naggin at all.

These are the expectations we all should be prepared for, The economy grew a little bit last month, but no mention, Iraq had good news lately No mention, and Gustav was handled well but little mention.

The Libtards in MSM and the Democrats as a whole are scared of the McCain/Palin platform, they know they can’t match the resume and they need their friends which are also AMERICA’S enemy’s to give them a hand. They will.

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5 Replies to “Liberals are scared, what can we expect?”

  1. Here’s the thing I find astounding:

    1. Granted, many are tired of Pres. Bush, on BOTH sides of the aisle.
    2. Obama has focused like a laser beam on this “want” by a great number of the electorate; they can’t necessarily verbalize WHY, they just know this is how they FEEL.
    3. Being the standard-bearer of change and
    4. Being young and
    5. Being black and
    6. Being new to the national electorate
    7. With the entire complicit FREE covert AND overt assistance by the DEM/MSM on every level.

    With ALL these factors, Barack Hussein Obama is still NOT “running away” with this race and is essentially neck-and-neck with John McCain, an ancient, doddering, balding fossil representing the Republican Party.

    HOW can this BE?

    It’s simple: DESPITE the media, DESPITE the bumper stickers, DESPITE the constant FREE PROMOTION Obama receives daily, not all Americans a drinking the Emotional Kool-Aid.

    This election CAN BE WON by the Republicans!
    WE are the party of the POSITIVE; of the YES.

    The Demorats are the party of the NEGATIVE; of the NO.


  2. @Bloviating Zeppelin: That’s true. And if anyone thinks that the Democrats are the party of change they haven’t got a clue, the only thing Obama is changing is his mind, his ethnicity and his underwear.

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