IDF Soldiers attacked by “Peace Activists”

IDF Soldiers attacked by “Peace Activists”

You have no idea how hard it is type the headline that is so ridiculous. “Peace activists” 🙄

Okay lets review: The flotilla of PAMM (peace activist muslim morons) were told by the Israeli soldiers family that they would support the effort of the flotilla if they would carry a letter to their kidnapped son. They answered NO. They were told humanitarian aid was allowed but only through a land transfer and after inspection:

So they answer NO? Okay guys at this point I say Israel was justified in stopping the ships. So lets move on to the boarding of the vessel because they disregarded the “EASY” way to get aid to the “Poor Oppressed victims of the Jewish hatred of Muslims”… You would think that a ship carrying that much aid would really want it to get to the people they are helping as soon as possible…

So the Ship had a couple of options, go to the port and allow inspection and transportation of the “Humanitarian” aid under the “Activists” watchful eye, or continue on and push through the Israeli blockade assuming Israel would just allow it. Mmm. Ok so Israel boards the ship, and while boarding they are attacked by “The religion of Peace activists” with pipes and chairs and thrown off the ship..

So now you see how the welcoming committee on the ship treated the Israeli’s and understanding that the Israeli’s carried mostly NON-LETHAL weapons, and until their handguns were used on them, they didn’t fire on these “Activists” Who do you think will get the blame for this? Of course ISRAEL is to blame for all things bad in a Muzzies eyes.

I would suggest Israel very soon realize they can not win the PR game, there are far too many morons in the press and in Europe to compete with the lies and fraud the Muzzie faithful put out. Personally I was hoping Israel just sunk the ship and then said they ran into a rock…Why not? it makes as much sense as anything the liberpukes or Muzzies put out as fact.


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    1. I wish they would Fred, I really think they should have just sunk them ships. No survivors they hit a rock, we’re sorry for the loss but them waters are tough…

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