Dec 7th 1941…


Pearl Harbor was attacked. It was basically flattened by the Japanese. This is the day to remember those who lost their lives and those who witnessed it first hand. We still have a few of them left, but they are dying off fast. Honor them and remember what they did during this attack…

And remember just a couple months ago, Barack Obama locked these very same veterans out of memorials dedicated to them. Just sayin.


Americans will remember the attack, most of us will never forget it and we won’t let our kids or grandchildren forget what happened in 1941. It is very important to INSTILL the history of Pearl Harbor into our kids. Why? Because as we lose first hand witnesses, the liberal mind has a way of rewriting history. Just wait.



Flash forward to the year 2100 in a public school history class in California: “American naval forces amassed in Pearl Harbor in preparation for an attack against innocent Asian people in the pacific. The brave Japanese pilots launched an attack to prevent Americans from killing babies and women on islands”

Sounds far fetched doesn’t it? To this day, there are those who deny the holocaust. There are those who justify the brutality at the Alamo and blame America for it. So yes, we need to record and show evidence to our kids, teach them the truth and how to safeguard the facts from the liberal rewrite of history to suit their agenda.


Lessons learned from Pearl Harbor should include the biggest one: We can’t isolate ourselves from the evils befalling others in the world. We tried to stay out of WW2. Had we engaged earlier, we’d have been prepared for an attack.

You can’t measure what didn’t happen because of the actions you took to prevent it. Case and point. What did the war in Iraq prevent? We don’t know. We know we acted and we debate why. We don’t know if our actions prevented a catastrophic attack. We know we didn’t act after Beirut, Somalia (Black Hawk Down) We didn’t act after the Cole was attacked. We got 9/11/2001 shortly afterwards. Now we are going the Chamberlain route and appeasing the enemy for “Peace in our time” what will our inaction cost Israel, the world? History will tell that too.

Remember those who fell on Dec 7th 1941, teach those who don’t know, beat it into their skulls that great men died because we didn’t challenge evil when we should have.

John Kerry will be forever responsible for Iran now. It won’t be Obama because Kerry is White and we can blame him without being called racist.


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2 Responses to Dec 7th 1941…

  1. We tried to stay out of WW2. Had we engaged earlier, we’d have been prepared for an attack.

    This is unlikely. We did in fact prepare for WW2 for several years prior to Pearl Harbor. In addition to expanding our own army and navy, we fortified Hawaii, Panama, Midway, Alaska, and the West Coast. We also, as a neutral power, conducted naval escorts of war materials to Britain and the USSR. Not a very neutral act.

    War was inevitable and the only thing that delayed US direct involvement was that FDR feared impeachment if he tried, given the overwhelming bad memories of WW1 and the American labor unions total support by the Soviets, who were allies of Germany until June, 1941. (yes, American labor unions were communists).

    • Robert says:

      Professor: We prepared as if we had time. We didn’t directly engage. We “Fortified” to appease the generals of the time who were yelling that we needed to engage. We didn’t “Expect” to be attacked which means we didn’t do our best to protect our fleet. The reason I say this is simple. How many ships were destroyed in one place? IF we were “Expecting” or “Engaged” actively. Our ships would have never been such sitting ducks.

      My point was we tried to stay out of it. We learned from it some what, then we forget about it and it’s crazy talk now to say we need to act. Just like it was in 1940/2001 before 9-11. We’re destined to keep repeating the past and blaming everything under the sun except our lack of action.

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