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The NFL was AWESOME Today.

The NFL was AWESOME Today.

I finally got a full day to enjoy my favorite pastime. The NFL…

The games today were absolutely terrific for the most part. That Seattle blowout of Arizona not withstanding. My favorite team (Carolina Panthers) won, The Raiders lost (Thursday) and that always makes me happy.

But by far the best games today were:

Redskins/Raven game (Redskins win in OT) RG3 got hurt, Baltimore’s kicking team failed big time in OT and the Redskins won.

Bengal/Cowboy game (Cowboys win with Field Goal final play) I hate Dallas with a passion, but credit where it’s due. A tough week for the “Boys” and they overcame the emotion and played well enough to win.

Titan/Colt game (Final drive Colts win) That Andrew Luck is the man, although he only completed 50% of his passes today, his leadership in his rookie year is showing. 9-4 after a 1-16 year last year… KUDOS.

Eagles/Buccaneer game (Philly wins) While neither team stands a chance at making the playoffs, the game was awesome to watch.

And my favorite game was the Packer/Lion game (Packers win) in the snow in Green Bay. The Packers are hurt, they have a lot of folks on the injured list but they’re starting to get healthy.

Since my team will be watching the playoffs just like me, I’ll be hoping for a good game in the Superbowl. I’d like to see a Houston/Atlanta match up but there’s some good teams in the hunt for the AFC. Denver with Peyton could be a surprise and New England with Brady is always a test.. Houston has the best Defense in the league and they are my pick to win the AFC.

The NFC is a jumbled mess. Atlanta on top but the way they played today makes me think they are going out quick. The 49ers with their new QB look like the odds on favorite but the Giants are peaking now and the Packers are getting healthy.. I’m taking the NFC to win the Superbowl no matter who represents the conference.

I hope Monday nights game is as good as most of the games were today. It should be. Houston vs New England… Might be a preview of the playoffs.


KC Chief’s player kills himself

KC Chief’s player kills himself

I’m about to sound real heartless here…


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend Saturday, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager

I’m sorry for the family of this SELFISH, SELF ABSORBED, COWARD who put all the people around him in a miserable state today. I’m sorry for the family of the girlfriend who was killed by this spoiled piss ant who had the world by the balls, I’m sorry for the kid who is now an orphan because of this sorry ass professional sports star who had too many problems to deal with.

The Chief’s or the NFL or even the media shouldn’t memorialize this selfish asshole. They should take his body, light it on fire and dump it in a hole. When you memorialize this guy because he was a sports star, you in effect make it okay. You are telling millions of kids that “Hey, look at all the attention he got and he aint got no more problems either..” Stand up, call it what it was. It was the cowards way out, it was selfish, it was sad and it doesn’t deserve ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT.

No sympathy from me.

Can’t wait till the parents of this idiot start complaining about the gun he used. The “GUN KILLED MY BABY!!!”


Superbowl and Scandal…

Superbowl and Scandal…

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to the New York Giants. Many of us NFL fans counted the Giants out early in the year. They came back STRONG and fought all the way till the end. For their effort they walked away with the Lombardi trophy. KUDOS to the NYG’s…

Now to the scandals:

Singer flips off camera at Halftime show.

Some idiot hip-hop rapper/singer/psycho bitch flipped off the camera during halftime. A finger gesture that has everyone “Outraged”… Yes it was dumb, but dumb enough to warrant such “outrage” by NFL fans? Ever been to game? A finger gesture is the least of the problems… just sayin.

How can anyone be outraged over a finger yet be okay with Madonna doing the show in the first place? Madonna is one of the single most reasons for the decline of the nations moral fiber, but MY GAWD A FINGER WAS RAISED!!! sigh.

This is my favorite scandal:

Gisele Bundchen:” My husband can’t throw the ball and catch it too”

What exactly would you expect a wife to say? In my opinion and I can’t stand Tom Brady (BASTARD BEAT MY PANTHERS IN THE SUPERBOWL ONCE, I’LL NEVER FORGET) Gisele is a stand up woman for defending her husband. Should she have? In context: She’s getting yelled at by “Giant fans” on her way to the elevator. Eli Manning fans yelling about how Eli owns her husband. Now most wives including mine would went up and snatched knot in the loudmouths head. Gisele remained silent with a slight smile until the elevator door and that’s where she made the statement. And she’s 100% correct in her statement.

Brady didn’t have a bad game. He was flinging the ball well. In the last drive there were 2 CRITICAL dropped passes that pretty much sealed the game. The passes were very well thrown and the receivers didn’t catch them. It happens. Just like the fumbles by the kick return guy on the 49’rs made it possible for the Giants to be in the superbowl. The game is played by men not GODS.

I give KUDO’s to Mrs Brady for standing up for her Husband. She had his back and while the sportswriters will crucify her I’ll applaud her attitude. Hot, Loyal and strong. Now I Hate Tom Brady even more!




Two teams played all season and were the last two standing.

The New York Giants vs the New England Patriots should be a great game.

OR it could be a blowout. It’s a toss up.

Over the last 20 years the Superbowl has rarely lived up to its billing.

I got the Giants to win and a couple of fun bets out there. Since I don’t have a team in the fight I had to do something to make it interesting.

Have a great day ya’ll. Don’t eat too many Nacho’s you’ll be hurtin tomorrow!



S.F. Giant fan Attacked after Dodger game.

S.F. Giant fan Attacked after Dodger game.

Well let me tell you all something. the LA Dodgers are just as bad as the Oakland Raiders when it comes to their fans. The gangs around here use the “Logo’s” of the teams to identify each other. You can see the “LA” on walls around here sometimes usually when some SLUG moves from LA to my area. It’s pretty easy to figure out WHO it is by the company they keep.

Check this out:

San Francisco Giants Fan Attacked by Dodger Fans Outside Los Angeles Ballpark

LOS ANGELES — A savage beating by two men outside Dodgers Stadium has left a San Francisco Giants fan hospitalized and police urging any witnesses to step forward to help identify the attackers.

The beating after Thursday’s season opener between the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers left the victim in critical but stable condition.

Police late Friday released composite sketches of the two suspects, who were wearing Dodgers clothing. Investigators were also checking to see if any security camera captured the attack, but Detective Larry Burcher said so far they’d found “nothing of great value.”

“We’re very confident there were witnesses, it happened immediately following the game when everybody was coming out,” Burcher said.

I heard about this incident on my way home from work that day, and I knew it as sure as I knew my own name that it was “Hispanics” and I also knew that it was more than one on one. I knew there would be a two or more. WHY? Well because these piece of shit cowards can’t deal with anyone one on one. These type of COWARDS are tough as nails around their “Homies” but one on one they are the biggest wimps on the planet. They love to tat themselves up and talk the talk, they give the “Look” but you walk up ONE of these COWARDS they’ll do a lot of talking while they are running.

It’s happened with me more than once in my area. “I’m gonna get my homies yo”…Yeah yeah, get em, I got plenty of bullets and a whole lot of time…Still waiting for one POS to make good on a threat. I’ve already found out where he lives and and I’ve already presented myself in his “Hood” to let him know that I know…. And I know he has 2 kids, one brother and his mom is on oxygen treatments. His dad works at pep boys and they could use some paint in their hallway…He can mess up if he really wants to…. ūüėČ

This type of attack pisses me off to no end. I love to go to ball games but the “Multiculturalism” that has impacted our national past time around here makes it a dangerous endeavor. I hope they catch the bastards and I hope the victim survives.

Here’s the video to accompany the story:

Best POST-GAME Interview EVER!

Best POST-GAME Interview EVER!

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a HUGE Football fan. During football season you can generally find me wherever there is a game on and in my hand I’ll have the line-stat sheets, and the book cards… I may need help

I also HATE New England, it’s personal due to them beating my beloved Carolina Panthers in the Superbowl….. BASTIDS!!!

This interview was made possible because the JETS kicked their butt yesterday.

Better bring that intensity to Pittsburgh you will need it.

The New York Jets vs Hot Reporter.

The New York Jets vs Hot Reporter.

Well, since I’ve been hammering the political arena with my usual political correctness. I better give my opinion on this very disturbing news item of the day!

There was a search going on when this pic first appeared. It was simply started by :WHO THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN?” The answer is:

Ines Sainz: A Mexican reporter. She has become the center of attention in a B.S. harassment type charge. I say B.S. because this woman is extremely pleasing on the eyes, she’s on the battlefield with mostly YOUNG men. These guys play a game that requires a lot of physical ability and the willingness to bust heads. Modern day gladiators for the most part, just like the MMA or Boxing or whatever…This lady did nothing wrong I’ll add, except be overly sensitive. If the guys did nothing more than a few cat calls, then she over reacted. IF they touched her in appropriately then she’s got a right to be upset.

Hot reporter

From the story:

NYJ “alleged” harassment.

The reports that came out Sunday, which Roger Goodell and the Jets are now investigating, involve Ines Sainz, a former Miss Spain who is a reporter for TV Azteca in Mexico. She was at the Jets’ facility in Florham Park on Saturday to interview Mark Sanchez and reportedly was being harassed by catcalls, whistling and extended stares by the players. The Association of Women In Sports Media has asked the NFL to investigate.

So lets see the Reporter:

She does have great assets…Okay I had to do it!

Now I’m a happily married man, and would never do anything to mess my marriage up, but I’d sure as hell make arrangements to get a closer look at that female form if I was 50 yards away, to see if it was truly as amazing up close. Distance is a deceiver, ever thought a woman was hot from a ways away, only to get up close and run away sad? It happens.